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  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


       Sam and Emily frantically called me last week to ask if I could help them find a gold ring with diamonds that Emily had lost in the sand at the beach in Malibu. I was about 70 miles away but I went home after work grabbed my detectors and hit the road. It took almost two hours to get through down town Los Angeles, and out to the west side then up to Malibu where it was already dark out, I met Sam on Pacific Coast Highway and headed down to the sand. When I spoke to Emily she explained that they were visiting from Florida, and would be leaving Southern California in a few days.

       I gridded the sand at waters edge for about 10 minutes before getting a solid signal and there was Emily’s ring in my scoop. She was ecstatic to have her ring back on her hand. The long drive home wasn’t so bad after being able to help such a nice young couple.

Rings Recovered by the Ring Finders in Seal Beach

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Ken and Angela were visiting Seal Beach from Carson City Nevada when her rings somehow fell out of a bag and into the sand. They found me on Yelp and I was able to meet them in about 20 minutes.

I was able to find both rings in one scoop after only a few minutes. They were very appreciative that there was a service like The Ring Finders.



Metal detecting service in Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you just lost a ring on the beach, in the water, or in the backyard, give me a call or text (24hrs). Louis 305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting service and I can come out and find your lost item QUICK.  This family was very lucky, I was metal detecting in Miami Beach and they waved me down and asked if I could find their lost ring in the water.  They showed me the general area and within a few minutes I found it.  Please check out my other posts for other successful recovery stories.

Trio of precious rings recovered by Surf City Ring Finder

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Mellisa contacted me for help to locate three of her rings which she lost in the sand at Huntington Beach’s Davenport Beach. She was very distraught and her husband was not to happy either.

Mellisa said the rings were on a towel and when she picked it up the rings were lost. I searched the immediate area of concern but couldn’t find them. I moved towards the water and found the one ring with the bigger diamond.

 Just about two feet to the right I located the other two rings one at a time. Every time I handed Mellisa a ring her spirts picked up immensely. They packed up and went home relieved that I was able to find her beautiful set of rings




Wedding Ring Lost in sand while throwing football at Balboa Beach, CA.

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… Kristy and Ron spent the afternoon at Balboa Beach watching their son play flag football on the beach. After the game Ron’s son passed the football to him. Of course Ron passed it back to his son. At the same moment Ron’s wedding ring went flying into the sand disappearing immediately.

They spent quite awhile trying to find the ring with no success. They gave up as they had to drive home before dark. They were a few miles from the beach when Kristy found my contact information and called me. When I heard that they actually knew when and where the ring was lost, I told them it should be a short search if they could meet me . 

I told them I was 15 minutes from the location. They decided to turn around to meet me at the beach. After we met it took longer to walk across 150 yards of sand than it did to locate his wedding ring. They were very grateful to have their original wedding band back. It was a ring he has worn for decades.

If you have lost something that is important to you. Call or text me at 949-500-2136 … I can answer any questions you may have about my recovery service. Available to help you 24/7 .. Stan the Metal Detector Man

Metal detector finds lost diamond ring on Miami Beach

  • from Miami (Florida, United States)

If you’ve lost your ring on the beach and have been on your hands and knees for HOURS sifting through the sand with no luck, give me a call, Louis 305-608-1870.  I have a metal detecting service where I come out and find your lost jewelry.  I can even go out in the water and find it.  Give me a call!!

Wedding Ring Lost at a Pacifica, Ca Beach…FOUND!!!

  • from Walnut Creek (California, United States)

We made the recovery!!!  Just after 2:30pm on June 21st good friend and fellow metal detectorist Jes Muse contacted me.  She was feeling under the weather but had received a call in Pacifica, Ca.  She asked if I’d be willing to take it.

With local weather being over 100 degrees, I couldn’t think of a better opportunity to beat the heat and lend a helping hand.

I contacted a Mrs. Laurie LeRowe for additional information and to confirm my appointment, and 1 hour later we were introduced beach side.  Mrs. LeRowe provided some background information as well as some landmarks defining our search area and our search began.

Approximately 20 minutes into the search and only my second good target, we made the recovery!!!

There were many reasons leading to the success of this story and there is some credit due…Thank you to Marshal Smith of Portland, OR who put the family in contact with Jes Muse (Pacifica, CA).  Thank you to Jes Muse who always puts her best foot forward seeing to the needs of those who contact her.  This was not the first time she’s entrusted me with a search and recovery and I hope not the last.  Also to the American Mining Supply for the new machine I used for this recovery, thank you!  Last, but most important, Mrs. Laurie LeRowe who tirelessly sought out information and services and who coordinated with most of the folks mentioned above to make this search happen and successful…Great Job!

To Fernandes and Hilary, I am grateful to get the opportunity to be woven into your love story and wish you both endless happiness in the future.

We Made The Recovery!!!

For assistance finding your lost item contact Brendon Chapman at (925) 580-2590.  For best results call sooner than later!


Testimonial for Brendon Chapman:

Brendan’s willingness and promptness to drive more than an hour to the site, through traffic (valley folks heading to the beach for cooler temps in addition to afternoon traffic) his detective skills and tools, and most importantly his kindness and generosity of time and effort with no guarantees of success. The ring was lost the afternoon before. Thankfully we were able to bless him for his efforts, skills, time and gas. I enjoyed our visit as we waited for Hilary and Fernandes to arrive after their works, to thank him in person . I highly recommend Brendon, and the others who helped me find him…Ringfinders site, Marshall, And Jes.

Surf City Ring Finder from Huntington Beach

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Gordon called me and said his fiancé  lost her engagement ring while having a bon fire at Huntington Beach. I arrived in about 20 minutes and they had circled a large area where her ring went flying when she was waving her arms.

It took me about 3 passes in the circled area with my detector and I had the ring in my scoop. Everyone was happy and satisfied with this metal detecting service from the ring finders.



Lost Ring in Carol Stream, Illinois.

  • from Chicago (Illinois, United States)
Failure was not an option!
Over the years doing so many recoveries, I have heard so many stories, and once in a while one story stands out and tugs at you a little more, this is one of those stories.
I received a call from a woman in Carol Stream back in January.
She told me her husband had just passed away a few weeks earlier and he lost his gold wedding ring about 3 to 5 years ago in the garden.
She wanted desperately to get it back.
Problem I had was the ground was frozen and being lost for such a long time I was expecting it be be at lease a couple inches down.
I told her I would come back as soon as the ground is not frozen anymore and today was that day.
I searched 2 areas in front of the house she told me he was working at when he lost it with no success, but this is a search I could not give up on so I decided to go into the back yard, I was taken back at the size of the yard and thought for sure I would be there most of the day, double lot and at lease 200ft deep so I started thinking like a man, what would I have done?
I saw a picnic table in the yard, I could easily see him possibly taking off his gloves and taking a break at the table, something I’m sure I would have done. A couple minutes later I hit it at the edge of the table, can’t even begin to tell you the feeling I got when I saw it. The entire search took about an hour and to say she was ecstatic is putting it mildly, she held that ring so tight and kissed it over and over, so very touching.
A very HAPPY ending!!!

Lost wedding band, East Brunswick, NJ February 2022

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I saw and add on a lost ring site that somebody had lost their wedding band while walking in a park. The add had all the pertinent information of the exact area it was lost. I quickly messaged Michelle explaining that she should just post the generic information due to the fact that unfortunately many people are dishonest, and may possibly go locate it and never return it to her. I also forwarded my ring finders link and told her if she needed help give me a shout. She liked my up front approach and honesty, so we arranged to meet at the park. we went over all the details, an while i was searching alongside the path, she walked with me to show exactly where she was. Unfortunately I had no luck, so I told her where to search in her car, post some flyers around spots she had went, an MOST importantly, do not through out her trash, but go home and dump it out and sift through it very carefully. 2 days later she messaged me in total shock, YES she found it stuck to a box. Although I did not locate it with my machine, I positively, with my knowledge in lost rings and jewelry, get 100% credit for her finding her beautiful platinum/diamond ring.