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Lost Ring before Tropical Storm – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Yesterday morning as we were all preparing for the possibility of Tropical Storm Fred getting closer to us, I got a call. Deborah and her family were down from Birmingham to witness her son Thomas get married on the beach the day before. Everything went great but the young man who was kind enough to act as ring bearer got a little over zealous on his walk to the alter. Even though both rings were tied  to the pillow, somewhere between the boardwalk and the place where the bridal party were standing, the bride’s rose gold and diamond band disappeared. 😳  Luckily, Deborah reached out to me promptly and understood that we needed to find it quickly before those waves in the gulf got closer and closer. I was already in the area and agreed to meet Thomas for a debrief of where everyone was standing. I used my largest coil and was able to cover a lot of ground while Thomas ran back to his car for something. I think he was surprised to see that by the time he got back I was already taking pictures of the ring with the big seas in the background. He was thrilled to have his new bride’s ring back and quickly called his family to tell them the good news. Congratulations to you all. I’m very glad I was able to help make a great ending to a story I know you will tell for years to come. God Bless! 😃

Lost Diamond Ring in Orange Beach, AL – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

Felicia and Scott have been down from Tennessee enjoying this beautiful Orange Beach weather. The first day here Scott got a little sunburned so the next day Felicia was being extra careful to put plenty of sunscreen on the little ones. Like a lot of people, she took her ring off so she wouldn’t get it too greasy and she slipped it into her swimsuit thinking it would only be there for a second or two. Sure enough, moments later she had forgotten all about the ring as she rushed into the gulf to play with the kids in the waves. A few hours later as they were walking to their car, she noticed it was gone and that’s when panic ensued. You can imagine the frantic search that followed and understand why she got up at the crack of dawn to go comb the beach the following morning. Luckily for her there was a nice man that saw her looking and suggested the Ringfinders service. She was quickly searching on the internet and before she knew it she had my name and phone number. When she called and told me everything I knew that it was most likely in the water. I told them I was on the way. When I got there it was pretty crowded but they had a very good idea where they had gone into the Gulf. I explained that I would go back and forth in a grid pattern to make sure I covered everything but not to worry if it took a little while. I saw them both looking anxiously on as I dug a couple of coins shaking my head that no, that wasn’t it. Then I got the tone I wanted to hear and I very gently took a deeper scoop so I wouldn’t scratch anything. As the sand rushed out of my scoop I saw the telltale glint of gold and diamonds. I turned and smiled and gave them a nod and Felicia came rushing to meet me at the water’s edge. Now Scott and Felicia have been together since the eighth grade so I knew she was going to be excited but I have to say that Felicia wins for loudest, most excited shouts of joy ever. She screamed for joy so long that several people asked if we had gotten engaged. 😃. Gotta love it, that’s why I do what I do. This is a beautiful ring and I’m glad I could return it to such a beautiful couple. Congrats Scott and Felicia. God Bless!

Lost Ring Orange Beach, AL – FOUND!!!

  • from Orange Beach (Alabama, United States)

The first ring recovery of the year is always special but this one was awesome for multiple reasons!  Not only did I get to put a wedding band back on someone’s hand where it belongs but I also got to take a picture without worrying about a mask in over a year. This first call of the season happened to be the exact day that I could consider myself vaccinated from COVID after getting my second shot 2 weeks earlier. Yesterday evening, my new friend Mary called and said that she and her husband had come down from Birmingham with the family to enjoy Spring Break. Her husband had been playing beach volleyball the afternoon before when he noticed his Wedding band was no longer on his hand. He wasn’t 100% sure that it had come off then but after having it on for 14 years he was pretty sure he felt it go flying in the sand. They quickly realized that a metal detector was a good idea and they went and purchased one. Unfortunately, they ran into the two problems that often occur with this solution. #1)- the detectors designed to be used on our saltwater beaches are very expensive and unfortunately the cheaper ones can be almost useless. #2)- when the machine starts beeping a lot, without years of practice it can be hard to decipher what you are listening to. They then proceeded to plan B where they dug in the sand for hours hoping to find it. This also usually ends up being a bad idea because that will actually just make the ring drop deeper into the sand and harder to find. Luckily a friend suggested me and Mary gave me a call. After talking for a bit, my wife and I headed that way and made it to Orange Beach before the sun set. It made for some great, happy pictures when less than 10 minutes later I was able to gently scoop up her husbands wedding band and return it to her. Mary FaceTime’d her husband and we all celebrated. I am so very glad that they reached out to me and I’m so glad that I was able to start out the 2021 ring return season with a huge smile. Thank you Mary for trusting me to find your husband’s ring.