Lost Ring Kailua

Lost Ring Hawaii … Found!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This recovery happened to have an international case attached to it as I received an email from Masako and she was located in Japan. She sent me a picture of her lost wedding ring which she lost in the water while here in Hawaii doing a tour out at the Kaneohe Sandbar. Because of a language barrier we used the internet to communicate and it was interesting to say the least. After a few emails concerning logistics and several attempts due to coordinating a boat with the company that she had the tour with and my scheduled times off from work and family I was able to get out and look for her lost ring! After many hours and countless scoops later I hear this faint sound. I dug it and BAM there in the scoop is her ring…What a miracle… a platinum ring with 3 diamonds and a small ruby inside the band I know its Masako’s ring. I yelled out… I FOUND it! The captain who escorted me out was as happy as I was because this was one of their customers who lost her ring while on their tours “captain bruce tours cptbruce.com”  and as I held up the ring and gave it to him as he drove the boat over we both said at the same time… AMAZING! it was a nice ride back to the main island and as we were in route I emailed Masako to let her know the ring is found and on the way to be shipped back to her home in Japan. Another Amazing recovery!

Lost Gold Sapphire & Diamonds Engagement Ring at Kailua Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began when I got a call from Phil who was visiting from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was enjoying a day at the beach with his lovely wife Heather. Heather took her ring off and placed it in a pocket of her sweater which her Mom Allison was wearing later in the day unbeknownst to her that the ring was in the pocket. Long story short the ring ended up missing and they concluded when Mom handed Heather some keys on the beach the ring must have fallen out. They spent some time searching the beach rental home and the beach area where the keys were exchanged but no sign of the ring was found. Phil googled “lost ring Oahu” and that’s where he found the ring finders. Thankfully the kids are on Spring Break otherwise the trip to Kailua would have been painful in rush hour traffic. This was a record for me it only took about 30 minutes. Phil met me on the road and directed me to a parking spot. I grabbed my gear and we headed down to the beach. Heather & Allison were guarding the area and a few people walking on the beach wished us luck. I marked my grid and went to work. After about 15 minutes 51 cents, four Corona bottle caps, some aluminum foil and a small washer I finally got a loud shallow target. One scoop down and there in my scoop was a beautiful blue sapphire ring with diamonds. I told Heather this must be my ring as she came over to look. Oh my gosh…that’s it she exclaimed. Everyone was so appreciative and they invited me over to the beach house for a refreshment. Good old Southern hospitality just like Hawaii’s Aloha! We discovered that Heather’s Mom Allison and I served in the Navy at the same time. Great friends and a ring find I won’t soon forget. Aloha to Heather, Allison & Phil.

Lost Gold Wedding Band at Lanikai Beach Kailua…….FOUND!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

segmented ringYuko1

I just got home from work on Friday when the phone rang and Hiroko asked if I was immediately available to recover a ring in Kailua at Lanikai Beach as the couple was flying out that evening. I told her I could be there in 30 minutes or so and she explained the situation. Her friend Mariko had guests visiting from Japan and her lady friend Yuko dropped her Gold Wedding Band in the sand. Mariko was going to meet me at the beach access lane and would show me the approximate location the ring was lost. I asked my wife Wendy if she wanted to come along and she did as their is a really nice shopping mall on that side of the island we hadn’t been to in ages. So off we went. Another helpful tool my wife has GPS on her smart phone and helps me get to the out of the way locations. We arrived in record time and Mariko introduced us to Yuko and her husband who had been looking for the ring for several hours already. When we arrived on location the area was half sand and half leafy rooted plant cover. This was going to be a challenge. Yuko boxed off the area and I began my search. I think every pull tab and bottle cap on Lanikai Beach ended up in this ground cover. After about twenty minutes and numerous tabs, caps and 11 cents I got an unusual growl on my Excalibur. It sounded really weird. As I made a scoop I noticed a bottle cap loose in the sand where I just dug in. I bent down and picked it up. As I made another scoop to the other target a glint of Gold could be seen in the scoop. As I reached into the scoop and pulled out the ring I glanced over at Yuko and tears were streaming down her face. Her husband was bowing at my feet saying “Arigato” over and over. Actually, I was overwhelmed and said please stand up and just give me a hug Hawaiian style. Their appreciation was over the top. I won’t soon forget this find. Aloha to Yuko and her husband!

Lost Ring at Hale’iwa Beach Park…Found

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Ring North ShoreNorth Shore RingDetermination is how I describe the recovery of this Wedding Ring…I was talking to my friend Joe about a difficult dive I had the following week, Hale’iwa Beach Park apparently is a popular fishing destination and had accumulated thousands of led fishing weights over the years, After about 2 hours of scuba diving with my metal detector I had to give the bad news to Paige, I let her know that with all the fishing tackle stuck in the coral it seems impossible to recover your ring, my detector doesn’t discriminate led.
After telling Joe the story he suggested we go back and clear out the led and clean up the coral reef, I thought to myself this will be a big task but the idea of cleaning up the environment a little sounds like a good plan, so after about 6 hours of diving for me and 4 hours for Joe we felt a little better about our chance of finally finding this ring, on my 3 weekend of diving in this spot I received the low sound of gold in my headphones, the ring was stuck in a small hole in the coral and you couldn’t see it or find it without a metal detector.
Altogether Joe and I found 4 rings,removed about 20 pound of led… a few fisherman were sure happy to get the free fishing tackle and Paige after 3 weeks she finally got her wedding ring back on her finger.
Mahalo to Joe for all the help and determination!
Another Great Recovery.

Lost Wedding Ring Found On Waikiki Beach

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Lost Ring Hilton
LOST RING HILTONI went out for a dive with a friend Joe who is also a ring finder and we managed to find two rings that day in front of the Hilton Hawaiian Village.
The next day I received a call from Joe he told me that he was checking Craigslist’s lost & found and there was a post about a week earlier. Lost Man’s Wedding Ring in Waikiki. On April 2 I lost my wedding ring in the Waikiki Beach area please keep an eye out and contact me if you do find one…Thank You Matt.
Waikiki Beach is a large beach with many resort’s the chance of this being Matt’s ring was a long shot and I thought to myself this would be amazing if this was his. I contacted Matt and told him that I found a ring on Waikiki beach at the Hilton in about 4 feet of water he told me that’s where I lost my ring I asked Matt to give me the description of the engraving on the inside of the ring and I’ll see if it’s a match. I told Matt that we have a match! I think at first Matt thought this was some kind of Craigslist scam. He asked if I could send him a picture so I sent the picture and he confirmed it was a match. It was about midnight where Matt lives in Pennsylvania when I first responded to his post on craigslist apparently he had already returned home from his vacation and I’m sure he thought he would never see his wedding ring again but as luck would have it the ring is back on his finger.
Thanks to Joe for spotting the Craigslist posting and a little luck for finding Matt’s ring.
Aloha Don.

Lost Wedding Ring Found At Turtle Bay Resort Oahu

  • from Waikīkī (Hawaii, United States)

Ring Pic-1Ring Pic
Saturday, the North Shore of Oahu was going to be hit by a large swell. Consequently, on Friday afternoon, when I received the call from Chase and Karolina asking me if I could help them find a lost wedding ring, in the water near Turtle Bay Resort, I knew I would be up for a challenging search. I arrived at the search area at 7 am on Saturday morning, and after a brief hike we made it to an uninhabited beach full of Honus (Hawaiian Sea Turtles) basking in the sun. The empty beach was in a cove, so it was protected from the large swell. Quickly, I got in the water, and after 30 minutes in chest deep water, I heard a strong signal, and there in the bottom of the sand scoop, was that shiny band of gold…what a great way to start the day recovering Chase’s wedding band, and discovering a secluded beach on an island with a population of over 1 million. Another sweet morning in beautiful Hawaii Nei.