Lost Diamond Gold Wedding Ring Recovered In Baltimore, Maryland!

  • from Baltimore (Maryland, United States)

I was just about to put my equipment away after an earlier recovery this week when I got a call about a lost wedding ring just outside of Baltimore city. The ring was lost while doing yardwork in some very dense ivy. Luckily my schedule was free in the afternoon, so we made plans to meet up immediately. Once I arrived, I was shown the area that the ring was believed to be in. It was a relatively small area approximately 10ft x 6ft, but as the owner stated in was very dense ivy and there was an AC unit, a metal handrail and a large bush in the area. All of these items add complexity to the search. Shortly after finding a few “trash” targets, I got a clean signal from my detector! Upon moving some ivy vines to the side, a glint of gold caught my eye!

Needless to say, the owner was delighted and relieved!

Two successful ring recoveries in less than a week! I hope you never need my services, but if you do, do not hesitate to contact me. And keep in mind, it’s not only jewelry I recover, but anything made of metal that you lost!


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