Lost Gold Cartier Wedding Band at Turtle Bay North Shore...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

TB 6-20a
TB 6-20b
Late Sunday night I got a call from Steve from Huntington Beach, California. While throwing a football in Turtle Bay lagoon his ring flew off. He wasn’t sure if it went forwards or backwards but marked his spot with a large stick in the sand on the beach. Forwards could have been 6 feet deep and backwards 3 feet deep. I told Steve we had to meet early Monday morning if we wanted a chance at finding his ring because many detectorists hit Turtle Bay regularly and early. I arranged to meet Steve at 6 am sharp. I brought my scuba gear just in case it was more then chest deep. When I got to the beach access parking I phoned Steve and he met me in the parking lot. We walked down to the beach and the tide was extremely low. Also thinking back when Steve lost the ring it was on an extreme high tide. Full moon in effect. I started about 5 yards to the left of center and started my grid search. On the third leg I got a loud tone but it was two quarters side by side. Continuing on about the fifth leg I got a screaming target in knee deep water. It took three scoops but there it was one of the most stunning designed Cartier rings I’ve seen. I asked Steve to tell me the design again and it was his ring. Steve told me he had only been married for 48 hours so the relief on his face was so very apparent. Another honeymoon ends well. Aloha to Steve.

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  1. Nick Richards says:

    StunnIng ring indeed. Nice find Joe.

  2. Fantastic! Great story!

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