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Found Grandfathers Ring in Livermore Colorado

  • from Fort Collins (Colorado, United States)

I received a call from Lisa in Livermore,CO saying that she had lost her grandfathers gold class ring and another silver ring in a horse pasture on her ranch. The ranch is up Highway 287 at the northern border just below the Wyoming State line. We arranged to meet the next day. When I arrived we talked and she told me how she and her grandfather were very close and how much the ring meant to her. We loaded up my gear in her truck and drove out to the pasture area. After parking we went through a gate and then walked about 500 yards out into the pasture, over small hills and around tall bushes. Lisa said she was working there, got hot and took off her coat and thinking she’d better not wear her rings, set them on the coat. Lisa stated that when she was finished working she just picked up her coat and started walking back to the truck. That’s when she realized her mistake.

I turned on my detector and Lisa pointed to the spot that she thought she had set her coat down with the rings on it.  The grass was long but laying down flat and thick. After about 10 minutes and two trash targets I hit a good solid repeatable signal. I gave Lisa the pin pointer and almost immediately she let out a scream. laid down flat on the ground face down and began to cry. We had found the gold class ring. After about a minute she stood up and hugged and thanked me. That was only one of two rings so I began searching again and hit another signal about 18 inches away from the first. That was the silver ring. Lisa said she had spent hours out there in the grass on her knees searching for those rings.

We made our way back to the ranch house and had some very welcome cold water. We sat and talked for about an hour before I headed home knowing we both had a great day.

Gold wedding band recovered by Surf City Ring Finder at Bolsa Chica Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)


Nick was enjoying a day at the beach and when he decided to go in the water he placed his ring in his hat. Sometime later his hat was picked up and the ring went flying into the sand.

Another beach goer helped him search online and found my website. He called me during my lunch break at work so I hurried down to the beach and found his ring in a few minutes. Nick didn’t want his picture taken which was not a problem.

-Surf City Ring Finder

Lost Cell Phone Found Wildwood Crest NJ By John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)


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Amy lost lost her cell phone the other night while walking her dog on the beach. She and her husband went back to the beach later that evening and again the following morning to look for it with no luck.

That is when they reached out to fellow Ringfinder Dave Milstead who referred them to me. After speaking with Amy about the details of how the cell phone was lost, I began a thorough search of

the area. Approximately 45 minutes later, the cell phone was found about 8 inches deep in the sand. Amy was happy to have it returned because she needed it for a meeting later in the afternoon!



Lost Engagement Ring Found Newark Delaware

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)


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Testimonial from Angie on my facebook page!

“I had such an amazing experience today when John and his friend Rich came to look for my ring! I had lost all hope I’ve had someone else come to search for it before and I had such low expectations. I was just going to try it as a last resort but gosh am I glad I did! They started searching and I was watching for a bit just to see if they would get anything quickly. I then went to the grocery store with the kiddos because I needed to grab a few things. Rich texted me to see if I was coming back soon and told him I was checking out at the register. Came home and John told me that rich wanted to ask me a question. I said of course with baby in hand walking down the yard I saw John turn his GoPro on and at first I was kind confused then I come down and Rich walks up and asks to see my picture of my ring again. Then as soon as I show him he goes looks a lot like this one doesn’t it? And I full blown cried. I am so thankfully for them today. They did an absolutely amazing job and I am so beyond thankful. I cannot express it enough!! These guys will find it if you can’t! I promise you! Thank you again so much.”



  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I saw a fellow motorcycle rider from my SCRC chapter 363 “PEELERS” group he posted on Facebook that he lost his wallet while shovelling snow from the last winter storm on February 28th, 2019.

i posted the he knew a profession metal detectorist…. lol

i asked if he had any change or metal in the wallet so the detector could pick up a signal and he did indeed have change from Tim “Timmies” Horton coffee run!!

I popped over Friday morning during my 10 minute coffee break and found his wallet quickly on the other side of the snowbank on the front lawn area!!

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Yellow Gold Wedding Ring Lost Inglewood Neighbourhood, Edmonton Alberta (Found)

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


I received a call from Lloyd this morning requesting my service to locate his late father’s wedding band which he was wearing while playing ball with his dog in the park. I agreed to meet him at 2 pm.
When I meet Lloyd I asked him a lot of questions regarding the loss of his ring. He told me he had lost the ring 2 weeks ago while throwing a ball for his dog and that he had rented a metal detector with no luck. He even came back a couple of times with a rake and combed the area again. Finally he checked on the internet and found my advertisement. I gave Lloyd my test ring and I told him to throw the ring in the direction he thought the ring had gone. I told him his ring would be found within 10 feet of where the test ring landed and that is exactly where I found his ring. Lloyd was very grateful to have his father’s ring back on his finger. Again thank you Lloyd for allowing me to locate your lost ring.


I can find your lost ring! Lost Ring Found Ocean City NJ Thanks!

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

Received this testimony/praise on my facebook page:: THE RING FINDERS SOUTH JERSEY ::

Abe wrote “I called John ( From Ring Finders) at 4 pm on a Saturday August 18th and he was at Ocean City NJ 16th Street beach at 6 pm. I had lost my wedding ring in the sand while consulting with the ice cream man for a bottle of water. John found the ring within an hour! He gave me a time to meet and was absolutely punctual about the time, even called me to say he was parking. John treated the situation as if it were his own family member who had lost the ring and assured me if the ring was in the sand he would find it. What a relief! Do not hesitate to call him, he is surely the best at what he does!”

If you lost something I recommend that you call right away!

The better the chances of finding the lost item!



Hurricane Harvey, Crime Scene Investigations, Metal Detecting and a Lost Ring Recovery in Pasadena, Texas 09/03/2017 by John Volek

  • from Sugar Land (Texas, United States)

Hurricane Harvey, Crime Scene Investigations, Metal Detecting and a Lost Ring Recovery in Pasadena, Texas 09/03/2017

Check out the video to see the devastation near our home, preparation for teaching a forensic metal detecting course along with the recovery of Jordan’s lost wedding ring.

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The Ring Finders Metal Detecting Service in Houston can locate you lost engagement ring, wedding ring, favorite piece of jewelry, family heirloom, or other important personal item.

We can search virtually any location, some of the most common are parks, beaches, creeks, and even your own back yard.

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Ring Found on Recreation Field near Burlington Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

I was contacted by a woman who lost her ring a few days ago. It was a very special ring to her, her parents had given her the ring over 20 years ago, it had her birthstone in it. She wears it every day, only taking it off to play soccer. Unfortunately, she was taking it off on her way across a soccer field, and dropped it in the grass. Her game was about to start, so she memorized the location and decided to look for it after the game was over. Having no luck, and about to go out of state, she decided to call me for help. She had heard of my service (The Ring Finders) from some friends that I had found car keys for. She was going to wait until she got home from her trip so she could help me search, but I suggested that I search right away so that the chances of us finding it, before someone else did, would be better. So, I went up the very next evening. She emailed a very detailed drawing of where she had lost the ring. It’s a good thing because there are over 6 soccer fields in that recreation area! Within about an hour I found it, and messaged a picture to her. She was so relieved, and could enjoy her trip. When she returned, I gave it back and she put it back on immediately, saying it felt so good to be back where it belonged.

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