James Evans

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a voluntary reward basis. If the items is recovered the reward amount is up to your discretion and is usually based upon its value, either sentimental or monetary.

In the event that the item is not found I would charge a show up fee to cover transportation costs. Searches that are more than 1/2 hour driving time each way may incur additional travel costs which can be agreed upon prior to conducting a search.

I look forward to talking to you and hope that I may be of assistance.

Search Types

Water or land Searches..Hire Metal Detectorist, Rent Metal Detector,

Find Ring, Find keys, Lost Ring, Lost keys, Beach, North Avenue Beach,

Search Locations

Las Vagas & Henderson and surrounding areas.

James Evans's Bio

I've been metal detecting for about 30 years. Got really into it about 6 years ago. I use state of art equipment for both water use and land use. I can search in water to a maximum depth of about 5 feet. I have a wet suit and a Dry suit for colder water. I have found everything from lost toys, gold rings, keys, jewelry, relics, silver as well as other valuables.

Items lost on Private Property or State Land will require prior permission from the land owner or governing authority prior to conducting a search. Houses that are in foreclosure must have permission from the bank or Title holder.

I'm an Actor and have the extra time to devote to metal detecting. My Acting website is http://www.olderactor.com You may have seen me in Toby Keith's new "Made in America" official video or in various Commercials, TV Programs, and Movies.

James Evans - Recent Blog Post

  • Diamond Ring Recovered from Recliner in Henderson, NV (2024)

    I received a call from a woman who lost her engagement ring while sitting in a recliner. As we all know, rings are not usually where people THINK they are. I explained that a metal detector generally does not perform well in a house and most certainly will NOT work in a recliner!! I did […]

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  • Twenty fifth Anniversary Gold Diamond Ring Recovered for owner’s son in Moapa, NV. (2024)

    Received a call to come to a ranch in Moapa, NV. to look for a special ring. It was given to his mother,by her husband, for their 25th Anniversary. While she was visiting her son, she was helping to vaccinate a sick billygoat. She was thrown by the animal. They had searched the house and […]

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  • Lost mens ring IN A TRUCK recovered in LAS VEGAS (2024)

    Received a call to look for a men’s ring that he lost in his truck. He was certain that it was IN the truck. I explained to his wife that a metal detector doesn’t work in an automobile, but I could still come out with some equipment that might help. I arrived and did an […]

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  • In Las Vegas, a Special Tiffany Diamond Earring was recovered (2023)

    Received a very upset caller about a lost earring at an orchard north of Las Vegas. She and her husband had searched for hours. Her husband even purchased a metal detector prior to calling me. I told her I will bring two detectors, and will set it up, ┬áso he can help find the earring. […]

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  • Diamond Ring lost in Elgin, Illinois recovered (2022)

    Received a call from Elgin, Illinois to look for a diamond ring in the backyard.They were no sure thats where it was lost, but it was worth a try. A newly engaged person was visiting to attend a graduation party. Among other things, a balloon throwing battle ensued. The guests had scoured the backyard to […]

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