Lost Diamond Stud Earring Recovered! Found in Phoenix, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

Sometimes I go months before I receive a call or email regarding a lost item. Not lately! My 3rd call out AND recovery in less than 2 weeks! I received a text from Alexander regarding a lost Diamond stud earring several days ago. He said his wife was out in the yard with their 1-year-old when she felt the earring come out while holding the infant. Unfortunately, the next several days were very rainy, but luckily the earring was not going anywhere being in their back yard. I was eventually able to make it out and met Lauren, Alexander’s wife, who quickly gave me the low down on exactly how it became dislodged and where she thought it might be. I asked her to please let me scan the mate to her lost item and she quickly presented the other earring. Stud earrings are VERY hard to find as there is very little gold(metal) for a detector to get a clean signal on. Luckily, I have found one in the past. With that knowledge and being “one” with my detector, I started to get my equipment tuned in. At that time, Lauren informed me she had to get back inside with her child. By the time I was ready to start my search, she was already in the house, so I began my search in the area she believed to be the “ground zero”.  To my surprise, I detected a weak/broken signal similar to the one I heard when I scanned Lauren’s other earring. Upon moving my detector coil out of the way……..

…….BOOM! Can you see it in the picture? It is not easy to locate even knowing it is right there! I quickly picked it up and snapped a few pics before calling Lauren to come on out……..


I had only been there searching for about 5 minutes! When Lauren came out, I told her that I had to leave. She looked at me a little strange and before she could say anything, I told her “My work here is done”! She was beside herself and at first as I think she believed I was joking, but the smile on her face proves otherwise!



There were many factors that came into play to make this a successful recovery. Lauren starting me off in the correct area of the yard being one of the main ones. Her attention to detail at the time of the crisis was amazing. Getting in touch with my as quickly as possible along with my high-quality equipment and decades of experience didn’t hurt either! Oh, and never discount a little bit of luck!


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