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Lost Platinum and Diamond Wedding Ring in Sand .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Lisa and her friends had taken their you kids to Balboa Island for a few hours at the beach. There are several small beaches on the inter bay where the water is free of waves and it is not windy.

The children were getting tired after a few hours, so they prepared to return home. That’s when Lisa realized her platinum and diamond wedding ring was missing from her finger. It had to be in the dry sand because she had not been in the water. Everyone searched for the ring with no success. 

It was getting frustrating with the kids getting tired and hungry. Lisa called her husband, Ryan. He was at work where he couldn’t leave so he went online where he found my contact information. I was in my car with  my detectors when he called. It was a coincidence that I was less than a mile from where Lisa was waiting for help to find her precious wedding ring.

We met and it was a matter of a few minutes till my metal detector was able to locate her ring. I have a lot of respect for mothers of young children. It was a pleasure to help Lisa find her ring and get on her way to get the kids home for their lunch and afternoon nap.

Lisa was a little camera shy so I got to pose for photo with the ring for the book of smiles. 

Lost Heirloom Gold Ring at the Beach in Sand .. Recovered Next Day

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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I received a call from John Paul, asking how TheRingFinders service works. He was curious if I could help him find a ring that his friend , Jason had lost on the beach.  I explained to him hoe well metal detectors can find rings if he could get me to the general area. 

John Paul has recently move to California from back east. He and his friends had rented these electrics scooters that are very popular at SoCal beach cities. They are set up with an app on his cellphone that gave him the exact location of where the parked the scooters at midnight. When they walked out on the sand to take a quick swim in the ocean. Jason put his heirloom gold ring in his had on the upper beach and forgot to take it out when they finished.

The next morning Jason realized the special ring that had been passed down for more than three generations was somewhere on the beach. He was devastated and sure it was impossible to find. His friend John Paul went to the internet to inquire about metal detector information. That’s how he contacted me. I told him we could give it a try but it would be couple hours till I could meet him.

That was perfect with him and we met and he showed me the possible location. He was not sure and that was ok with me because I have learned that many people can’t remember where they were on these large sandy beaches. I eliminated aloud 400 square feet of dry sand finding a few coins before getting the magic gold tone I was listening for. One scoop was what it took to find Jason’s ring only 3 inches under the soft sand. John Paul was ecstatic breaking into big smile. Jason was not there, he had total given up staying back at the house. So, John Paul,immediately called Jason with the good news. It was John Paul’s persistence and caring for his friend that made this turn out to be a special event that makes me grateful to be a member of TheRingFinders.

Lost Diamond Wedding Ring at Huntington State Beach .. Found in Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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I was at Huntington Beach metal detecting when Patrick called. He had been given my number by a fellow member of TheRingFinders, Michael Trollmann.

Three days before Patrick had  a family get together at Huntington State Beach. They spent the first part of the day up near the water playing ball and enjoying the waves. Patrick’s sister in-law put her wedding ring in the cupholder of the beach chair, not realizing that the cupholder had a hole in the bottom.

Later that afternoon they moved about 75 yards to the beach fire pits. Just before leaving she remembered her ring. Checking the beach chair, the ring was gone. The next morning they all met on the beach with sifting equipment searching both locations with negative results. 

The third day Patrick posted a his story in The Huntington Beach Community Forum, a Facebook group. Michael contacted him telling him about TheRingFinders and gave him my phone number because he couldn’t leave work. 

It was a coincident that I was only two lifeguard towers away from the location of the loss. I started searching the general area until Patrick could meet me. After showing me the massive search area, I put together a search plan. First a quick search of the fire pit location, second return to the waterfront towel line and last to search the 75 yards plus they had walked when they moved.

I told Patrick, if he had other things to do, this may take a few hours. He lives a few blocks away. The fire pits yielded nothing so I went back to the beach front. Finishing up the grid search I had started earlier. BOOM!! White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring in the scoop.

I called Patrick and we met on the beach. He told me he had mostly given up hope that the ring could be found. All he had to do was send a photo to his brother to make sure it was the right ring. Everything checked out to be the correct ring. And there were several happy family members plus Patrick posted the successful recovery of the ring on the Huntington Beach Community Forum. Last I looked it had 2.2k Likes and 137 Comments. More people know about

If you lost anything in a public place , Please Call or Text   “As Soon As Possible” .. Emails sometimes cause a delay.




Lost Gold Wedding Ring in Sand at Malibu, CA. .. Found and Returned

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Shani had been at Surfrider Beach in Malibu, CA. with her friend, Julie. After coming out of the restroom, just before stepping onto the sand, Shani shook her hands. At that moment her gold wedding band slipped off her finger disappearing into the dry sand.

The lifeguards recommended that they google TheRingFinders website. That was how Julie contacted me. I asked if the loss was dry sand or in the water and if they could wait an hour and a half for me to get to their location. From what they told me, I assured them we had a good chance to find her ring. It was a weekend day and I was lucky to get a parking space close to where Shani and Julie were waiting.

Shani showed me where she was standing when the ring came off her finger. Starting to grid search from the edge of the sidewalk down a gradual slope, I was probably 20 feet away when I got a great signal that turned out to be Shani’s ring. It wasn’t a heavy ring but it surprised me how far it had gone with just a little shake of her hand. Nevertheless everyone was overjoyed that the ring was found and they could return home after a beautiful day on the beach.

If you have lost anything in a public place Please!! Call or Text “As soon as possible “ Email is too slow,


Lost Platinum Ring with Tourmaline Stone at El Matador State Beach, Malibu, CA .. Found in Sand

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Timothy had been at El Matador State Beach for an early morning walkout. He came to a place where the beach had eroded creating a five foot embankment. When he jumped to the lower level, he feel backward with his hands in the sand. Right away he noticed his unique Platinum/Palladium with a Tourmaline Stone was not on his finger. After spending time searching the small area he started to second guess himself. Possibly he had left his ring at home that morning?

Timothy called me explaining his story. He was on his way to check his house that was only a half hour away. We still had time to search the beach location but soon it would be high tide. My drive would take an hour and a half so I started the drive. Timothy had given me great directions as to where he had been at the beach. I believed I could find location without him meeting me there.

After arriving and not hearing anything from Timothy about his search at his home, I went down the many stairs to beach walking about a quarter mile till a found the embankment he described to me over the phone. Then I began searching with my metal detector. There was several places where the sand was knocked down which may bury a ring out of range of my detector. This time we were lucky and I got the signal I was looking for, a Big Bang. at the bottom of my sand scoop was Timothy’s awesome ring.

I sent him a text with a photo of his ring. We set up a meeting place which was on my way home and near where he lives. We had a nice visit and he kept looking at his ring that made me feel this was very special to him. It was pleasure to meet him and help him find his sentimental ring.

Lost Tiffany Ring in Yard .. Newport Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Janet called me the other evening just before dark. She ask my help to find her daughter’s silver Tiffany mesh ring. Lost in the front yard of their home. They live less than a mile from my location and there was enough light to begin the search, so I met them shortly after the call.

Hanna was there to show me where she had pinched her hand while shutting the front gate. She shook her hand and her ring went flying somewhere in the front yard grass, the landscape garden or the driveway. She thought she heard it land in the garden.

They had moved the cars in the driveway and visually searched the cement areas. I searched the lawn and the garden with my normal metal detector and the handheld pinpointer. Paying attention to the plants that the ring could have hung up. Double checking the brick type fence post there was about a one inch space underneath the first brick. That was where Hanna’s ring was hiding. 

Everybody was surprised the they had not spotted the ring while searching earlier in the day when it was light. We eliminated the other possible locations which caused us to double check previously searched areas.

Hanna’s smile shows how happy she was to have her ring back where it belongs.

Lost Electronic Car Key in Sand at Venice Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Joe and Natasha were sitting on the sand at Venice Beach, CA. His electronic car key slipped out of his pocket into the sand. After a couple hours sifting through the sand with their hands. Someone on the beach told him about TheRingFinders.

Joe called me telling me that he was sure the key was in the area that he was sitting. He would be able to stay there until I could meet him. Always a good to help for a successful search. So often people leave the area before realizing they have lost their key. Then they can’t find the general location where they had been.

I met Joe and Natasha less than an hour after his call to me. It only took a few swings with my metal detector to locate his car key. With this type car key it may require a tow to the dealership to have new electronic key programmed. Very expensive plus a lot of time waisted especially if it’s a weekend. It was nice to meet the both of them and help them find the car key.

Platinum Ring Lost Swatting at a Bee .. West Los Angeles, CA. .. Recovered

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Jannae’s husband was standing on the back porch of their home when a bee came at him. He swatted at the bee and his platinum wedding ring went flying somewhere in the yard or possibly below the wood decking. They had just celebrated 10 years of marriage a month before and this ring was a gift from Jannae to her husband.

I met Jannae the next morning to search for the ring. The gardeners were there but holding off cutting the lawn until I went over the grass with my metal detector. The ring was not in the lawn and there was no sign of the ring under the patio decking. The gardeners had a ladder that they used to check the rain gutter on the roof. I also checked all the potted plants with my handheld pinpointer. 

There was a wall with some shrubbery 8ft. high about close to the patio. We shook the plant several times trying to dislodge the ring if it had hung up in the upper portion of the plants. Not having any success by shaking the plants, I asked the gardener if he would use his leaf blower machine to blow into the plants. After about 15 minutes the ring came bouncing onto the ground below the plants. This was another lesson for me. It has happened at least three other times on other searches, where the ring was definitely hung up in a bush. Platinum is heavy and this ring was probably 20 grams. It was hard to believe that it didn’t fall through the plant. Also, just shaking the plant was not sufficient enough to dislodge the ring.

The process worked, we eliminated the lawn, under the porch area , the potted plants and even the rain gutter on the roof. The shrubbery was our last chance. 

Jannae was so happy that the ring was found and planned to surprise her husband after he gets home from work.

Ring Lost in Fire Pit at San Clemente Beach, CA. .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Josh called me the morning after he lost his rose gold wedding ring. He had been at North Beach in San Clemente, CA. enjoying a fire on the beach with his family. Before leaving the beach he was putting out the fire by throwing sand onto burning embers. He felt the ring slip off his finger going into the fire pit.

I was sure that this would be a situation where we would need to use my sifting equipment to retrieve the ring. Josh had given great directions that made it easy to find the exact fire pit. After an hour an a half of sifting the 4 ft. square area the ring could not be found.

Next option was to use my metal detector to check the area outside the cement fire pit. The first 18” nearest the fire pit was congested with nails, other metal trash and the rebar reinforced cement fire pit which made it difficult to use my metal detector there. I took my sifting equipment to go through that sand. After a few minutes I located Josh’s rose gold wedding band. 

Josh met me on the beach twenty minutes after calling him and it was a pleasure to return his ring. He tried to apologize for giving me the wrong directions but I assured him that it’s normal to find these small items outside the location where they are thought to be lost. The most important thing is the ring is back where it belongs.

Lost Gold Wedding Ring Possibly in Sand at Santa Monica Beach .. Found

from Newport Beach (California, United States)
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Dan and his wife Caroline had taken their two year old son, Preston to Santa Monica Beach late in the afternoon. When he returned home he discovered his gold wedding band was not on his finger. It had been a little loose lately so he believed that possibly his son may have pulled it off his finger. It had been 4 days sense the loss. Not knowing where to start searching, he went to a community forum on the internet with his frustration.

Someone on the forum recommended he go to Dan emailed me asking how the service works. I replied with a short explanation. I asked that he call so I can get a few clues. I also offered to begin the search without him, so he didn’t have to take time off work.
Monday morning, I talked to Dan on the phone and he said he could meet me at 3:30pm. He gave me good directions as to where he had been that Thursday afternoon, so I told him I would start grid searching a few hours early, just to eliminate some of a fairly large area.
After the first hour and a half I found a gold wedding band with an inscription inside. Directly in the path he walked to the beach front. After sending a photo and the inscription inside the ring by text and email, I didn’t get a reply.

I discontinued my grid search and started detecting away from the main location. Dan arrived at 3:30pm and we found out that the ring I found was not his. No problem because this has happened to me before. All I had to do was verify where he had been Thursday. Then resume my original grid search. Dan was disappointed and had told me that he had given up hope because there were so many unknowns. Also I don’t think he believed that a metal detector could find such a small item in a sea of dry sand, if it was there.

I tried to tell him that I could at least finish searching as it would only take me a couple more hours. I would call him when I finished. He was on his way back to his car when the magic happened. I found his wedding band. When I showed him where I found it, he remembered brushing the sand off Preston with his hand before leaving the beach.

Nevertheless we joked about me making Dan a believer that metal detectors can find rings in the sand. He was definitely a happy person after thinking that after 3 years of wearing the ring, it was lost forever.