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Holiday Light Hang-Up! Lost Platinum Diamond Ring – Found, Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Lost your ring, other valuable jewelry, cellphone, keys, or other metal object…call or text Brian Carpenter at (814)244-2300 as soon as possible. I am a ring recovery specialist serving Pittsburgh, Indiana (PA), and most of Western PA.

I was contacted by a young lady who said she had lost her diamond ring while hanging up Christmas lights the day before. Her and her husband had searched for it but were unable to locate it. I hopped in car and went down to have a look. It was a rather small yard with a bit of a hill and some landscaping, while she was not 100% sure she lost it outside I was feeling rather good about finding it if she did. I had been out on two searches the day before and came up empty so I was hoping for a quick search and recovery. They did not have a lot of lights out so that made me feel even a bit more confident that I only had to check a small area. I quickly got to work and in no time at all I was through the search area and had found nothing. I stopped for a minute to make sure I had checked everywhere there was lights and to survey the area before starting my second sweep. Suddenly when I looked up at some of the lights with some greenery I noticed something small and shiny. There – right in front of me – caught up in the lights and greenery was the ring!! I rang the doorbell and told her that I had found the ring – no metal detector needed! She came out and could not believe where I had found it. It was great to be able to return her ring to her and she was very happy and grateful to have it back. As always, it is great to meet warm and generous people and even better was to have helped make the holidays a little brighter!

Rose Gold Engagement Ring and Wedding Band – FOUND! in Mars, PA near Pittsburgh

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – Ring Recovery Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA and Indiana, PA. Lost your ring or other valuable jewelry, cell phone, keys? Metal Detecting Service. Call/Text 814-244-2300 as soon as possible for assistance. I got a text from Sharon who lost her engagement ring and wedding band behind her house on an access road in tall grass. I was on my way back from a trip so I was not able to head out until the next day.

Upon my arrival Sharon took me back and showed me where she thought she lost the rings. They had been in her pocket and she believed that when she took something else out the rings must have fallen. I surveyed the area, she had been out playing with her kids and had been in the tall grass on both sides of the road. There was  steep hill on one side with a ditch and the grass in this area does not appear to get mowed.

I got started as the temperature was rising and suddenly the arm cuff separated from the shaft of my detector. This has never happened before, I was only about an hour in and had a lot more land to cover. I tried to fix it only to discover it actually snapped. It was pretty awkward but I kept going. I finished the one hill and was walking up the other side of the road heading back to take a quick break when I caught a break…the sweet sound of gold in my headphones. I looked down and had found the engagement ring. I was hoping that the wedding band would be close by. I searched the immediate area in the grass pretty hard hoping it was there. Sharon had come down to see where I had found her diamond. When she learned that they were not together she gave me a pass and said she understood if I needed to go or wanted to stop however, there was no way I was giving up just yet! It took me a little while longer but I did find the wedding band camouflaged on the road in the light gray shale.

It was the first time I had to look for a wedding band and engagement ring together. I am glad I found them both and Sharon was elated to have her rings back!


Lost Platinum Wedding Ring – Found! Pittsburgh, PA (Second find of the day!)

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – Ring Recovery Specialist- Pittsburgh, PA and Indiana, PA. Lost your ring or other valuable jewelry? Call or text 814-244-2300 for assistance.

I was just on my way home from finding another ring when I received a text from Randy asking if I could look for a lost ring in the Bethel Park area of Pittsburgh. As luck would have it  (for both of us!) I was only a short distance away since I was returning from the other job. I immediately called Randy back and he informed me that he was performing a tree service job when he realized that he lost his wedding band.

When I got to the job site I could see Randy had been hard at work and with the cold weather it is understandable how his ring slipped off his finger. We talked briefly and he thought maybe it flew off his hand starting his chainsaw, or that it possibly slipped off his finger when he was cleaning up trimmings and dumping them in the woods. I went to the back where he had started the saw and began my grid search…an hour or so later – no luck. I expanded my search to other parts of the yard where he had been working and then over to where he had been dumping the trimmings. While I was searching Randy was diligently sorting through some of the trimmings and things to make it easier for me to get in there and search. I looked in the area where the limbs and things had been dumped…no luck. I was starting to think that it was lost in the woods and that I would never find it. I had one last area to check, the path he was taking from the work site to the woods. This seemed to be the least likely place and after three hours I was hoping that I was going to have enough daylight to conduct a second search as my optimism started to fade. Meanwhile Randy had strapped on his climbing gear and impressively scaled a tree and was back at work.

I started searching the path from the trees to the dump site and after a few passes I had a solid hit in a pile of leaves he had blown off to the side. I reached down and there was the platinum ring! I walked over and jokingly asked Randy if he wanted to come down to get his ring or if he wanted me to throw it up to him. He rapidly descended from the tree and came over to get his ring. He was as elated that I found his ring as I was relieved. I think we were both starting to doubt I was going to find it.

Randy thanked me several times and we talked briefly before he started back to his task at hand. Once again he climbed the tree and was back at work. In my brief time with Randy it is apparent that he is a genuine and hard working guy who I am extremely happy that I was able to reunite with his ring and if I ever need a tree guy I know who to call!

Today was also a first – two recoveries in one day – thank you to Bob and Randy for trusting me to look for their rings and thankfully I was able to come through for both of them.



Lost Wedding Ring – Found! in Pittsburgh, PA

  • from Indiana (Pennsylvania, United States)

Brian Carpenter – Ring Recovery Specialist, Pittsburgh, PA and Indiana, PA. Lost your ring, car keys, cell phone, other precious metal valuables or jewelry? Metal Detecting Service. Call or Text 814-244-2300 as soon as possible for assistance.

I received a text from Bob asking me if I would be willing to look for his lost wedding band in the Pittsburgh area. We spoke briefly on the phone to work out the details and agreed on today. The ring was believed to have been lost while gardening and was thought to be in one of his flower beds or in the woods where he dumps his clipping. Bob explained to me that the ring was more than just a wedding band, but an heirloom with significant meaning.

Of course as I set out to meet Bob I was greeted by the first snow of the year, albeit just some flurries with a dusting here or there along the way. However, by the time I reached Bob’s house the snow had stopped and the sky was turning blue, I was hoping it was a good omen for my search. The thought had crossed my mind while on my way to send Bob a text and tell him we would have to wait for better weather as I am a “fair weather” ring finder when I was a few minutes from his house, but then my better judgement told me to remember – “you are a ring finder, not a comedian” so I held off.

Bob was warm and welcoming when I met him and showed me the area to be searched. Despite the cold weather he wanted to be outside to accompany me while I searched. I checked the front flower gardens and not really so much as a peep on my machine. I asked Bob to show me where he dumped his clipping and he took me back to the edge of the woods. My thought was a quick check there before I started searching the yard between the flower beds and the woods. No sooner did I start searching the clippings and my AT Pro hit the sweet spot. I reached down into the clippings and pulled out the gold wedding band with a channel of diamonds. Bob checked his watch, I had been there less than a half hour total.

As I handed the ring over to Bob I could see all the emotions his face – thankfulness, relief, happiness…  Bob was kind enough to share the story of his ring with me. It is not my story to retell, but I will say that it is one that touched the heart, probably similar in many ways to some of the stories that other ring finders have heard as well, and it underlines the importance of what we do. It was a great pleasure to meet Bob today and an even greater one to return his heirloom wedding band!