Lost Gold Wedding Band at Turtle Bay North Shore...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

Keith shaka
Keith TBay ring
This ring find began Tuesday 24 May when I was called by Keith from Sulphur, Louisiana. While on his honeymoon in the water at Turtle Bay lagoon in chest deep water his gold wedding band fell off. He knew where it fell and he tried to find it by snorkeling. As with many other places on Oahu the fine white sand consumed the ring from sight. I searched for over an hour and a half only finding a dime & a rivet. The tide was bringing the surf in so I had to abandon my search. I assumed some metal detectorist had found it. Turtle Bay is detected quite heavily because so many tourists lose jewelry in the water there. I put a post on my Facebook page in hopes someone would come forward with Keith’s ring. It was inscribed 14K CLASSIC. This ring had tremendous sentimental value as it came from Keith’s Grandpa. I notified my fellow detectorist Mike who is very adept with the Surf PI Dual Field. If for some reason Keith’s ring was just buried too deep for the Excalibur Mike is my go to guy for deep targets. Mike had detected Turtle Bay the previous weekend and said it was fairly sterile. So on Saturday while eating lunch with an old Navy buddy Mike called and said he found the ring. He decided to go back to Turtle Bay and give it a spin. I thank God he did. It so happened Mike found the ring further out and more to the left then Keith had thought he dropped it. I’m sure it was low tide and Keith didn’t realize how far out he really was. About 2 foot difference between high & low tide can be a big difference when hunting for rings. Had it been calmer and a low tide I might have found the ring myself. I met Mike near Pearl Harbor and he transferred the ring to me so I could get it back to Keith. I immediately took a photo when I got home and sent it to Keith. Within just a few minutes I got a text saying “That’s it I’m so appreciative” Ring finding teamwork is always great. Mahalo Mike for being such a committed and determined detectorist. We both send Aloha to Keith.

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  1. Randy says:

    Thank you Joe for helping my son find his wedding ring which belonged to my father. I know Keith must have be devastated to have lost the ring and have to come home without it. It is so nice to know there are people who can still be trusted and you and Mike are to be commended for your trust. Please thank Mike for me and thank you from the bottom of my heart. I appreciate you guys! Randy

  2. Mike says:

    You’re very welcome Randy and am glad everything worked out for Keith. I’m sure Joe would agree with me in that the pleasure of being able to return a ring especially one with great sentimental value is one of the best aspects of metal detecting.


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