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Ring Found on Recreation Field near Burlington Vermont

  • from Burlington (Vermont, United States)

I was contacted by a woman who lost her ring a few days ago. It was a very special ring to her, her parents had given her the ring over 20 years ago, it had her birthstone in it. She wears it every day, only taking it off to play soccer. Unfortunately, she was taking it off on her way across a soccer field, and dropped it in the grass. Her game was about to start, so she memorized the location and decided to look for it after the game was over. Having no luck, and about to go out of state, she decided to call me for help. She had heard of my service (The Ring Finders) from some friends that I had found car keys for. She was going to wait until she got home from her trip so she could help me search, but I suggested that I search right away so that the chances of us finding it, before someone else did, would be better. So, I went up the very next evening. She emailed a very detailed drawing of where she had lost the ring. It’s a good thing because there are over 6 soccer fields in that recreation area! Within about an hour I found it, and messaged a picture to her. She was so relieved, and could enjoy her trip. When she returned, I gave it back and she put it back on immediately, saying it felt so good to be back where it belonged.

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