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Lost Wedding Ring Ritchie Neighborhood Edmonton Alberta.

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
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I received a call around 3:30 pm yesterday from Dave telling me his wife Christy had lost her wedding ring. She had been doing finger painting with her kids in the back yard and  after she cleaned up realized her ring was missing. They had both looked in the grass and had no luck finding it.

Dave went on the internet to find a metal detector to rent and found The Ring Finders web site, so he contacted me. I told Dave I would be down around 4:30 pm and have the ring back on Christy’s finger.

Christy showed me where she was playing with the kids in the yard, had taken off her ring and set it on the table.  I checked in the grass around the table,  moved the table and chairs out of the way,  and about about 2 feet from the table,  I received a sweet tone,  pulled out my pin pointer and bingo,  there hidden in the grass was the ring.  Without the right tools in hand this ring would never have been found.

Another happy client.  Thank you Christy & Dave for entrusting me and The Ring finders to locate your lost ring.

Anniversary Ring Found St. Albert, Alberta Canada

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
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Dawna  emailed me late last night asking if I would help find  her ring. When I called her this morning she told me that she had been doing yard work on Tuesday and that evening noticed her ring was missing from her finger.  Over the next few days she went out to try and find it but with no luck,  then thought that perhaps she had lost it in her bedroom and was unable to find it there either.

When I arrived around 8:30 this morning she showed me where in the yard her ring might be,  and said that she had also worked in her flower pots.  I checked a small area in her front yard, then moved to the back yard and did the same.  Her ring was in the last pot that  I checked in the back yard. My pin-pointer picked up a strong signal about three inched down. Another Happy Client. Thank you Dawna for e-mailing TheRingFinders.

Ring recovered Fremont Lakes, Fremont, Nebraska

from Omaha (Nebraska, United States)
Contact: 1-402-800-8510

Ring was lost while playing with kids in lake, tossing the kid and the ring came off.   Attempts to find the ring by diving down and feeling with hands and feet failed to find it.  Owner had a pretty good idea where in the swimming area it was lost.  While searching on the internet to rent a metal detector he came across the ringfinders and gave me a call.  Drove out after work and ring was found after about 20 minutes.


Lost Ring in Westlock County, Alberta-Now Found

from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)
Contact: 1-780-497-2118

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I received a call this morning from Warren. Yesterday, he had lost his month old wedding ring in a farmer’s wheat field while working on a combine. When he was finished he removed his glove and noticed that his ring was gone. He and his coworkers looked around for it without success. When he returned to his hotel room he decided to do a Google search for a metal detector to rent and he came across The Ring Finders and found me. I agreed to meet Warren in Westlock and we drove to the location that he had lost his ring.  After one and a half hours of searching we found the ring in amongst the wheat stubble, as you can see in the picture Warren was one happy guy to have his ring back on his finger. Thanks Warren for intrusting me to find your lost ring.

Wow, talk about the old saying “Like trying to find a needle in a hay stack”. That’s the task I had today!