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Lost ring Sanford, Florida…..Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
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Shaunan called me on Friday and asked if I could possibly help her find a very special lost ring. She explained that Saturday night she was playing with her dog in the back yard and when she came back into the house, her ring was not on her finger. She said she was almost 100 percent positive that is where her ring came off. The lost ring was a gift from her parents when she started college and that was over 4 years ago!
When she realized her ring was not on her finger, she immediately went outside with a flashlight and began looking thru the thick grass. And after a couple of hours she gave up. The next day she looked again but still could not find her precious lost ring. Her father decided to help out and looked on the internet for someone to help and typed in “Metal Detecting Service in Sanford” and up came web page and one of my recent stories.
Later that afternoon Shaunan showed me the area where she was playing with her dog and I set up four small flags and started grid searching. I was told the ring was silver so figured it would surely give me a good high tone and read in the silver range on my Whites DFX display. There were very few targets—some rather deep and one or two larger targets. After my first grid search of the 30 square foot area I decided to look the outer area over. Still no ring! I switched to my “Prospecting Mode” and researched the same area in a perpendicular direction. Soon I got a nice signal, really close to one of the deep large targets, and this one read like a pull tab/gold signal. Thinking it was probably a pull tab, I stuck my Garrett pro pointer down into the thick grass and there was Shaunan’s lost ring! You should have seen and heard Shaunan hooting and hollering for joy! It was a delight to behold the thrill and happiness in her voice and actions! Thanks for allowing me the pleasure of helping you get your special ring back….and thanks too for the generous reward.
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Lost wedding ring, Disney Caribbean Resort, Orlando, Fl…..Found!

from Sanford (Florida, United States)
Contact: 1-321-363-6029

Last Friday I received an e-mail from Iain asking if I could help him look for his lost ring. Apparently Iain was playing goalie for his young son who was kicking his soccer ball in an area with very soft sand that the Disney Caribbean Resort provides near all of their pool locations. Iain found himself diving to the left and to the right, blocking the ball with his hands. And having put on sun screen beforehand, added to the soft sand and sweat…well, that usually adds up to “Lost Ring!”
It wasn’t until later that Iain noticed his ring was missing and that led him to search online for “metal detector rental”. And thankfully up popped and one of my stories. So Iain decided to send me a message. (Sometimes you can wait a day or two before doing a search but at other times it is best to look as soon as possible. Especially in a public area where there are allot of people coming and going!)
There were plenty of coins, pull tabs and a few bottle caps in the 40 X 40 foot soft sandy area. But with a man’s platinum ring one has to dig every signal that even sounds good. It took about 2 hours to finally pinpoint Iain’s lost ring hidden among a small coin spill.
For 12 years Iain had not taken his ring off and it was so worth the 2 hours to see the big smile on his face!! Even his dear family came out to tell me thank you! And thank you so much Iain for the generous reward and again it was a real honor and privilege to meet you and your dear family!
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