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Lost wedding ring in grass, Longwood, Florida….found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Marybeth was playing with her children in the back yard throwing water balloons and as she raised her hand to catch one that was thrown in her direction it hit her in the left palm just right and knocked her precious wedding ring right off of her finger. She actually felt her ring come off and immediately she began to look in the grass around her. Unfortunately the type of grass was our famous St. Augustine grass that is super thick and is known to swallow up rings and the like!
She spent a few hours on her hands and knees looking and feeling through the grass desperately hoping to find her lost ring. Realizing the futility of trying to spot it with her eyes she began thinking that maybe a metal detector would be the proper tool for the job. Her first thought was to see if there was somewhere that would rent her a metal detector for the day and after typing “Metal Detector Rental” on her phone….up popped “” website and one of my stories!
Later that day I met Marybeth and she showed me the exact spot where she was standing and it only took a few swings of my Garrett AT Max metal detector and Bingo!!! What a privilege it was to help Marybeth find her lost ring!

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Lost earbud in the grass, Sanford, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Stephanie was out with her two small children and while watching them play she was unaware that one of. her earbuds fell out of her ear. After getting the children back into the house she felt her ear and realized the one was missing. Thinking it must have popped out while picking up her young son she began retracing her steps and thought surely she would find it as it was black and would show up rather easily on the sidewalk or even in the grass.

Two days passed and her husband remembered that I help people find their lost items using a metal detector so he sent me a message asking if I could help them. I showed up 15 minutes later and asked for Stephanie’s other earbud to see if I could get a reading and sure enough it gave a faint signal in the “All Metal Mode”. After searching for 20 minutes I got a quiet signal and there, down in the grass, was Stephanie’s lost earbud…barely visible! Stephanie was so happy to have it back and the big smile tells it all!

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Lost ring in the grass, Winter Park, Florida….Found!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Dave’s lost and found ring story began on January 17th, 2022, after some very cold and windy weather! Here in Florida we have allot of Spanish moss that grows on many of our trees and high winds will occasionally knock clumps of it off and leave the ground covered in small piles that need to be picked up. Being as it was cooler and a bit wet Dave could feel that his ring was a bit looser than normal but he wanted to clear the debris off of his yard before it got dark. As he zig zagged across the grass gathering handfuls of moss and sticks he would then walk to the edge of his yard and toss them into the woods. Later that evening he noticed his wedding ring was not on his finger and thinking back on what probably happened…he was almost positive it must have come off while clearing his yard! So the next day he began looking for his ring and it soon dawned on him how extremely difficult it would be to actually spot it in the leaves and grass. He realized he needed the help of someone with a metal detector and that led him to “”!

I met Dave a few days later and he showed me where he walked and we realized he basically covered his whole yard…and he has a very large and beautiful back yard! I first concentrated on the areas where he threw the debris and then checked the shallow water of the lake. That took a good hour and a half and then darkness fell. I said my goodbyes and reassured Dave I would be back to start systematically covering the yard. So I returned a few days later with my Garrett ATMax metal detector and switched to my large coil and began a tight grid search pattern. Two hours later it got dark and again I had to give up. Again I told Dave I would be back again in a week or so. Two weeks passed and I met Dave for a third try—hoping and praying that God would allow me to find Dave’s lost 20 year old wedding ring! I only had a quarter of the yard left to search and 15 minutes into my grid search I got a sharp, shallow signal and using my pin pointer I got that solid, beautiful, steady beep that we all love to hear…and there to my surprise was Dave’s lost wedding ring, just sitting there in the grass…perfectly camouflaged! I went around the house to tell Dave to come see what I had found, and you can imagine how happy he was to have his ring back again!

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Lost thrown ring, Orlando, Florida…..found and mailed to owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

This young couple was enjoying a night on the town and decided to call an Uber to help them get safely back to their hotel. Their ride dropped them off a few hundred yards from their hotel and as they walked they talked!! I am not exactly sure what the topic of conversation was but I do know that during their walk along the quiet street Mr. John Doe got very upset and took off his wedding ring and with a back handed throw sent his ring sailing into the street and the ping could be heard and then silence!

It didn’t take long for Mr John Doe to realize the error of his way and later that evening he returned with his phone and tried desperately to find his ring. But after a couple of hours of searching the street, the grass and even in the bushes he decided to look online for some help and typed in “Metal Detecting Service Orlando”! The first result was “” and as he checked out the “Directory” he noticed my name and all the successful recoveries and decided to give me a call. So we met later that day and “John” showed me where he thought he was when he threw his ring. At first I thought that it would be a fairly easy search but an hour and a half later I was beginning to have second thoughts. I expanded the search area by 30 feet on either side and still no ring. It was getting late and “John” was planning on starting their drive north that same day…so I assured him that I would come back later in the week to look some more. He was very happy to hear that and then we parted ways.

The next weekend I returned and decided to look even further along the street, searching the bushes and the 8 foot grass strip along the street. At one point I was a good 45 yards away from the area where “John” said he threw his ring and while I was swinging my detector along the curb and over onto the grass, I glanced out onto the street and low and behold there was the young man’s ring…just laying in the street. I could not believe my eyes and was so, so thankful to see it just sitting there untouched and not a scratch on it. I made a quick little video with my phone and sent it to the owner and he was thrilled that I actually found it! And a couple of days later it was mailed off to “John” and so the story continues!

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Lost Gold and Diamond Engagement Ring in Olney, Maryland…Found by Ring Finder

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Lauren’s Beautiful Diamond Engagement Ring Recovered by Member of THE RING FINDERS, Brian Rudolph!

Lauren Happily Holding Two Prized Possessions – Her Beautiful Sentimental Keepsake and Her Treasured Mother Who Sheds Tears of Joy Just Minutes After Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph of Maryland Recovers Her Daughter’s Lost Ring!

Brian Rudolph, Lost Item Recovery Specialist (Land, Water, Sand, Snow, Leaves, Houses & Vehicles) Will Find Your Lost Keepsake! Call ASAP (301) 466-8644!

I received a call from a young lady named Lauren who was deeply distressed about losing her 14 karat white gold and diamond engagement ring. There was a 1 carat diamond in the center encircled by diamonds around it and additional rows of diamonds that were set down each side of the band. Lauren was in the kitchen preparing a marinated chicken dish for the evening supper when she decided to take off all three of her rings and place them in her pajama pants pocket for safe keeping. Included in the bunch of jewelry was: the engagement ring, wedding band and a miscellaneous special ring that Lauren liked to wear.

After the meal was prepared for cooking, the young lady went out the front door of her Olney, Maryland home to take her dog out for a quick walk around the front lawn. About fifteen minutes later, Lauren returned inside the house and at some point she remembered that she had not retrieved her rings to place them back on her fingers. When she pulled out the group of gold bands, only two out of three rings were present! The engagement ring was missing! Lauren panicked and immediately began searching for the lost treasure. She headed back outside and looked everywhere for the precious keepsake. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn up in any of the places where she retraced her steps.

When Lauren initially couldn’t find her beloved diamond engagement ring, she still wouldn’t stop her efforts to try to recover the sentimental piece. First, she ordered a metal detector that would arrive the next day. Then, Lauren went out with a flashlight in the middle of the night and scanned the yard and front patio for the little one, hoping to see a sparkle somewhere out there on the ground. When that didn’t work, the desperate wife returned into the house and checked the trash to see if somehow the ring ended up in the garbage can with all of the other throwaways. Still, one of Lauren’s most treasured possessions was still not found.

The next day, the metal detector arrived and Lauren and her husband Jordon immediately got to work in assembling the machine and began detecting the lawn as best as they could. Lauren mentioned to me later on that they had no idea how to calibrate the detector in order to pick up the particular type of metal that they were looking for. The reason why they weren’t sure if they were using the detector correctly was because they tested another ring of Lauren’s and it did not register on the metal detector’s screen. It was then that they realized that they needed to contact a professional who was familiar with this type of search and who would be an expert in using metal detecting equipment.

The couple looked online and found the elite international metal detectorist directory called THE RING FINDERS. Lauren and Jordan were pleasantly surprised to find out that I, Brian Rudolph, provided metal detecting services in Olney, Maryland! Moments later I received the call requesting my assistance!

Between the time that Lauren started searching for her beloved engagement ring until I received a call from her asking me for help, she and her husband Jordon had searched for the piece of jewelry for over 4 hours! They were completely done with trying to find the ring on their own. Also, physically and emotionally, this was a very difficult time for the two of them. Lauren shared with me that Jordan was suffering from a major car accident that took place just days before the ring went missing. He was driving down a street and as he was crossing a four-way intersection, someone went through a red light and smashed their vehicle directly into Jordan’s car. His pelvis was fractured in multiple places causing unbearable suffering and despair. Their vehicle was destroyed and the paperwork was completely out of control in dealing with the insurance companies and attorneys that had to get involved in the process. Losing this irreplaceable diamond ring was just another brick in the wall of disappointment and sadness for the tested couple.

Once I heard all of the facts regarding the disappearance of the engagement ring and all of the hardship and adversities that this couple had been going through in the past week, I was determined to recover Lauren‘s lost ring in order to bring at least a little bit of relief back to their household. The young lady was extremely appreciative of my passion to help as well being able to come over the very next day.

On the day of the search, I arrived sometime in the late afternoon hours. I couldn’t wait to help this family recover Lauren’s lost ring. Once I greeted the young lady in despair, she showed me where she walked the dog towards the front of the home. Then, Lauren took me around the porch and over to the right side of the driveway (facing towards the street). I followed her over to the mailbox where she said she had retrieved some mail prior to returning back inside the house with her dog. I was hoping that the ring did not end up in the street when she had opened up the mailbox. However, I felt much better when I asked her if she reached into her pocket to pull out her cell phone near the mailbox and she believed that she did not reach for the device at that time.

Once we covered all of the territory where Lauren had moved around outside, I returned to the car to retrieve my metal detecting gear to begin the search. I first started scanning the lawn just in front of the house porch. This was the area where the dog roamed around and Lauren thought that maybe she had taken her phone out of her pocket at that moment which perhaps caused the engagement ring to pop out of her pajamas. This was not the only place that she could have taken out her phone, but it was the first place that she stood when she came out of the front door with the dog.

I knew exactly what numbers I was looking for on my detecting machine. I am very familiar with finding lost 14 karat white gold engagement rings. Her ring size was a tiny size 4, so therefore there was not a lot of metal to hunt for. Yet, I knew I could find it if it was still out there on the property.

When I concluded that the ring was not on the front lawn nearest to the porch, I moved my way along the concrete slab of the porch and checked under the bushes to see if maybe the ring had bounced over to the side where it could no longer be easily seen. I also looked around the section of the porch where Lauren had been working on a lovely furniture restoration project. However, there was still no sign of the precious “symbol of love”.

My last and final section of search area was located to the right of the driveway (if you are facing away from the house) where Lauren had walked as she headed to the mailbox with the dog. I was getting concerned that the ring had been lost in the house (knowing that I had such a little strip of grass remaining to check out). I asked myself ‘What would be the odds that I would find the ring right here in this little area where the grass was such a narrow strip and that the grass was not even very high enough to help conceal Lauren’s beautiful piece of jewelry from the human eye?’ Though I was wondering all of these things, I have learned as a ring finder that it’s very common to find the lost treasure even at the “11:59 position on the clock”!

I began to metal detect the last section of grass that was adjacent to the concrete driveway. Just as I got about half way down the narrow strip, I hit a really good signal. Immediately, I knelt down on the ground to investigate the potential target. Next, I took out my handheld detector from a side holster and checked out the spot where I was getting that particular signal on my machine. Just as the pinpointer device started beeping, my eyes zeroed in on a shiny object resting below the grass line, and there it was – Lauren’s beautiful diamond covered engagement ring! I found it! It was hiding right there in that little section of grass, perhaps less than six inches from the driveway! All at one time I felt such great elation and relief for Lauren and Jordon! At least one nightmare was finally over!

Once I secured the diamond ring by placing it deep inside one of my pockets, I requested for Lauren to come outside so I could do the ring reveal. Luckily, she brought her mother with her (she had recently flown into town to help take care of the couple’s child and assist in caring for Jordon while he was recovering from his injuries) so therefore I got to see both of their reactions when I surprised Lauren with the ring! The two of them burst into tears at the sight of that gorgeous 14 karat white gold band full of diamonds! It was a beautiful sight that I will never forget!

This search ended with many smiles and several hugs to go along with the celebratory words of thanks that I received! We also gave glory to the Lord who answered our prayer which we lifted up towards Heaven just prior to beginning the search. I could not have been more happy for Lauren and her family!  Even Jordan thanked me while he rested on his sofa in the living room just at the moment when I peeked in the front door to say goodbye to him! He really was encouraged by the outcome and it truly lifted his spirits while he was physically suffering.

As I drove away, I reflected on just how much I enjoy helping people like Lauren and Jordon find relief and restoration of happiness after experiencing adversities like the one Lauren and family had to so painfully endure! I so very much love what I do!


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Lost Platinum Wedding Band in Grass and Leaves…Found in Vienna, Virginia Due to Jon Cryer Twitter Posts

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Ash’s Special Platinum Wedding Band Recovered by Ring Finder, Brian Rudolph

Ash’s Brilliant Smile Expresses the Jubilant Feelings Experienced Within as the Client Once Again Holds His Most Precious Possession Following Rudolph’s Successful Search and Recovery Efforts!


While I was driving to a night search for a missing ring in Arlington, Virginia, I received an email from a gentleman named Ash who lost his platinum wedding band sometime earlier in the day. He was in the backyard of his uncle’s house playing with the kids when he realized that his beloved wedding ring was no longer on his finger. He searched for several hours including raking up all of the leaves that were on the ground with the hope that the handsome halo would magically appear. Unfortunately, all of Ash’s efforts led to no avail and in the end he was quite perplexed and frustrated with not finding the irreplaceable ring.

Just as Ash was about to surf online for a local metal detecting service to help him with the search, he remembered reading a recent Twitter feed by famous actor Jon Cryer of the television show called Two and a Half Men. While Mr. Cryer was filming Supergirl up in Vancouver, Canada, he lost his own wedding band while taking a stroll on his day off. He contacted THE RING FINDER’S founder and CEO, Chris Turner, who lives close to where the ring was lost, and he miraculously found the actor’s wedding band in the most unlikely place. Mr. Cryer immediately tweeted the story of how Mr. Turner had found his ring! Following his incredible account of how his wedding band was returned to his finger, thousands around the world began reading about the elite international metal detectorist directory and Chris Turner’s amazing recovery of Cryer’s lost ring. Like a stone that is thrown into a pool of water, the ripple effect took place where hundreds of Cryer followers on Twitter began reaching out to ring finders throughout the world! As mentioned above, upon reading Cryer’s tweet, Ash did the very same thing by reaching out to me for help.

As soon as Ash looked me up on THE RING FINDER’S website, he sent me an email which I quickly responded to soon after I saw the notification come through to my phone. This led to a phone conversation about the lost ring and we immediately set up an appointment for me to come out to his uncle’s place around 7:30 AM the next morning.

At 6:45 AM the next day, I was in the car driving to Ash’s uncle’s house located in Vienna, Virginia. As soon as I arrived, Ash greeted me and we both took a walk to the backyard where he was pretty convinced his ring had slipped off of his finger. I could see the pile of leaves that Ash had raked up when he was searching for the missing band the previous day. He then showed me all of the places in the yard that he had been walking around and I took note of all of the possibilities of where the ring could have fallen in the grass. It was a fairly large backyard, but in my mind I compartmentalized the different sections that I needed to search and I prioritized the order of what areas would receive the most attention upon starting the search. After I finished all of my questions, I returned back to my vehicle where I got out all my necessary equipment and returned once again to the backyard to begin the search and recovery effort.

The first section that I began to metal detect was located around a trampoline that was set up towards the left side of the yard. There were metal legs that I needed to search around and I was very careful to make sure that I did not miss any real estate that was situated near the metal poles. Once I cleared the parameter of where the trampoline was located, I moved closer and closer to the center of the yard where I created grid lanes for me to follow across the property for approximately 10 minutes or so. Unfortunately, I did not hit any potential target signals during that time of detecting and so I moved my search to the next area which was to swing my machine around and on top of the leaf pile that Ash had gathered up the day before.

Even though my client didn’t find his priceless keepsake upon exerting much effort with raking up all of the leaves and debris that may have covered up the ring, I have enough experience to never discount the possibility that a fairly large men’s ring could still have escaped the eyes of its owner. Therefore, I made sure to swing my metal detector over the entire area that Ash had primarily focused on. Because my client concluded that the ring was not in the parameter of where he gathered up all of the leaves with his rake, he was thinking that perhaps the band slipped off his finger and traveled on a 45° angle behind him. I was quite impressed with his theory that he may have lost his favorite jewel on the back swing motion because most of my clients would never consider that that could even be a possibility. I planned on investigating the area behind the gathered up leaf and debris pile if I failed to recover the ring underneath or around that consolidated mountain of autumn’s remaining leftovers.

As it turned out, just a minute or two after I swung my coil over the leaf and debris pile, I hit a beautiful target signal coming from one of the clusters of gathered-up leaves. The tone that I was getting from the mystery object sounded perfect to my ears! There was a certain bounce to the target signal that pretty much convinced me that I had found Ash’s lost platinum wedding band! During this search segment, my client was in his uncle’s house visiting his family. This gave me the perfect opportunity to quickly get down on my knees and inspect the target signal without Ash seeing me search the curious piece of metal (I wanted to surprise him if I indeed found what I was looking for). I immediately took out my handheld detector called a pinpointer which helped me to close-in on the exact spot of where the target was hiding. As I cleared the leaves and grass out of the way, there it was – Ash’s extremely handsome and sentimental piece of platinum! It had been buried under the leaves the whole time, just waiting for me to find it and return the sentimental jewel back to its rightful owner! I could not have been happier for my client, and I was even more delighted to surprise Ash with my encouraging find! The gentleman could not have been more grateful for my successful search efforts! The moment I revealed the prize find, we both celebrated together in Ash’s uncle’s backyard, right at the very place where he had spent all of those hours searching for one of his most priceless life possessions!

I love helping people recover their lost symbols of love and there’s not a search that I don’t enjoy the process of doing everything possible to return what is impossible for someone else to find! Ash’s platinum wedding band is certainly no exception to that passionate mandate that I live out day after day…search after search…recovery after recovery!


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Lost Platinum Wedding Band at Lake Ocoee…Found

  • from Chattanooga (Tennessee, United States)

I was contacted by Phillip on November 29 about his ring that he lost at a park on Lake Ocoee in Eastern Tennessee.  He had lost his platinum wedding band on the Saturday before while at a roadside park. He was brushing the leaves off a tablecloth when his ring came off. He felt it come off, but wasn’t sure which direction it went.  They had been married for only about two years, so they were both just a little upset.  He and his wife searched the area until well after dark to no avail. He had even gone to a local sporting goods store and bought a low cost metal detector, and went back on Sunday morning.  He quickly found out there were a lot of targets in the ground there and was quite overwhelming! After that they did a Google search and popped up. He works for the local Volkswagen plant here and couldn’t get off until the coming weekend, so I met him there the next Saturday morning on December 4th.  The leaves are all pretty much gone from the trees now and on the ground, so I knew the ring wouldn’t have been visible to someone walking by. The picnic table was at the bottom of a steep hill and the hill by the table was covered with leaves that were nearly a foot deep.  I searched that area first and found the usual pull tabs and foil that are common at parks. There is a paved walk right next to the table, so I searched the ground next to the walk, across from the table.  Just as I was about halfway past the table I got an interesting signal.  It was obviously trash, but mixed in there was a good strong signal.  I slowed down my sweep and used the short wiggle motion to help identify the target I was hearing.  It was the low tone that I was expecting for platinum, and I was getting a consistent 12:09 on my CTX.  I brushed away the layer of leaves with my foot and immediately saw it.  Phillip was a little distance away with his metal detector and didn’t notice that I had found it. So I started taking pictures of it right where it lay. I picked it up and pretended to continue my search for a little while.  After about another ten minutes I quit searching and walked over to where he was and started asking more questions. He assumed that I hadn’t found it yet, so he was quite surprised when I held up my hand and showed him the ring!  The ring was less than a foot from the walk directly adjacent the table.  The actual search time was about twenty minutes.

Lost Jewelry in the Auburn, Alexander City and Montgomery Alabama areas

  • from Auburn (Alabama, United States)

I have just moved to Alexander City, Alabama. For the past several years I have been living in and servicing the San Antonio, Texas area. My metal detecting services are now available to all areas in and around Alexander City, Auburn, Montgomery and all places in between. Please reach out to me if you have lost any kind of jewelry, keys or other items made of metal. By using my metal detector I will do everything in my power to locate your lost item. You can find my info at The Ring or call me at 210-748-7271.

Lost Ring Found in Narragansett Rhode Island

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

I received a call from Dustin who was vacationing with his family in Narragansett.  While enjoying a day at the beach two days earlier, Dustin realized he had forgotten to take his wedding ring off, so he stashed it in their beach bag.  After returning from the beach, Dustin’s wife emptied the beach bag and shook out the sand in the backyard.  Later that day, Dustin asked his wife if she had his platinum wedding ring. This is when they realized that the ring was in the backyard or had fallen out at the beach. Dustin and his wife searched the grass but had no luck.  I searched the backyard and found the ring in about 10 minutes.  I held the ring up and asked them “how does it feel?”  They couldn’t believe the ring was found and how quickly. I’m so glad I was able to help this nice couple

Thrown wedding ring in grass, St. Augustine, Fl….Found with a metal detector!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Rings are lost in all manner of ways! Some fall off while doing yard work and others are lost while playing catch with the kids. Other rings end up in the grass while frolicking with the dog or during a volleyball game or in the case of our friend Andy…his ring was thrown! That’s right…many a ring gets launched into yards, lakes, woods, out car windows and many times they are thrown around ones own home. Most often I am able to get a good idea as to the general area and a thorough search usually produces the lost ring. There are times however that I have a person do a test throw to get a better, more accurate idea as to where the item landed. I use copper plumbing rings with a small piece of bright surveyors ribbon tied to it and it is quite easy to see where it lands. This technique has worked very well on more than one occasion!

Andy was a bit embarrassed and I tried to put his mind at ease by reassuring him that this sort of thing happens often and the most important thing now was to find his lost ring. Having been married for only a few months he was anxious for me to do my thing! I put out some small flags to mark off the area and began to do a tight grid search. It only took a few minutes to get that shallow crisp signal I was looking for. Even after pinpointing the exact area where his ring was hiding I had to really look to see it. Andy was thrilled to see his ring again and I was honored to be involved in getting it back to him.

Maybe someone you know has thrown a ring recently and needs help.

Call or text me ASAP and let’s talk.

Mike McInroe…ready and willing to look for your lost item!