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Lost Ring Hawaii … Found!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This recovery happened to have an international case attached to it as I received an email from Masako and she was located in Japan. She sent me a picture of her lost wedding ring which she lost in the water while here in Hawaii doing a tour out at the Kaneohe Sandbar. Because of a language barrier we used the internet to communicate and it was interesting to say the least. After a few emails concerning logistics and several attempts due to coordinating a boat with the company that she had the tour with and my scheduled times off from work and family I was able to get out and look for her lost ring! After many hours and countless scoops later I hear this faint sound. I dug it and BAM there in the scoop is her ring…What a miracle… a platinum ring with 3 diamonds and a small ruby inside the band I know its Masako’s ring. I yelled out… I FOUND it! The captain who escorted me out was as happy as I was because this was one of their customers who lost her ring while on their tours “captain bruce tours”  and as I held up the ring and gave it to him as he drove the boat over we both said at the same time… AMAZING! it was a nice ride back to the main island and as we were in route I emailed Masako to let her know the ring is found and on the way to be shipped back to her home in Japan. Another Amazing recovery!

Lost Wedding Band with Awesome Inscription at Ko Olina…….FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

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When I woke up Tuesday morning for work there was an email from Juliette asking what would it take for me to locate her husbands ring at Ko Olina lagoon three in waist deep water. In that email she said it was on the left side near the rocks. After work I drove out to Ko Olina and started my search along the rocks on the left side. Ko Olina is very clean and on my first leg I found only a deep quarter and a shallow penny. At the end of my second leg in neck deep water I got a great ring tone. Without my weight belt it was hard to dig into the sand and at high tide the surge wasn’t allowing me to stay on target. I waited for a calm in the set then ducked under water. The ring was exposed by my previous attempt so I scooped it up quickly and headed for shallow water. Waist deep…I don’t think so. I was several feet from waist deep water. When I looked at the tungsten carbide ring I almost peed my pants. The inscription on the inside of the ring read in capitol letters “DON”T LOSE ME”. I wasn’t sure if this was Juliette’s husband’s ring as she didn’t respond before I left for the lagoon and it was much deeper then she described. When I got home I emailed Juliette to call me. After about an hour the phone rang and it was her. I told her I found a Tungsten ring but she would have to tell me what the hilarious inscription was. Needless to say she nailed it. We met at Pearl Harbor this afternoon and I was able to return her husband’s ring. All smiles, happy ending and a laugh too. Aloha to Juliette and her husband.