lost ring north shore

Lost Ring Hawaii … Found!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This recovery happened to have an international case attached to it as I received an email from Masako and she was located in Japan. She sent me a picture of her lost wedding ring which she lost in the water while here in Hawaii doing a tour out at the Kaneohe Sandbar. Because of a language barrier we used the internet to communicate and it was interesting to say the least. After a few emails concerning logistics and several attempts due to coordinating a boat with the company that she had the tour with and my scheduled times off from work and family I was able to get out and look for her lost ring! After many hours and countless scoops later I hear this faint sound. I dug it and BAM there in the scoop is her ring…What a miracle… a platinum ring with 3 diamonds and a small ruby inside the band I know its Masako’s ring. I yelled out… I FOUND it! The captain who escorted me out was as happy as I was because this was one of their customers who lost her ring while on their tours “captain bruce tours cptbruce.com”  and as I held up the ring and gave it to him as he drove the boat over we both said at the same time… AMAZING! it was a nice ride back to the main island and as we were in route I emailed Masako to let her know the ring is found and on the way to be shipped back to her home in Japan. Another Amazing recovery!


  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



This ring find started out early in the morning and on a very well known beach that Detectorist go to. I headed out to the North shore and began the search. There was a few families on the beach but not in the area i needed to look in. After sometime of grading the sand i came across a good tone. There in my scoop a beautiful diamond band. I found 1 of the 2 lost rings and so i continued to search and not even a foot away i get another great tone and there in my Xtreme scoop i see the second diamond ring! I called Kissy Stadler up and let her know the good news… she was so happy! we were able to meet up in town before i had to work. Another great find and return.



Found: Waikiki Beach – Wedding Ring

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

It started as a normal day.  I headed to the beach for some metal detecting and relaxation.  That day I chose Waikiki Beach and left before dawn.  I hadn’t been on the sand more than 10 minutes when Adam, a surfing instructor, came up to me and asked “do you know how to use a metal detector?”.  I was taken aback a bit but answered that “I’ve been doing this for a number of years.  He then began to explain he had lost his ring in the late afternoon the day before.  He knew the aprox. location in the dry sand he had lost his ring and after some experimentation with a borrowed metal detector he gave up realizing he had no idea how to use it.  That explained his first question to me about if I knew how to use my metal detector.  I headed to the area he indicated.  The area was small but full of a lot of trash and iron.  It took a good 20 minutes to sort out all the targets but knowing that the ring was tungsten carbide I knew it would be a lower sounding contact.  Finally I locked on to the sound I wanted, which was outside the area indicated as where it was lost.  Only plausible explanation was as it was a high traffic area the ring had been kicked outside the area we were originally searching.  Adam was overjoyed to get his wedding band back where it belongs.

Lost rings found at Turtle Bay Resort Northshore

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Nichol and Keith were visiting Oahu with their two beautiful children from LA area for their 10th Anniversary. Though staying at the Grand Islander at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki they set out to explore the North Shore and spent a day with family on the relaxing bay in front of Roy’s Beach House restaurant and bar at Turtle Bay resort. Soon after applying sunscreen, Nichol noticed she was no longer wearing her stunning engagement and wedding rings. Nichol called Don Bryant with Ring Finders around 5:30 PM. Don, and his girlfriend, Lee set out asap from Kaneohe for Turtle Bay. Arriving around 6:30 Don searched for an hour, looking in all the areas Nichol could remember sitting and walking. The sun went down….Don continued to look using his headlamp. Despair had set in….Keith was ready to call it a night and get the kids back to Waikiki. Undeterred, Don continued to search after they left, certain the rings could be found. Finally needing a break, Don headed to the restroom and Lee offered to keep searching. Nichol was pretty certain she had removed her rings while applying the sunscreen and Lee wanted to search near the umbrella post more thoroughly. The post was cemented into the beach sand and contained metal which had thrown off the signals. Drawing the sand away from the base of the post, and scanning the piles, Lee got a reading that indicated platinum. She scooped up both rings! Don got on the phone, called Nichol, and Keith turned the car around and headed back to claim those glistening rings of commitment. What a way to remember a 10th anniversary. Persistence wins!

Lost Ring Lanikai Beach Oahu: Found!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

It began early Sunday morning with a referral phone call from another of the Ring Finders here on Oahu.  He had received multiple calls for lost items and could not possibly make them all in the same day.  He asked if I would take the call for a lost ring at Lanikai Beach on the east side of Oahu.  I was more than happy to and immediately called the client, Stewart, for the details to recover his lost wedding band.  Stewart explained that he had been tossing a football back and forth with his son on the shoreline.  Something felt wrong and he looked down at his left hand and immediately noticed that his wedding band was missing.  Yikes!  As soon as he had the opportunity to he did a bit of research and looked up TheRingFinders.com and gave us a call. Not knowing exactly where the ring went missing he knew about where within 30 yards or so.

I met Stewart on the beach about noon in the general area where he and his family had been relaxing and playing the day before.  Stewart placed me in the center of the general area of where he thought he had lost the ring ranging from knee deep water to the damp sand.  Being forever the gambler I asked him if he wanted me to start to the right or to begin my search.  Stewart said lets go left, so I faced left, turned on the metal detector and tuned it for the  sand conditions and started swing the coil.  Almost immediately I hear a solid BEEP! looking as the screen it says a solid target about 3 inches deep in the sand.  So I inserted the scoop gently into the wet sand and pulled it out.  Looking in the scoop I saw a gold colored circle and immediately asked: “Is this your ring?”  Stewart looked in the scoop smiled and said “You Found It!”.  He immediately took the ring and put it back in its rightful place on his left hand.  Any further visit to the beach the ring will be on a leash.  Although the search was a short one it was great that the missing ring was found and back where it belongs.  Aloha Stewart!



Lost wedding ring North Shore FOUND!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

It was Sunday morning around 5 AM and I take a look at my missed calls while checking emails. That’s when I noticed there was a voicemail of a lost wedding ring at Sunset beach on the North Shore. I responded to the voicemail via text. The couple, Sean and Megan now were on vacation from Utah. We agreed to meet up so my family and I headed down to Sunset Beach.

When we arrived at their address Sean took us to the back of their beautiful vacation rental which is steps away to the beach. Meeting the family and getting the story on how Megan unfortunately lost her ring was heart wrenching. She was playing in the sun and enjoying the water with the kids and after sometime in the water she looked at her hand and noticed that her ring of 19 years fell off her finger and she didn’t know where! In desperation The family tried snorkeling but didn’t find it.

I gathered all the information I needed and headed down the beach. I asked Sean if he can grab a bunch of the white rocks in the sand to help line the bottom of the ocean floor as markers while I search and grid out the area. I decided to start from the deepest part and work my way to the shallows as the tide was on the rise! I did one pass around chest deep to over head and nothing. But, as I started to make my next line I got a loud “platinum” sound in the deeper part of the sandbar. I started to dig and fan all along looking and praying this is the lost ring. I then notice a ring, approximately 6” buried in the sand with the markings described of Megan’s ring, a big and thick Platnuim band with yellow gold that surrounding a diamond. I was sooooo excited to find it! As I grabbed it and looked up towards the beach where the entire family stood looking at myself and Sean, I held up her RING and Megan’s sister shouted… “I think he found it!” And the whole family was moved with emotions and tears as i can hear them excited and in awe. So, I handed Sean his wife’s lost but FOUND wedding ring. As Sean headed up the beach he met his wife in the yard and got on one knee to put back on her finger. The precious ring symbolized  his love for her.

To the Stolhs … THIS FIND WAS ANSWERED PRAYERS! Another vacation saved and another happy ending!  Glad to help and have a blessed time on the North Shore!

Mahalo Nui Loa,

Kai and Ohana 🤙🏽🤙🏽

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Shark’s Cove North Shore…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Ash who was on her Honeymoon from Queensland, Australia. While at Shark’s Cove her husband Patrick gave her his gold wedding band to hold while he was in the water. As Ash was walking ashore with the ring a wave startled her and she dropped the ring. It fell in the sand between coral outcroppings and disappeared. She & Patrick looked with another couple for the ring but it wasn’t to be found. The next day Ash found “the ring finders” and gave me a call. Since from my workplace at Pearl Harbor I’m halfway there I told Ash I’d leave soon and be there by about 2PM. We met at the Foodland grocery store and after finding parking walked down to the beach together. After walking through the scenario of what happened in the water I started my search. Many coral chunks were in the search area and I did my best to look all around them. I found about 6 or 7 junk targets but no ring. Then as I was once again pushing my detector between the coral outcroppings I got a really nice low tone. I started to scoop but the coral was solid underneath the sand and my scoop couldn’t reach the target. I tried different angles and finally the target broke free and the surge of water pushed it towards me and away from between the coral. I finally got a good scoop and there was Patrick’s Gold Wedding Band. Ash & Patrick were watching the whole time and were extremely relieved when I came up with his ring. Another Honeymoon saved. Aloha to Patrick & Ash!

Lost Gold Cartier Wedding Band at Turtle Bay North Shore…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

TB 6-20a
TB 6-20b
Late Sunday night I got a call from Steve from Huntington Beach, California. While throwing a football in Turtle Bay lagoon his ring flew off. He wasn’t sure if it went forwards or backwards but marked his spot with a large stick in the sand on the beach. Forwards could have been 6 feet deep and backwards 3 feet deep. I told Steve we had to meet early Monday morning if we wanted a chance at finding his ring because many detectorists hit Turtle Bay regularly and early. I arranged to meet Steve at 6 am sharp. I brought my scuba gear just in case it was more then chest deep. When I got to the beach access parking I phoned Steve and he met me in the parking lot. We walked down to the beach and the tide was extremely low. Also thinking back when Steve lost the ring it was on an extreme high tide. Full moon in effect. I started about 5 yards to the left of center and started my grid search. On the third leg I got a loud tone but it was two quarters side by side. Continuing on about the fifth leg I got a screaming target in knee deep water. It took three scoops but there it was one of the most stunning designed Cartier rings I’ve seen. I asked Steve to tell me the design again and it was his ring. Steve told me he had only been married for 48 hours so the relief on his face was so very apparent. Another honeymoon ends well. Aloha to Steve.

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Turtle Bay North Shore…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Keith shaka
Keith TBay ring
This ring find began Tuesday 24 May when I was called by Keith from Sulphur, Louisiana. While on his honeymoon in the water at Turtle Bay lagoon in chest deep water his gold wedding band fell off. He knew where it fell and he tried to find it by snorkeling. As with many other places on Oahu the fine white sand consumed the ring from sight. I searched for over an hour and a half only finding a dime & a rivet. The tide was bringing the surf in so I had to abandon my search. I assumed some metal detectorist had found it. Turtle Bay is detected quite heavily because so many tourists lose jewelry in the water there. I put a post on my Facebook page in hopes someone would come forward with Keith’s ring. It was inscribed 14K CLASSIC. This ring had tremendous sentimental value as it came from Keith’s Grandpa. I notified my fellow detectorist Mike who is very adept with the Surf PI Dual Field. If for some reason Keith’s ring was just buried too deep for the Excalibur Mike is my go to guy for deep targets. Mike had detected Turtle Bay the previous weekend and said it was fairly sterile. So on Saturday while eating lunch with an old Navy buddy Mike called and said he found the ring. He decided to go back to Turtle Bay and give it a spin. I thank God he did. It so happened Mike found the ring further out and more to the left then Keith had thought he dropped it. I’m sure it was low tide and Keith didn’t realize how far out he really was. About 2 foot difference between high & low tide can be a big difference when hunting for rings. Had it been calmer and a low tide I might have found the ring myself. I met Mike near Pearl Harbor and he transferred the ring to me so I could get it back to Keith. I immediately took a photo when I got home and sent it to Keith. Within just a few minutes I got a text saying “That’s it I’m so appreciative” Ring finding teamwork is always great. Mahalo Mike for being such a committed and determined detectorist. We both send Aloha to Keith.