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Platinum ring recovered at Bolsa Chica Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Jon and Priscilla were were enjoying their day at the beach until he lost his Platinum wedding band.

I was test driving a car with my Son when Jon called me and explained that he was brushing the sand off his hands after putting sunscreen on and that’s when his ring flew into the sand.

By the time I arrived Jon told me they had been searching  the sand for over an hour looking for the ring. I took me about 5-10 minutes of searching to find his ring. It was a little bit farther away from where he lost it then he thought.

Another successful ring recovery in the books.

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Ring lost while picking Oranges

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

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Kamal was standing on a block wall picking Oranges high up on his tree when he noticed his wedding ring was gone. He had put his ring on his pinky finger because it was to tight on his ring finger.

He had assumed his ring fell in the neighbors garden which was covered in decorative bark but could not find it. Kamal went and bought a metal detector to search the garden and still had no luck.

Kamal reached out to me and I was happy to assist him in finding his ring. I brought a detector with a small coil so I could search the garden in tight places. When I couldn’t locate the ring I moved my search to the bushes and eventually the orange tree.

I was holding my detector high over my head scanning the orange tree when I got a nice signal. Kamal got a ladder and sure enough his ring got stuck on a twig on one of the branches.


Car keys vanish into thin air

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Mike found me on Yelp and needed help searching for his keys and key fob. I drove to his place in Irvine and he explained to me that the night before his wife Pamela threw the keys to him.

I started to search the thick bushes that were between where Pamela threw the keys and where Mike was supposed to catch them. I didn’t have any luck so I checked the trajectory of the throw and realized I should look up into the tree.

As soon as I mentioned the tree we all looked up and Mike spotted the keys right away.


Wedding ring lost while body surfing in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

I made contact with Amy after I heard that her husband John had lost his ring while body surfing. I met them at the beach around 8pm so John could show me the location. Unfortunately the tide was at it’s high for the day and I could not find it. I told them I would search again when the tide is lower. The next day during the afternoon low tide I was able to locate the ring with my brand new metal detector in about 15 minutes. It was exactly in the area where John said he lost it.

I called Amy with the good news and she came to the beach to pick up the ring. Amy said she was going to wait until John got home to surprise him with the ring.

If you ever need help finding your ring, please don’t post the location of the loss.

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Gold Wedding Ring found at Bolsa Chica State Beach

I received a call around 7:15 tonight from Daniele that he lost his ring at the beach. It would be dark in about an hour so I hurried to meet him there. He had a good idea of where he had lost it. He had taken his ring off his ring finger and placed it on his pinky finger while at his car. He was carrying a bag as he walked to the sand when the ring slipped off. Daniele was searching for the ring when someone at the next fire pit over recommended he call The Ring Finders. After a 45 minute grid search I was able to find his ring. During the search I also found a 14k gold earring.

Wedding Ring Found in Huntington Beach

  • from Sunset Beach (California, United States)

On August 9, 2016 Amy had posted that she had lost her wedding ring three days prior on a Facebook Community Forum I belong too. I immediately reached out to her and told her I could help her find the ring. She told me the diamonds were her Husbands Grandmothers and they had them set into a new custom made ring. We arranged to meet at the beach where she removed the ring to apply sunscreen. Luckily she had a good recollection of the area they were sitting. After about 30 minutes of grid searching I found her sentimental ring. Amy was so thankful, she contacted me the next weekend and invited me out for dinner with her family.