James Evans

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a voluntary reward basis. If the items is recovered the reward amount is up to your discretion and is usually based upon its value, either sentimental or monetary.

In the event that the item is not found I would charge a show up fee to cover transportation costs. Searches that are more than 1/2 hour driving time each way may incur additional travel costs which can be agreed upon prior to conducting a search.

I look forward to talking to you and hope that I may be of assistance.

Search Types

Water or land Searches..Hire Metal Detectorist, Rent Metal Detector,

Find Ring, Find keys, Lost Ring, Lost keys, Oak Street Beach, Montrose Beach, North Avenue Beach,

Search Locations

Chicago Area, Northern Illinois, Barrington, Wilmette and surrounding areas.

James Evans's Bio

I've been metal detecting for about 30 years. Got really into it about 6 years ago. I use state of art equipment for both water use and land use. I can search in water to a maximum depth of about 5 feet. I have a wet suit and a Dry suit for colder water. I have found everything from lost toys, gold rings, keys, jewelry, relics, silver as well as other valuables.

Items lost on Private Property or State Land will require prior permission from the land owner or governing authority prior to conducting a search. Houses that are in foreclosure must have permission from the bank or Title holder.

I'm an Actor and have the extra time to devote to metal detecting. My Acting website is http://www.olderactor.com You may have seen me in Toby Keith's new "Made in America" official video or in various Commercials, TV Programs, and Movies.

James Evans - Recent Blog Post

  • Diamond Ring found in Corn Box at the Goebberts Farm & Garden Center in South Barrington, IL (2019)

    So this is my Second call out to a corn pit this year. This was at the Goebberts Farm in South Barrington, Illinois. The owner could not have been more accommodating. A woman had been playing with her child and fell. The ring came off as she was trying to get up. I can tell […]

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  • 2 rings found in corn pit in Tinley Park, Illinois. (2019)

    Received a call from a man who had lost his 14K wedding band while playing in a corn pit. He had me come out to look for it. Corn pits, for those who don’t know, is a structure, that is filled with corn kernels that people play in. They generally are about 2 feet deep […]

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  • Ruby Stud Earring and Diamond Stud Earring Both recovered and returned (2019)

    Received an email from a student who had lost 1 ruby stud earring and 1 diamond stud earring on campus while sitting at a picnic table. The wind came up and these two earrings fell through the holes in the table. These earrings were from her mother and had a lot of sentimental value. I […]

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  • Highland Park Beach Ring found in water (2018)

    Received an email at 1:54 AM to look for a gold enameled wedding ring. It came off in the water, the sand or by a bench. The only thing certain was that it was gone. The couple were visiting from Germany and would be leaving Chicago in about5 days. She had put on suntan lotion […]

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  • Oak Street Beach Chicago Newly Weds lost ring Found (2018)

    Received a call at about 6:30 from a young man seeking help. The couple had been married only a month and were at Oak Street beach with a group of friends. She had placed the ring on her towel for safe keeping. Needless to say it fell into the sand. There were a number of […]

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