Lost wedding ring found under dock, Cocoa Beach, Florida...and returned to grateful owner!

  • from Sanford (Florida, United States)

Doug and his wife had just returned from a beautiful day out on the water fishing and as they unloaded some personal items onto the dock a very special ring dropped from the small table and bounced and managed to fall directly through one of the cracks and into the water below. This was a super sentimental ring and meant the world to Doug’s dear wife. Doug got right at trying to find someone who could retrieve the ring and looked up “Ring Finder” on his phone. Theringfinders.com service came up and he noticed a number of members of this service were in the area but none of them were equipped to do an underwater search of this kind. Doug eventually found my number and gave me a call.

It was the middle of December and I attempted a recovery dive but the water was just way too cold and we decided to try again later on the following summer. So in May when the weather and water temperatures were much more bearable I showed up to give it another try. The oyster shells were strewn across the bottom and this made digging difficult and the visibility was only a foot or two…until I would start digging and then visibility went to 10 inches. Other members of theringfinders.com have shared a wonderful idea that helps with grid searching in these types of conditions and that is a sinking pvc square that will sit on the bottom which allows me to methodically search an area even though I cannot actually see where I am going or where I have been but by following the grid with one hand and scanning the bottom with my small handheld metal detector with the other hand…I can cover an area very thoroughly and when finished I am able to move the pvc grid to another area and thoroughly search that area as well until I find what I am looking for. (Doug had also informed me that a few years back the dock was completely destroyed in a hurricane…so there was an awful lot of other signals to sift through before God allowed me to find Doug’s wife’s lost ring!)

What an honor it was to help find and return this precious lost ring to its rightful owner!!

How can I help you? Call or text me ASAP at 321-363-6029!

Mike McInroe…counting my blessings as a member of theringfinders.com

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