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Lost wedding ring North Shore found

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


This ring find started out with a phone call in the evening from Simon. He asked if I would be able to go to the North Shore and search for his platinum Cartier wedding ring which he lost while swimming. I gathered all the details concerning the time he lost it so I could verify the tides and also try to get as much information to put me in the right area for a recovery. It was getting late and I had to put the kids to sleep and knew if this was going to be a success I needed to head down early. So, Early the next morning I took a drive out to Sharks cove And gathered all my gear and hike down to the cove. I was greeted at the shoreline by a mother and daughter which they ask am I looking for anything and I replied yes a young men’s wedding ring. They both looked at each other and said are you able to find it? I replied I’m going to give it my best and they both smiled as we departed. The area to search was quite large but I decided to give it my best shot and search the deepest areas first as it was low tide. I found countless amounts of pulltabs and aluminum. After dodging a bunch of snorkelers I get this really good tone. I secure the target and dig with my extreme scoop and low and behold there in my scoop is Simon‘s platinum wedding ring. As I look up above the waterline I notice two swimmers swimming to me and those were the two that I met at the shoreline. As we gathered closer I was able to show them the wedding ring that was once lost is now found. They both underwater seen the ring in my hand as I held it out to them with a thumbs up… and they both screamed and stood up and said you found it! We all were excited and happy to know that there was a happy ending with this incident. The drive home was not least burdensome. I got to call Simon with the Good news and left him a message. Simon called me back and we were able to meet up at their hotel in Waikiki. The reunion of the ring to the owner was nothing short of a miracle and smiles that expressed gratitude. Well, I’m Happy to help recover this beautiful ring and Simon enjoy your time here in Hawaii.



Lost rings found at Turtle Bay Resort Northshore

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Nichol and Keith were visiting Oahu with their two beautiful children from LA area for their 10th Anniversary. Though staying at the Grand Islander at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki they set out to explore the North Shore and spent a day with family on the relaxing bay in front of Roy’s Beach House restaurant and bar at Turtle Bay resort. Soon after applying sunscreen, Nichol noticed she was no longer wearing her stunning engagement and wedding rings. Nichol called Don Bryant with Ring Finders around 5:30 PM. Don, and his girlfriend, Lee set out asap from Kaneohe for Turtle Bay. Arriving around 6:30 Don searched for an hour, looking in all the areas Nichol could remember sitting and walking. The sun went down….Don continued to look using his headlamp. Despair had set in….Keith was ready to call it a night and get the kids back to Waikiki. Undeterred, Don continued to search after they left, certain the rings could be found. Finally needing a break, Don headed to the restroom and Lee offered to keep searching. Nichol was pretty certain she had removed her rings while applying the sunscreen and Lee wanted to search near the umbrella post more thoroughly. The post was cemented into the beach sand and contained metal which had thrown off the signals. Drawing the sand away from the base of the post, and scanning the piles, Lee got a reading that indicated platinum. She scooped up both rings! Don got on the phone, called Nichol, and Keith turned the car around and headed back to claim those glistening rings of commitment. What a way to remember a 10th anniversary. Persistence wins!

Lost Platinum & Diamonds Wedding ring at Hale Koa Beach Waikiki…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I received a call from Bebe who resides from Telluride, Colorado. Bebe explained that while she was holding her girlfriend Hannah’s Platinum & Diamonds Wedding ring for safekeeping while she went snorkeling…Bebe promptly lost it while throwing a football to her six year old nephew. It slid right off her pinkie and somewhere into the sand. Several beach-goers searched but no luck. Even a metal detectorist came through with a substandard machine and all it did was make noise. I told Bebe to stop searching and get rid of the detectorist. I would be there in 30 minutes time. She agreed and just guarded her spot on the beach. When I arrived we marked out a grid in the dry sand about the size of 16 parking stalls. First target was a quarter and then Boom the sound of Platinum. Its very distinct on the Excalibur. One scoop down and there was Hannah’s gorgeous ring. Elapsed time 3 minutes. These hunts are the best. Aloha to Hannah and Bebe best friends again!

Lost 2.7 Carat Rock of Ages Diamond and Platinum Wedding Ring at Lanikai Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a tearful call from Sandy visiting Hawaii from Irvine, California. After finding the “Rock of Ages” That’s the name I gave the Diamond as it was the biggest I’ve ever seen or found. The client sent me a nice text and described their dilemma and the story is below.

Sent from my iPhone Sandy and Steve met in Hawaii in 1993- Steve was born and raised here, and Sandy was on a high school graduation trip from Orange County, CA. They kept in touch via letters and email until she came back out in 1999 and they began dating. They were married in Rancho Palos Verdes in 2005. Steve designed her engagement ring specifically, using a family heirloom center stone (a rare miner’s emerald cut 2.7 carat diamond from the 1920’s) and building around it with other diamonds, and a platinum band.

They were back visiting with their two kids, playing catch on Lanikai Beach when the ring flew off Sandy’s finger in knee deep water. A frantic three hour search ensued, with a number of good-hearted local residents helping out- but as the sun set they had no luck.

Sandy and Steve Googled lost rings and discovers Ring Finders. They called early the next morning and Joe said he would personally come out and take a look (probably feeling empathetic to Sandy’s tearful plea). After an exhaustive search of the area and right before giving up, Joe found the ring and set off a celebration and joyful tears from Sandy.

From Steve and Sandy- we would absolutely endorse Joe- not just because he found our ring but for how responsive and considerate he was. I don’t know what we would have done without him- he saved our trip and a family jewel that we can now pass on to our kids. Thank you so much Joe!!!=

I couldn’t have said it any better. Aloha to Sandy & Steve!

Lost Gold & Diamonds Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach……FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)


I got a call at 6:30 PM from Nikhil on Lanikai Beach saying that when he picked up his back pack he didn’t realize his wife Sonali had put his Wedding Band in one of the pockets so as not to lose it at the beach. When he got back to their car he asked Sonali for his ring and it dawned on them that somewhere in the sand it had fallen out of the pack. I told Nikhil that I could be there in 30 minutes and it was getting dark quickly. When I arrived at Lanikai Beach it was pitch black. Thankfully I brought my Maglite. Nikhil took me to the 10 by 5 meter area they were at on the beach thinking the ring must have fallen out there. The area was neatly covered with horizontal finger rake marks where they had been searching for about an hour with no luck. Nikhil explained that they were from India and this ring had great family sentimental value. I went to work on the high side of the beach and on my third leg I got a screaming target. One scoop down and there was Nikhil’s beautiful ring. They both were overcome with joy and so grateful. Elapsed time 3 minutes and a Vacation event they will never forget. Aloha to Nikhil & Sonali!

Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach……………FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)



I received a call from Michael at around 4PM that earlier in the day he lost his Platinum Wedding Band in shallow water at Lanikai Beach. He told me he was leaving the next day and I knew the surf was coming up. With just a few hours of daylight left and a 45 minute drive I needed to meet them on the beach that evening. Lanikai as with most popular beaches in Hawaii is detected heavily and I didn’t want him to lose his ring. Then I found out my daughter had taken my truck so it was my wife’s van or this wasn’t going to happen. So my wife Wendy and daughter Korin loaded up and we were off to Lanikai to meet Michael. Surprisingly the traffic was light and we made it there in 30 minutes. Michael took me to the spot where he thought the ring came off and I did the usual wave curl first. That took about 15 minutes and I only found a quarter. I talked to Michael about how he lost the ring and he explained he was swimming in and as soon as his feet hit sand is when his ring came off. His lovely wife Yvonne also pointed out we should probably be looking a little more to the South. Why do women always have a better sense of location then us men because about 5 minutes later I had another really loud target and in the scoop was Michael’s platinum band. Altogether about 20 minutes and they get to leave tomorrow with Michael’s ring back on his finger. Michael commented that his ring normally fits very tight. I let him know typically you can lose two ring sizes in salt water. Aloha to Michael and Yvonne.