Mike Baker

Cost For My Service

I work on a voluntary reward basis if the lost item is recovered (reward amount based on what you think is fair and can afford). If the search is unsuccessful, I would only ask a small fee to help cover travel costs to distant locations. A generous portion of any reward money will be donated each year to my local humane society or to The Salvation Army.

Search Types

Land, shallow water and snow. Using modern metal detecting equipment, I search for jewelry at beaches, parks, lakes, ski areas & private yards. If lost in a public area, call ASAP! Can also search for long-lost jewelry if approximate location is known.

Please visit my blog for pictures and stories from some of my searches.

Search Locations

Washington, Chittenden, Lamoille, Orange, Addison, Grand Isle, Caledonia and parts of Rutland and Windsor counties. I prefer to stay within a 75 mile radius of Barre, Vermont, but certainly willing to discuss locations further away.

Mike Baker's Bio

I am a FT carpenter, been an outdoorsman for nearly 50 years and have metal detected as a hobby for several years. I have found many valuable and sentimental items, getting great satisfaction when seeing the tears of joy when I return a lost sentimental item to its owner. I love hearing “oh my God, I can’t believe you found it!” When metal detecting, I am very persistent and methodical, sometimes even setting up a grid system.

Mike Baker - Recent Blog Posts

  • Engagement Ring Lost In Vermont River (2017)

    This story has such a happy ending, I had to post it, even though I didn’t find her ring. About 3-1/2 weeks ago I got a call from a guy who’s wife had lost her engagement ring while rafting on a Northern Vermont river with friends. They hit a rough spot of water and she […]

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  • Lost Ring Recovered from Brush Pile (2017)

    A couple days ago I got an email from a woman who’s husband had lost his ring while tree pruning in their yard. it was a very long drive, but I had the whole day and the weather was great. When I got there they showed me where he had been trimming a tree and […]

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  • Property Markers Found In Vermont (2017)

    I’ve been pretty busy with other types of searches lately, not just jewelry. A few weeks ago an older gentleman called me after he learned I search for things with metal detectors. His daughter had just had a large cedar fence installed on her side and back lawn. She was second guessing herself about whether […]

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  • Ring Found on Recreation Field in Vermont (2017)

    I was contacted by a woman who lost her ring a few days ago. It was a very special ring to her, her parents had given her the ring over 20 years ago, it had her birthstone in it. She wears it every day, only taking it off to play soccer. Unfortunately, she was taking […]

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  • Found Keys In Burlington VT (2017)

    This is my Winter for finding keys for people! Got a call last night from a woman in Burlington who had lost keys to both their cars and the house. She was shoveling after a huge snowstorm and later realized her keys were missing. She searched all her pockets, the car, all through the house […]

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Mike Baker - Testimonials

  • Mike is so kind and so helpful…I was so happy I cried!!! (2016)


    I don’t quite know how to thank Mike. I lost a ring that had belonged to my mother that on Mother’s day, I passed along to my daughter. There was so much emotion tied up in the this ring with the connection to my lovely mom! I hunted for six hours on my own, digging through the gardens where I had been working, hunting through, bags of grass seed where I had been planting grass, and sifting through dirt I had dug. I rented a metal detector and came up blank. I called Mike and he kindly came as soon as he could. We spent an hour or two retracing steps and I was beginning to give up hope as I thought that I had looked pretty thoroughly….. Then we heard the beeps and Mike pulled this ring out of the dirt – in a place where I had looked three times! I was so happy I cried!!! It feels like a little part of my mom and I am so happy to be able to pass this on to my daughter. Mike is so kind and so helpful…! I am sure that he has many great stories to tell. Wonderful person!!!