Lost Sentimental Gold Ring at Kualoa Regional Park Beach...FOUND!!!

  • from O‘ahu (Hawaii, United States)

This ring find began on 11 March when I got a text from Chante asking my availability to hunt for her boy friend Joshua’s Sentimental Gold ring at Kualoa Regional Park Beach.  While seated at the water’s edge the ring slipped off and disappeared.  We agreed to go the next day.  They picked me up at home as it was along the way and we took one car to the beach.  When we arrived Joshua took me to the location and demonstrated what happened.  The surf was up and the water was murky.  I noticed right off there was plenty of coral and rubble so the hunt was going to be difficult.  I only dug shallow targets and there were many as the beach is rather trashy with pull tabs and aluminum metal pieces.  After about and hour and a half I didn’t find Joshua’s ring but popped out two others.  It was getting dark and I told told Joshua I’d return on a low tide with clearer water to see if some of the targets I couldn’t dig in the coral might be his ring.  I went this past Saturday morning but no luck.  Then I returned yesterday afternoon and the conditions were perfect.  I was detecting the low tide mark and got a nice hit on the Manticore.  The target was in the coral rubble and I was able to get a good bite with my Extreme scoop.  On the second dig the target was in my scoop and when I peered into the scoop I could see some shiny gold amongst the coral rubble.  I reached in and as I grabbed the ring and turned it over the black “K” came into view and I knew it was Joshua’s.  I went back to my car and texted Chante a pic with “Found it!” She agreed to meet me at home that evening and she would surprise Joshua with the ring he thought was lost to the “Aina”.  The video she sent me of the ring reunion was awesome.  The smile on Joshua’s face was ear to ear.  Much Aloha to Chante & Joshua!

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