Darrin Gray

  • Land/Shallow Water Search
  • Diver/Underwater Search

Cost For My Service

Cost For My Service: I work on a reward basis, whatever you feel its worth for me to search and find your lost valuables (If Found Only). I do ask for a $10.00 fee for gas coverage to and from the site. If Scuba is needed, we will have to discuss a price to cover those costs.

Search Types

All land and water, Scuba certified.

Search Locations

Minneapolis / St. Paul and the surrounding Metro area. If you have an urgent matter that is farther away, we can discuss the details.

Darrin Gray's Bio

I have been searching for lost relics 20 plus years. I have found many Historic coins, tokens, tools, weapons, jewelry and more. My main mission in metal detecting is to get those articles back to the owner if at all possible. I also work with the local Historical Society.

Darrin Gray - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost wedding ring metal detecting search Minnesota lake scuba (2021)

    A young couple had their wedding at a northern Minnesota cabin, everything went great until the wedding party decided to board a pontoon and all jump off into the water. The bride had her wedding ring on for only a few hours and now it was lost in the lake. Luckily they had the right […]

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  • Lost wedding ring Minnesota lake scuba diving (2021)

    Lost wedding ring while swimming in a northern Minnesota lake. 5 feet deep of water, needed scuba diver with metal detector. Google search brought up  ” theringfinders.com  ” – Charlie lost her wedding ring while she was swimming at a local beach, her husband Brandyn found me via the ring finders web site. It was […]

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  • Minnesota Lost Ring Metal Detecting River (2021)

    Patrick and his wife were getting ready to tube down the Cannon River in Minnesota, while getting on the tube, Patrick saw his wedding band come off his hand and he tried his best to grab it. The ring disappeared into the river, about waist deep with a very rocky bottom. He tried to find […]

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  • Minnesota lost wedding ring metal detecting scuba lake (2021)

    Katy & Matt had some friends over to their cabin and they decided to go for a pontoon ride around the lake. Katy was out on the lake warming up the pontoon when the engine stopped working. It was a windy day and the pontoon was heading quickly to shore and towards the rocks. Katy […]

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  • Lost Engagement / Wedding Rings Found Metal detecting Lake Minnesota (2021)

    Noelle & Kevin called me about Noelle’s lost wedding band and engagement ring. They were visiting relatives on a lake in Minnesota. It was a very hot day and they decided to take a swim off the dock. Noelle took her rings off and left them with her shoes and towels on the dock. While […]

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Darrin Gray - Testimonials

  • I will recommend you to anyone because you are good man... (2020)


    You did an awesome job Darrin , I had no hope of finding my baby Gold chain , when it’s drop in the Lake but u brought smile to us again. Thanks so much.

    I will recommend you to anyone because you are good man and very transparent.

  • I have shared this story with everyone I know, you made my entire summer. (2019)



    We can’t thank you enough for all of your help, I still can’t believe we found the ring!! I have shared this story with everyone I know, you made my entire summer.

    On a side note, my daughter’s reward that day was mini-golf and ice cream, thought it was well-deserved.

    Thanks again!!


  • I,100%, recommend Darrin for your lost treasure searches! (2016)


    I am so thankful to have found Darrin! My husband and I were so bummed about losing his ring because we bought it in a different state and it was his perfect ring. Darrin was such a great trooper through the whole process and he put up with me talking his ear off too :)

    I,100%, recommend Darrin for your lost treasure searches! Thanks again, Darrin!!

  • The Ring Finder reacted promptly to our request and were extremely professional in their approach... (2011)

    There is nothing better than enjoying a fun holiday weekend boating and relaxing with family and friends, but a simple exchange of a ring turned into an extremely stressful situation. While sitting on the back of the boat my friend asked if she could try on my ring. At the time, not thinking anything about it I slipped the ring off and handed it over. Now it gets interesting! It's funny how little ones have a fascination with everything shinny so when my friend went to hand back the ring her daughter asked if she could see it and give it back to me. Who knew she had the right arm of a major leaguer! She threw the ring at me, it bounced off my hand and into the lake it went, six feet deep and over a foot of silt, and we couldn't find it. Now what to do? We conjured up several ideas as to how to retrieve the ring but the reality was we needed someone with the proper equipment and experience to help us out. A few call's later and thanks to the internet and the research of another friend we found The Ring Finder website. My Husband called Darrin Gray and gave him all the specifics. Darrin made note of all that was discussed and was eager and willing to get things rolling first thing in the morning. Dawn broke and everyone was already up waiting in anticipation. Darrin and his partner arrived as promised. They surveyed the drop zone, gathered their equipment and began the search. Much to our amazement about thirty minutes later there it was sitting on top of a large scoop of black muck, my ring. The Ring Finder reacted promptly to our request and were extremely professional in their approach. We can't thank them enough!

    Tim & Shar