Lost Gold Wedding Band at Shark's Cove North Shore...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Ash who was on her Honeymoon from Queensland, Australia. While at Shark’s Cove her husband Patrick gave her his gold wedding band to hold while he was in the water. As Ash was walking ashore with the ring a wave startled her and she dropped the ring. It fell in the sand between coral outcroppings and disappeared. She & Patrick looked with another couple for the ring but it wasn’t to be found. The next day Ash found “the ring finders” and gave me a call. Since from my workplace at Pearl Harbor I’m halfway there I told Ash I’d leave soon and be there by about 2PM. We met at the Foodland grocery store and after finding parking walked down to the beach together. After walking through the scenario of what happened in the water I started my search. Many coral chunks were in the search area and I did my best to look all around them. I found about 6 or 7 junk targets but no ring. Then as I was once again pushing my detector between the coral outcroppings I got a really nice low tone. I started to scoop but the coral was solid underneath the sand and my scoop couldn’t reach the target. I tried different angles and finally the target broke free and the surge of water pushed it towards me and away from between the coral. I finally got a good scoop and there was Patrick’s Gold Wedding Band. Ash & Patrick were watching the whole time and were extremely relieved when I came up with his ring. Another Honeymoon saved. Aloha to Patrick & Ash!

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  1. Ash Riley says:

    Joe- the gentle and humble man who saved our honeymoon ! After loosing my partners ring and thinking all hope was washed away, we met Joe! Even though I found his number 24 hours later- Joe came immediately in the rainy conditions and searched the area thoroughly! Could not believe it when he found it ! Forever grateful Joe!!!

  2. Daniel Kerpan says:

    I found a gold wedding band in sharks cove. There is a date on it 8-15-15. There is also an engraved name.

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