Lost mens ring IN A TRUCK recovered in LAS VEGAS

  • from Las Vegas (Nevada, United States)

Received a call to look for a men’s ring that he lost in his truck. He was certain that it was IN the truck. I explained to his wife that a metal detector doesn’t work in an automobile, but I could still come out with some equipment that might help. I arrived and did an initial search. There weren’t many areas that the ring could fall in. Her husband and I unloosened the front seats so I had better views of any openings. There were only 6 areas in the carpet that a ring could fall into. The vents under the two front seats, under the gas peddle, and several other random cuts. I used my special camera and first searched both front seats. Since they were removed, I was able to a very thorough search of each seat (nothing).

I then used my camera to search under the gas peddle and then within each opening under the carpet. First in the vents (nothing). Then I searched the under the carpet by the vents. (BINGO). Took close to 3 hours for the search but we found it.

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