How to Find a Lost Ring in the Grass

Lost Diamond Ring Maryville Tennessee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

This couple had been reseeding their back yard last weekend when Sarah S. noticed her ring was missing.  They hadn’t been married long, I think maybe a year and a half.  She was very distressed, putting it mildly.  They had tried to find the ring on their own.  Even going out and purchasing a very low end metal detector, but with no discrimination he quickly found out how much trash metal was in his yard, (the house dates from the 40s).   The drive to the site was nearly two hours.  I listened to her story, as well as asking a few questions.  The ring was a white gold and diamonds engagement/wedding band set.  I set up my grid, and made one pass across the yard.  About halfway back on the second pass I got a solid 12.02 at zero inches on my CTX.  I knew that tone and VDI was exactly what I was looking for with it being white gold.  Sure enough, my pinpointer found the wedding band portion just below the layer of straw.  I marked the location with a flag and continued on.  Two steps later I got another 12.02 at zero inches.  This was the larger engagement band portion.  She had a good cry when I showed her the rings, it would have made a great video had I been recording.



Platinum Wedding Band Lost for 3 Years…Found in Washington DC Neighbor’s Yard

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Stanton’s Handsome Platinum Wedding Band Now Above Ground After 3 Years!

Stanton’s Happy Smile Shines Brightly After Ring Reveal!



Stanton is now one of many people around the world who have been personally affected by the recent Twitter feed of celebrity actor, Jon Cryer. Miraculously, he was able to recover his cherished wedding ring that was lost during his day off work from filming the TV series ‘Supergirl’ on location in Vancouver, Canada. Cryer is recognized for his well-known acting roles, including the highly successful sitcom show ‘Two and a Half Men’ that ran for 12 seasons from 2003 to 2015, as well as the ever famous 1980’s classic movie, ‘Pretty in Pink’. Because so many around the globe have chimed in to Cryer’s Twitter story and are finding their lost treasures (thanks to the help of THE RING FINDERS), this amazing outcome has now been officially titled, “The Jon Cryer Effect”!

Yes, just like for Stanton himself, it was touching to read the October 11th, 2020 account of how Chris Turner, CEO of THE RING FINDERS (an international metal detectorist directory), and professional metal detecting specialist himself, successfully recovered Cryer’s beloved wedding band on a tiny strip of grass near a seawall in Vancouver. And yet, nothing could have rocked the world more for this faithful Twitter follower of Cryer’s than the story that was about to follow!

After reading Cryer’s emotional journey in being happily reconnected with his ring, Stanton decided to check out THE RING FINDERS directory to see if there was a metal detecting specialist in the Washington, DC area. My profile popped up, he liked what he read, and soon after, an email inquiring of my services headed to my inbox!

Stanton emailed:

“Hi Brian, I found you on (courtesy of a Jon Cryer tweet). Do you have availability to help me look for a lost wedding ring? I live in DC near Takoma Park.  The ring has been lost for a several years so there’s no rush. I’d just like to get some closure. Hope you’re having a great weekend. Thanks, Stanton”

I promptly responded, and before long, the two of us were on the phone together the next morning, talking details about his missing ring and setting up a search time for later that day!


As with most juicy stories, there is always room for some unexpected drama that finds its way into the event. The story goes like this: More than 3 years ago, like with most couples, Stanton and his wife were having a heated argument. At some point, rings were being taken off and slammed on the kitchen counter. Stanton’s spouse grabbed his handsome platinum wedding band and moved swiftly towards the French doors that led to the back deck on the second floor of their house. The doors flew open and the athletic arm of the passionate young lady who was quite skilled at playing baseball, pulled itself back like a trigger on a gun, and in her highly charged emotional state, she side armed a throw that any Washington Nationals baseball pitcher would be proud of!

Out towards the back of the house, the ring made its journey somewhere below and beyond the second floor deck. Stanton went on to share that he tried to prevent the release of the ring but his efforts proved to be ineffective. The initial windup was successfully transitioned into an eventual classic rocket launch! Eventually, like in most cases, once the couple makes up and moves pass the heated moment, shame and regret sets in and the search and recovery efforts ensue. That is exactly what took place in this particular case.

Stanton’s wife, Jessica, was brave enough to acquire a metal detector and embark upon a search with the children all around the lawn and the adjacent property next to their home. Nothing turned up. She felt really bad about the whole situation, realizing that the ring was nowhere to be found. At some point, over a period of time, the search efforts were wrapped up and the ring was presumed MIA. Worse than that, the couple ended up going their separate ways and in the end, discovering the whereabouts of the missing platinum halo was the last thing on Stanton’s mind.

Now, fast forward 3 years later. Who could have written a better script than this?! As a result of actor, Jon Cryer losing his wedding band in Canada and a professional metal detectorist who happened to be the CEO of THE RING FINDERS finding it for him, word spread around the globe via Cryer’s Twitter thread about the actor’s ring recovery! 3,000 miles away, in Washington, DC, Stanton read the account about THE RING FINDERS and then wonders if maybe there’s a chance of finally recovering his missing wedding band! As mentioned above, he promptly emails me to discuss the matter!


Though the autumn weather provided for a rainy and chilly Monday afternoon, I was more than excited to meet the fellow Washingtonian and see if I could bring a smile to Stanton’s face with the recovery of his lost wedding band!

When I arrived at Stanton’s delightful house, I immediately asked my client to take me into the kitchen where his wedding band was last seen before it was picked up and taken to the rear of the house. He pointed to the spot where it had rested and then he walked me to the French doors located at the back of the house that leads out to the deck. Then, he opened up the French doors and reenacted that dreadful moment when his wife did the old “heave-ho” just inside the house.

Next, with a steady downpour of rain, Stanton bravely walked me out to the deck and down the stairs leading to the lawn. He said that he called his ex-wife to ask for additional details that he may have forgotten over the past three years. Jessica believed that she side armed the throw and was still convinced that the ring flew to the left on a diagonal course towards their chain linked fence. Both of them were pretty convinced that the ring most likely ended up along the fence line, though nobody could spot it or detect it properly with the machine during the earlier searches.

Once Stanton finished orienting me around the property, I returned to my car to retrieve all of the necessary gear for the search. Then, while the rain kept pouring down, I wheeled my equipment to the rear of Stanton’s property and began the recovery attempt.

First, I searched on the deck, moved down the steps and moved under the stairs. Then, I checked the gravel, looked under the garden hoses and planters, and finally I searched the backyard lawn. There were quite a few pieces of metal buried just below the ground, but no ring was to be found. My finds bag that hung to the side of my detector harness became half full of non-ferrous metallic items by the time I completed that section of the property.

Instead of focusing on the fence line which would be extremely challenging and time-consuming, the wisest direction to choose was to take my gear over to the neighbor’s yard and begin metal detecting on their lawn. If I didn’t find the ring over there, I would have no choice but to work at a worm’s eye level close to the ground and focus all along the chain linked fence.

Experienced metal detecting recoverists and specialists will tell you that one of our greatest arch enemies happens to be metal fences. The reason for this is that there is so much metal on the fence, that it causes rings with precious metal to be completely masked, as if it was non-existent. One must be on their hands and knees and carefully hand detect, pulling away all of the debris, dead grass and weeds in order to make sense of the area. Even that does not guarantee that you might find the ring. If it’s buried quite deep next to the fence, unless you dig up everything from the fence to about a foot away, your efforts will be completely futile.

It was probably about an hour and a half into my search when I took my detectors over to the neighbor’s yard (Stanton got permission for me to search the yard adjacent to his). I was completely drenched but I didn’t care. All of my waterproof gear kept me nice and dry. I started grid searching from the edge of the neighbor’s deck, down the lawn and towards the rear alley. I purposely kept my equipment away from the fence by nearly a foot and a half so that I would not get false readings on my detectors. Unfortunately, there was a lot of metal that was buried in a particular region where I was searching on the lawn. There was so much that I was very concerned that the ring could have gotten mixed up in that “cemetery” of non-ferrous objects. It was at that point that I needed to switch metal detectors by using a smaller coil at the end of my detector shaft in order to differentiate between one small metal object and another one nearby to it. I dug up a few shallow items but there was no platinum treasure buried in that region. It was at that point when I continued on by switching back to my 15-in coil detector and moved along my grid line farther down the lawn.

When I had passed the two and half hour search mark, I had finished my first pass down the neighbor’s lawn with my imaginary grid line. It took a long time to complete that first pass because of how much miscellaneous non-ferrous metallic objects were buried throughout that area. I found a couple of coins including a nickel and a penny, along with one or two pull tabs, as well.

I was about 10 to 15 feet away from the fence and half way across the lawn as I was moving back towards the deck area of the neighbor’s yard, when I got another legitimate signal. My detector was reading VDI numbers of 12 and 13, which like earlier, usually ends up being a soda can pull tab or a nickel. I looked at the positioning of where the potential target was located in relationship to where Stanton’s deck was situated and I realized that the ring could have possibly made it over to this place if it was thrown extremely hard. It was quite realistic to assume that the trajectory path could have gone to this very spot where I was about to investigate.

Once I checked a few more things out with my detector, as I waved the coil over the target area, I was ready to kneel down and pinpoint the exact location of the item that was clearly under the earth. ‘Could this be the object that I have been looking for in the past couple hours or so?’ I excitedly thought to myself as I pulled out my hand held metal detector and moved it over the spot where the machine had picked up the initial signal. Carefully and slowly, I moved some grass out of the way and removed a bit of dirt that covered the object. It was at that moment that I realized I had found Stanton’s missing wedding band that had been thrown from his deck 3 years earlier! I knew I discovered it when I saw a faint metallic halo shaped object just slightly visible at the surface! It was his platinum ring and it was still giving off a brilliant shine! A very handsome one at that! I lit up with excitement and disbelief! At any point in time, the ring could have been spotted and pocketed by someone in that neighbor’s backyard over the years before it made its way into the ground! Or, it could have been buried up against the fence line, never to be detected or ever recovered! I thanked the Lord for guiding me to this spot and giving me the wisdom necessary to locate and pull this keepsake from the ground!

The roadmap to this ring recovery was nothing short of a fun little fairytale! It started with Stanton reading Jon Cryer’s Twitter tweet about THE RING FINDER’S Chris Turner finding the actor’s beloved wedding band in Canada (almost 3,000 miles away from Washington DC)! Then, an email is sent to me requesting my help in finding Stanton’s own ring, we talk on the phone to discuss the story of how the ring was lost, I examine all of the clues and tips, I then ask my client endless questions and interview him once more upon my arrival at the search site, I get the tour around the “crime scene”, and then begin the metal detecting adventure that eventually led me to the neighbor’s yard where I finally and successfully recovered Stanton’s lost wedding band! WHAT AN AMAZING STORY!

It was because of all of these steps, as well as my relentless determination to find the lost item that I was able to raise this precious sentimental keepsake from the ground, in the neighbor’s yard, in the pouring rain, and return it to the man who curiously wondered where it had ended up after all these years!

I couldn’t wait to share with Stanton what I had found approximately 75 feet away from his second floor deck on the other side of the adjacent fence in his neighbor’s yard! He was quite surprised and beyond thrilled with what I was able to achieve and ultimately return to him! As I was wrapping things up, the happy Washingtonian was on the phone with his ex “Jess”, excitedly sharing the news that I had found the missing ring! She was so happy to hear the news and thanked me for my successful efforts! Apparently, the two of them have remained close friends to this very day!

After I did the reveal, the two of us had a nice laugh together as we both stood in the rain on the deck, just feet away from where the initial drama ensued. I smiled and said to the very kind gentleman, “Well Stanton, with all of the helpful and insightful information that you provided me with to successfully recover your ring, probably the most accurate of all the details that you shared with me was the fact that Jessica…really did have a pretty good arm!”

Before leaving the search site, Stanton expressed to me just how grateful he was to Jon Cryer for how the actor shared his personal ring recovery story on Twitter. Without the thread, he said he may have never known that there was someone like me out there that was capable of helping Stanton recover his sentimental keepsake.

As I drove away, I smiled as a thought came to my mind as to why this special Washingtonian was so desirious to rekindle the search efforts for his lost platinum wedding band after all these years! It was just a guess, but in time I might just learn the exciting answer that I truly hope to hear!

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Lost wedding ring set in Toms River NJ Found by: Matt St.Germain

  • from Seaside Heights (New Jersey, United States)

A few days ago I was contacted by Tom, While he and his wife Sharon were out in the backyard doing some yard work Sharon’s Soldered ring set slipped off her finger into the grass. They searched for it for a few days with a metal detector they bought at a local store. Despite hearing different signals and fanning the grass on hands and knees they were not able to locate it. A friend of theirs did a google search and found my RingFinders profile so they decided to give me a call for some help. I went there a few days later and once they showed me the general area where they thought it might be I got to work. Within about 10 mins I found it deeply embedded in thick grass. They were so happy and relieved I had found it! This ring has a lot of history as they have been married for 30 years! They met and began dating at the age of 19! Amazing! Over the years the ring that began as an engagement ring was added onto with a wedding band, Baguettes, And an anniversary ring. A jeweler friend of theirs also re-did all of the etching on both of their rings for them! What a great story! I’m so happy I was able to help them reclaim it!

Lost wedding ring in yard, Lakeland, Fl….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

(That is me in the photo, filling in for Dave, as he was a bit shy!)

Dave was needing to get some brush cleared along the back side of his property and spent the good part of a day cutting and hauling branches out to the front of the house where the garbage truck could pick it all up. Every now and then he would remove his gloves and wipe the sweat from his brow or take a nice long drink of cold water, and then go back to work. On one occasion as he removed his gloves he felt his ring slip off of his finger and he quickly retrieved his ring and slid it back where it belonged. But as he was finishing up his work he looked at his left hand and saw that his ring had come off again so he tipped up his glove to shake out his ring but this time his glove was empty! He began looking the yard over, thinking he could easily find it but after an hour of combing thru every possible place he could think of—NO RING! The thought of finding it with a metal detector seemed like the most logical thing so he went out and bought a lower end model and started searching the yard from back to the front and along the sides. Dave was determined to find his ring and then it slowly began to dawn that maybe it had dropped into the canal at the back side of the property. A week went by and Dave realized he needed more help and that led him to one of my stories on web site.

It was a two hour drive to Dave’s home and it was threatening to rain big time but after hearing his story I felt there was a good chance of being able to find his ring so off I went. After arriving and surveying the yard I set up my Garrett ATMax metal detector and went to work. (A few days earlier Dave had a chain link fence installed along the canal–so that was the most challenging part. With the metal fence and the drop off into the canal!). With the sun starting to set I turned my attention to the front of the house where Dave had hauled all the debris. I decided to start by the front door and follow the sidewalk down to the mailbox when I got a loud, sharp signal that showed two inches deep on my display and low and behold there was Dave’s lost wedding ring–just barely visible under the grass. Dave was putting his two little ones to bed at the time so I texted him a short “I found your ring!”

Whenever I am called to help someone look for a lost valuable I always ask my family and my parents, who are 88 and 87 years old, to pray for me. I assure people that God knows exactly where their item is hiding and He just needs to put my coil over the top of it. Again I thanked God for allowing me to find Dave’s lost wedding ring—just in time for their 7th year anniversary!

How can I help you? Call me ASAP at 321-363-6029. Or send me a text or shoot me an email!

Mike McInroe…always ready to search for your lost item!

Lost Platinum wedding ring found at Christmas Cove Beach in Northport, Mi

I received a late night email from Meghann that her husband Lynden had lost his wedding band in Lake Michigan at Christmas Cove beach earlier in the day. They spent from 4:30 pm till 9:00 pm looking for the ring but the waves and undertow was to bad to see anything. Meghann was researching underwater metal detectors and my information came up. I was actually down state 3 hours visiting my parents. I told her I could go search for the ring as soon as I got home. Due to the location I was not really worried about anybody else finding the ring.

I got home at 3:30 and loaded up to head to Christmas Cove. Lynden met me at the location to show me the exact the spot they were set up at. That always helps a lot and saves a lot of time. Gave me the indecent report. He was on his hand and knees with his younger children playing in the surf. He felt a rock bump the ring off his finger. He told me due to the large waves and undertow he wrote the ring off, I knew better though. The water was chocolate colored and the waves were crashing on shore pretty hard. The rain was starting back up so Lynden headed back home and was going to wait on my results. I made 3 passes back and forth with my Excalibur II then got a deep choppy signal. I dug down about 10 inches got the signal in the scoop and headed to shore with it before the waves got me. Dumped out the scoop and found the ring. Gave Lynden a text asking it he wanted this back. He immediately called and could not believe I found so fast it in all the waves and turmoil. He was about 15 minutes down the road so we met at a local grocery store.


Lost Ring Columbus Tx, Hempstead Tx …. Found!

  • from Columbus (Texas, United States)

Hi, my name is Robert Perez. I’m new to The Ring Finders but have been metal detecting since 1989.  I am super excited for the opportunity to help find your lost Ring, Jewelry or buried Treasure. I’ve been asked by friends and family in the past to help find their lost ring / jewelry. It makes me happy when I can return a personal item and make you happy:)

That’s why I joined The Ring Finders.

I would love to come out and find your lost item for you.

Call or Text today!

Lost wedding ring on soccer field, Maitland, Fl….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Gabby called me yesterday and asked for help finding her husbands lost wedding ring on a full size soccer field. I told her I was up for the challenge and little did I know how tough it would actually be. Her husband, Christian, was not able to join us but he had explained what position he plays and where he spent most of the time during his practice. The first day I set up flags and cones and covered over half of the field carefully grid searching each area. Five and a half hours worth and the temperatures were in the mid 90’s and although I was taking care to stay hydrated the humidity did wear me down.

The next day I returned to finish covering the rest of the field and I was beginning to wonder if maybe someone had picked it up already. Again it was hot, humid and muggy but I was determined to finish what I had started. And part of what drove me to find this lost wedding ring was the fact that Christian and Gabby have only been married for a little over one month! (The first day while I was searching the field, Gabby’s mother, sister and cousin came out to walk the field, hoping to eyeball the ring and we talked briefly and they too expressed their appreciation for my time and effort.). Two and a half hours into my 2nd day of searching I got a banging signal showing the target to be quite shallow. At first I could not see anything but there, well hidden under some dead grass, was Christian’s lost wedding ring! I immediately bowed my head and thanked my heavenly Father for showing me where this little beauty was hiding. I then took a few photos and sent Gabby a text with the great news. Thirty minutes later Christian showed up for soccer practice and was very, very thankful to get his precious ring back!

Heat, humidity, rain or shine, in the water, grass or sand….I am willing to look for your lost item!

Call, text or email ASAP!

Mike McInroe….willing and ready member of since 2009!

Lost rings in grass, Orlando, Florida…….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Heidi called me Saturday afternoon and asked if there was any chance I could help her find two very important rings in some thick grass. I assured her I would come right away and off I went. Here is the story in Heidi’s own words.

“At the close of a recent trip to Disney, my husband and I were walking along a path back to our resort, (Shades of Green) to pick up our luggage and make our way to the airport for an afternoon flight home. I carelessly took off my engagement ring, (and therefore, anniversary band, which I wear above it) to wipe something off of the stone. When my husband warned me to worry about that later because I might drop them, I jumped off the path into the grass and juggled them around, in what I intended to be good-natured teasing. Then, like clock work, I dropped them! Even though I had what I thought was a perfect idea of where they landed, the deep Florida grass ate them up and a couple of hours (and a missed flight) later we still had nothing to show for our “hands-and-knees search! Needless to say, my husband and I were both in panic mode. A quick google search led me to Mike, and what a godsend! Not only did he answer his phone right away, but he dropped everything to come out and help us right away as well!

As soon as he arrived, his friendly and helpful demeanor, clear knowledge and positive attitude put us at ease immediately. We just knew he would find them! Even with the electrical interference and underground lighting and sprinkler systems of the resort, he found both rings in under a half hour and in the dark! We were able to hop on a flight later that evening and get home before my husband’s military leave ended-saving us even more trouble. Mike totally saved us from what could have been an absolutely disastrous ending to the trip! We went from thinking that the ring my husband proposed with was gone forever, to being back in our home state of Virginia only a few hours later all safe and sound! Thank you so much Mike”

Lost something recently? Call ASAP! Mike McInroe….thrilled to be a member of

Lost ring in the grass, Altamonte Springs, Fl….Found and Returned!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

If you lose a ring or other valuable at the beach or in a public area call ASAP….321-363-6029

Tuesday evening David was working in his yard cleaning up and stuffing branches and sticks into one of his garbage containers when he felt his wedding ring slip off of his finger. He was not sure if it fell into the container or into the grass somewhere. He desperately searched all over thinking surely he could find it and then frustration and darkness brought his search to an end. Here is David’s account of what took place.

“A Huge Thank You to Mike from The Ring Finders! My wedding ring fell off while I was collecting debris from my yard at sunset. We searched everywhere for it and couldn’t find it in the grass. I was so frustrated and upset. After a quick Google search I read some great stories about Mike and how he has helped so many other families find their lost treasures so I decided to give him a call. He came to my house at 7am the next morning and took less than 5 minutes to find my lost ring for me. Thank you Mike!”

Lost something recently? Call ASAP!

Mike McInroe….honored to be a member of

Lost Rings , Monterey, Salinas , CA ….. Found

  • from Monterey (California, United States)

Hi, my name is Tom . I joined the Ringfinders to help folks find their lost jewelry & items.    If you’ve lost something where a metal detector might be helpful (terra firma, sand, etc…) & need help, contact me.     I will do my best to help you find what was lost.  I love any excuse to get out and hunt.