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Lost wedding ring found

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started out in the afternoon when I got a call from Bre telling me that she lost her wedding ring at the beach. I got home and talked to my wife about the unpleasant lost. She encouraged me to go out to the other side of the island to help Bre and see if I can find this loss Ring. I packed up my truck with my equipment and head out to the west side. While on my way to Maili Beach I’m in traffic and I ended up getting rear ended.  Bre is waiting for me and I need to update her on my situation. When I called to explain to Bre she quickly empathized with me and said maybe we should set this up for another day. I immediately deferred said I am halfway there and the sun is setting soon so it will be best if I get out there as soon as possible and give it a try. I arrive to the beach and was met by Bre and her beautiful family. She explains to me the area of which she was swimming with her family two days prior when she lost the ring. I gathered my gear and turned on the Equinox 800.  as I started to enter the water I noticed there were a lot of targets and the place I was looking in was at the end of a river mouth runoff.  The amount of trash and targets i found filled my pockets. After searching for a couple hours I realized that maybe I need to come back when the water visibility gets better as it’s murky and cloudy. As I start to head in, I hear a faint sound and thought to myself, should I dig it or just wait until another time? I decided to give it a dig and after three big scoops there in the bottom of my extreme scoop is a beautiful Hawaiian heirloom diamond wedding ring. I look up to notice Bre and the kids sitting on the shoreline. I approach Bre with a few questions concerning the ring. But, I noticed she doesn’t have her mask. Because when she came down to meet me at the beach i noticed it in her hand. And now no mask! I asked her… where’s your mask and She told me a young gentleman named Keone young came up to her while I was searching and asked if he could borrow it so he could look for his keys that he lost while surfing and when he finds it he’ll come back and help her take a look for her loss wedding ring. Well, after hearing that story I noticed she was on a FaceTime call with her sister. I asked her sister explain to me what the ring looks like and she along with Bre describe the ring that I found. As the FaceTime call is transpiring I tell the family well there’s no need for me to ask anymore questions because… and that’s when I pulled out my hand and in my finger tips I held the once lost ring and said “ it was lost… but now found!” And they both were excited and shocked. I gave the ring back to Bre and said it’s time for me to rinse off. I head over to the showers and start to rinse off my equipment when I get approached by a young gentleman with a longboard. He asked me did you find it? The ring! I smiled and pulled out the ring and let him know it was lost and now found. With a big smile on his face holding his hands in the air was a mask and a string with a key! This  was Keone Young the surfer Bre told me about lending her mask to and here he is just as excited as we are because he found his key. Bre, Keone and myself all grateful and sharing  stories filled with Aloha and as we rinse off the sun started to set behind us which gave a warm feeling of bliss. We all agree that this day was filled with blessings and to find the things that was lost means so much to us. Another great recovery and another happy family!


  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started from a phone call from my wife. On Saturday afternoon I decided to take our two kids to the beach as she was going to a gender reveal which I decide not go to. While she was at the gender reveal it turned into a surprise wedding. During the transition some family and friends set up the runway where the bride and groom would walk down to say their vows and within minutes the altar was set. My wife along with everyone else was in shock to say the least. Emotions ran high as there was excitement  in the air. At 2:45pm the bride walked down the aisle as her soon to be husband waited for her at the edge of the sand. As the Kahu (Pastor/Officiant) passed the rings to the groom during the ceremony the wedding band fell into the sand but they continued in with the ceremony which ended with the gender reveal, IT’S A BOY!! . But immediately after celebration everyone frantically began looking for the lost wedding band in the sand. That’s when I got a phone call from my wife. I was on the other side of the island with our two children swimming. She explain to me what happened and I comforted my wife and let her know that I am packing up the kids and heading to the house to get the equipment and would be there shortly. My wife in return let the bride know that help was on the way. And that brought her much comfort. The logistics of getting the kids in the car, driving home, getting the equipment and driving through traffic to get to the lost wedding band before the sun goes down and find parking on a weekend is nothing short of a miracle. I arrive at the beach where the kids and I are greeted by my wife and the bride. They escort us down to the place where they believe the ring is at the edge of the runway. I turn on my equinox and started the search. After three sweeps I get a solid tone and ask what am I looking for? Silver ? Gold? Because on my display screen I’m getting a solid silver tone. The bride’s friend runs over to her and gets the other ring and secures it in both hands as she runs back to me. I take hold of the other ring and carefully look inside and in bedded in the ring is 14 K. I give back the ring and let her know I will continue to search and as she turns to walk away I get a loud gold tone and tell her “I have it” The mother of the bride who was also there stopped herself in her tracks and looks at me. I get on one knee and as I remove the sand from the surface low and behold a white gold ring with diamonds. What was lost is now found. I hold up the ring and everyone gave a loud cheer! Another successful recovery and another happy couple. keep spreading the Aloha …


Lost Gold Wedding Band at Kailua Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from a lady who said her friend’s husband from Bountiful, Utah lost his wedding ring on Kailua Beach. I told her that ring finder Don lived in that area but she said he wasn’t available. The day was getting short so I told her to stay near her phone and that google maps said I could be there in 28 minutes. Sure enough when I arrived they were waiting for me on the side of the road closest to the beach access point. I was introduced to Steve and his lovely and funny wife Hope. We trekked down to the beach and Steve drew a box in the sand where he thought the ring should be. He had placed his ring on a beach chair along with some other items and when he picked up the chair to leave it must have fallen out. I started the hunt in one corner of the grid and worked towards the road. First target was a piece of foil. The next target was a booming 20 on the Nox and on the second scoop there was Steve’s Yellow Gold Wedding Band in the scoop. Someone must have stepped on it as it was several inches under the sand. Hope & Steve were elated and very thankful. Vacation saved! Aloha to Hope & Steve!


  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find started with an email from Tom and required a fair share of logistical work. While Located on Oahu Tom and I found a way to get me to Kaua’i. Tom shared with me that this ring has been with him for over 29 years and had its fair share of close calls but never like this. This one seemed like it might be a goner for good and need help. I was hopeful and determined to return such a precious ring. I flew over to Kaua’i with my dad as it was his day off and there’s no better of a partner than family. We got our rental and headed to the beach where tom explained to me where he lost it. It’s always important to get as much details as possible on a search like this and tom did as I asked and made me a detailed map to put me in the best location. As I entered the water and got chest deep I started my grid and not long after I hear that equinox TONE. I dig a big scoop and there in the bottom on my Xtreme sand scoop is Tom’s ring. I shouted to my dad… We did It! And a couple who was on vacation came down the beach to find out what the commotion was about and I held up Tom’s ring and said… Once lost…Now found! They were excited as well as my dad and I. it was a nice flight back to Oahu. I was able to call Tom and ask for his address and send him his ring back with some goodies from Hawaii. Another great return and it Always comes from a place of Aloha.




Found: Waikiki Beach – Wedding Ring

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

It started as a normal day.  I headed to the beach for some metal detecting and relaxation.  That day I chose Waikiki Beach and left before dawn.  I hadn’t been on the sand more than 10 minutes when Adam, a surfing instructor, came up to me and asked “do you know how to use a metal detector?”.  I was taken aback a bit but answered that “I’ve been doing this for a number of years.  He then began to explain he had lost his ring in the late afternoon the day before.  He knew the aprox. location in the dry sand he had lost his ring and after some experimentation with a borrowed metal detector he gave up realizing he had no idea how to use it.  That explained his first question to me about if I knew how to use my metal detector.  I headed to the area he indicated.  The area was small but full of a lot of trash and iron.  It took a good 20 minutes to sort out all the targets but knowing that the ring was tungsten carbide I knew it would be a lower sounding contact.  Finally I locked on to the sound I wanted, which was outside the area indicated as where it was lost.  Only plausible explanation was as it was a high traffic area the ring had been kicked outside the area we were originally searching.  Adam was overjoyed to get his wedding band back where it belongs.

Lost rings found at Turtle Bay Resort Northshore

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Nichol and Keith were visiting Oahu with their two beautiful children from LA area for their 10th Anniversary. Though staying at the Grand Islander at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki they set out to explore the North Shore and spent a day with family on the relaxing bay in front of Roy’s Beach House restaurant and bar at Turtle Bay resort. Soon after applying sunscreen, Nichol noticed she was no longer wearing her stunning engagement and wedding rings. Nichol called Don Bryant with Ring Finders around 5:30 PM. Don, and his girlfriend, Lee set out asap from Kaneohe for Turtle Bay. Arriving around 6:30 Don searched for an hour, looking in all the areas Nichol could remember sitting and walking. The sun went down….Don continued to look using his headlamp. Despair had set in….Keith was ready to call it a night and get the kids back to Waikiki. Undeterred, Don continued to search after they left, certain the rings could be found. Finally needing a break, Don headed to the restroom and Lee offered to keep searching. Nichol was pretty certain she had removed her rings while applying the sunscreen and Lee wanted to search near the umbrella post more thoroughly. The post was cemented into the beach sand and contained metal which had thrown off the signals. Drawing the sand away from the base of the post, and scanning the piles, Lee got a reading that indicated platinum. She scooped up both rings! Don got on the phone, called Nichol, and Keith turned the car around and headed back to claim those glistening rings of commitment. What a way to remember a 10th anniversary. Persistence wins!

Lost Ring Lanikai Beach Oahu: Found!

  • from Honolulu (Hawaii, United States)

It began early Sunday morning with a referral phone call from another of the Ring Finders here on Oahu.  He had received multiple calls for lost items and could not possibly make them all in the same day.  He asked if I would take the call for a lost ring at Lanikai Beach on the east side of Oahu.  I was more than happy to and immediately called the client, Stewart, for the details to recover his lost wedding band.  Stewart explained that he had been tossing a football back and forth with his son on the shoreline.  Something felt wrong and he looked down at his left hand and immediately noticed that his wedding band was missing.  Yikes!  As soon as he had the opportunity to he did a bit of research and looked up TheRingFinders.com and gave us a call. Not knowing exactly where the ring went missing he knew about where within 30 yards or so.

I met Stewart on the beach about noon in the general area where he and his family had been relaxing and playing the day before.  Stewart placed me in the center of the general area of where he thought he had lost the ring ranging from knee deep water to the damp sand.  Being forever the gambler I asked him if he wanted me to start to the right or to begin my search.  Stewart said lets go left, so I faced left, turned on the metal detector and tuned it for the  sand conditions and started swing the coil.  Almost immediately I hear a solid BEEP! looking as the screen it says a solid target about 3 inches deep in the sand.  So I inserted the scoop gently into the wet sand and pulled it out.  Looking in the scoop I saw a gold colored circle and immediately asked: “Is this your ring?”  Stewart looked in the scoop smiled and said “You Found It!”.  He immediately took the ring and put it back in its rightful place on his left hand.  Any further visit to the beach the ring will be on a leash.  Although the search was a short one it was great that the missing ring was found and back where it belongs.  Aloha Stewart!



Lost Black Diamond Baguettes Gold Wedding Band at Kailua Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a phone call from Claudia who was visiting Kailua Beach from New York City. Claudia explained that she walked out into knee deep water with her husband Andrew and her ring just fell off her finger. They were on a late honeymoon and I wasn’t going to let this ruin it. I told her I was already packed so I could be there in 30-45 minutes. She said, “Great thank you so much”. En-route to Kailua Claudia texted me that another detectorist was on the beach and making her nervous. I told her I was 10 minutes away and no worries. When I arrived she met me in the parking lot. I grabbed my gear and we went down to the beach. Andrew was watching the area and I asked him to join me in the water. It was high tide and a steady surf was rolling in. See pic background. Andrew walked out to the spot he thought they were at. I literally swung the detector to the left and got a sweet gold growling tone. One quick scoop in the surf and there was Claudia’s gorgeous Black Diamond Baguettes in white gold ring glistening in my scoop. Elapsed time 10 seconds!!! I gave Claudia a thumbs up sign and started walking ashore with the ring. That was truly miraculous. I wasn’t looking forward to swinging in the surf zone. Claudia couldn’t believe her eyes and the quickness of the recovery. Wish they all could be this easy! Aloha to Claudia & Andrew!