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Platinum Wedding Rings found in the Curbside Garbage Bin after Searching Home in Brampton, Ontario

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Raj and her Husband were preparing for a trip out west to Vancouver and thought she had put her wedding rings on top of the dresser!

Both her and her husband had tried looking for them, and during their time away, she followed up with him as he thought she had!

When they arrived back home, they continued to search the home with no luck!

They called upon me on Canada Day to come down to search the home! I started off in the first area of the process: the master bedroom! I searched through every nook and cranny in the drawers, the bed/bedding, the flooring, the floor vents, the closets, the storage bins, the bathroom sink and toilet!

I continued on in the other bedrooms and bathroom with no luck. I proceeded to the main floor and continued my search process.

After an hour, I proceeded outside to the Region of Peel curb-side garbage bins where there were a total of six bags of garbage to search!

It never fails, but I came upon searching the very last garbage bag and lo and behold, I recovered Raj’s platinum engagement ring and wedding!!!

Both Raj and her Husband were absolutely thrilled, but what a small world it is as her Husband is a work colleague of mine!

Region of Peel Garbage ZERO – Ring owners ONE!

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14k white gold diamond engagement ring lost in snow Brampton, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Dhillion and his lovely bride-to-be where pulled over on the side of the roadway. Unfortunately, there was a disagreement which happens in life. The engagement ring was thrown and lost in the area of a construction site under recent snow.

Dhillion searched for 2 hours very early this morning with no luck. He then came across the link to “The Ring Finders” global directory page and called me.

I dropped everything and met him within an hour!

Within 3 minutes my detector had a beautiful tone. I moved the snow away and saw the diamond filled rim of the ring… and here’s the surprise!

Dhillion and his Fiancé were so very happy to receive this beautiful symbol of love back in their hands!

This is one beautiful elegant engagement ring!!


I am grateful not only for the extra tip I was given but from the incredible donation coming into the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation! Dillion will receive a tax receipt for his very generous donation!



  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Last Saturday a young man named Shamir was out with his Friends Saturday evening in a Brampton Park calked “Black Forest South Park”.

Shamir was gifted his late Grandmother’s 24k Indian gold & diamond wedding band 10 years ago. He had the ring hanging from a thin 24k good chain.

While out with his Friends they were horsing around. He soon noticed his gold chain & ring were no longer around his neck and panic set in!

Shamir and his Friends started to hunt around for both of these precious items and spent 3-4 hours that night as well as a number of hours the next day. Shamir found the broken gold chain but did not find the precious heirloom ring.

Shanir did a google search and a number of pages came up… Kijiji, Marketplace, CarryAll Canada detector sales in Toronto. He called CarryAll and spoke to Shawn Hamilton who recommended me from “The Ring Finders” directory. Shamir called late Sunday for help.

I was able to meet up with Shamir today at lunch During my workday! We pulled more than the normal beer caps, pull tabs, along with a tonnie, a dime, an American penny, 2 keys, tons and tons of can slaw and an old broken watch… I noticed the Parks staff must have had the lawn cutting machines out so hope was fading!

My lunch hour was up and I decided to circle backto my work truck widening the grid pattern! I said one more target and BINGO there was a VDI “4” on my Equinox800 but a solid signal. I always dig the solid signals not paying attention to the numbers as Shamir wasn’t sure The karat of the ring…. so now to surprise him with a so called sad faced (lol) “wrap up” video!

Check out the video here;

Shamir was elated and was a bit in shock!! So happy to help him and his Mother to find this very sentimental heirloom wedding band!! 🌸💖🌸



  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

I saw a fellow motorcycle rider from my SCRC chapter 363 “PEELERS” group he posted on Facebook that he lost his wallet while shovelling snow from the last winter storm on February 28th, 2019.

i posted the he knew a profession metal detectorist…. lol

i asked if he had any change or metal in the wallet so the detector could pick up a signal and he did indeed have change from Tim “Timmies” Horton coffee run!!

I popped over Friday morning during my 10 minute coffee break and found his wallet quickly on the other side of the snowbank on the front lawn area!!

Check out the YouTube video

I waived my fee but requested only a donation to the Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Fondation would be greatly appreciated! “PAY-IT-FORWARD”!!