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Wedding Ring Lost In The Lagoon, Lavallette NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call from Derek about the possibilities of recovering his ring from a very wide lagoon. He explained exactly what had happened, and he knew right when the ring came off his finger. Water recoveries are extremely challenging to begin with, but add in the fact he and his buddies were racing to the other side and back, and this one becomes almost impossible. Well, as the conversation continues, I discover Derek had quite a bit of pertinent information which is needed to even consider this recovery. I asked him to supply me with everything he had, which included many pictures, and probably the deciding factor to move forward with this recovery,  was the video of them racing to the other side. That was the spot where the ring had come off. I asked him to give me a few days to review everything, which he agreed to, as the ring was not going anywhere . After looking at all the information given I called Derek and explained this would be extremely complicated, but as long as he was positive the ring came off right when he stopped swimming , we should definitely give it a try. We cleared it with the homeowner, and set up the date to do the recovery. Once there a bouy was dropped just past precise location, and a guide line was placed on the bottom and secured back at the dock. With near zero visibility, on the 3rd pass back, we got a promising hit just before the bouy. After fanning the target a bit, you could just make out the ring.  This all happened in roughly 55 min from start to finish.Had there not been the pictures and video his ring would still be on the bottom of the bay/lagoon. Huge shout out to Buzz, couldn’t have done this one without you.


Lost engagement ring in the ocean, Ship Bottom NJ, LBI, recovered by Edward Trapper NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

Jersey shore ring finder ring finder south jersey    Kate reached out to me wanting to know if it was possible to locate her engagement that slipped off her finger during the day somewhere at the beach. It was late in the evening, and after determining that it was close to high tide when it most likely came off, it would be best to wait until the early morning low tide. We arranged to meet early the next morning at the dune walkover. As we were heading to the location I had asked her to mark in google maps we talked about the main things she could remember leading up the the ring disappearing. Once we got to the spot, she showed me some pictures she had, before and after the ring went missing. Something didn’t look just right, but I figured I would check the area that was marked. After coming up empty handed I asked her to see the pics again, it was then I knew that was not quit the right location. I adjusted the location about 40′ to the north, and things looked just right, including the piles of seaweed that had pushed high up on the hill the prior day when the pics were taken. Kate confirmed after looking at the pics that this was absolutely the right location. Combined with the rough surf, was the fact that she was boogie boarding, and that is never a good thing when doing a recovery. Kate did remember one wave that knocked her down, where she lost the board, and that was luckily close to the beach in waist deep water. I decided to hit that area real quick, and while Kate was in about knee deep water looking, I got a signal that made my eyes open wide. With the waves crashing right where I was, I took extra time to zero in on the exact spot, and hoped to grab it on the first scoop. Sure enough I had it on the first try, BINGO, it was her absolutely stunning ring!!!!! Kate had no idea what had just taken place just a few feet behind her, as I scooted up the hill , past the waves to get a better look and clean it off. At that moment I decided to make a video to capture her response, which you will see I’m not very good at. (Will be posted soon) Her reaction was something that makes this profession SO SO rewarding that no words could ever explain.

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Lost necklace in the lagoon, Lavallette NJ, Recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from AnnMarie about some items that were accidentally dumped into her lagoon. She had seen one of my stories about a water recovery, and figured it was worth giving me a call. She explained what had happened. Over 2 months prior her daughter was at the beach, and had placed her jewelry in her beach bag for safe keeping while she went into the water. At the end of the day, she placed her beach items in the back yard by the deck, and went inside the house. AnnMarie figured she would help and accidentally dumped her necklaces into the lagoon while dumping the sand out of the beach bag. At that point she figured they were gone, until she saw my post detailing a very similar recovery. I knew they were right up against the bulkhead after she explained in detail exactly what she had done. We basically decided to do the recovery but didn’t decide when, as I am in her area quite often. Ann sent me the address an told me it would be fine to go, even though they would not be home. I had some time a few days later, and swung by to look. Conditions were perfect, and about 35 min into the search I had both necklaces. She had no idea that I had gone and I decided to snap a few pics and shoot them over to her. AnnMarie was shocked to say the least, we made arrangements to mail them back to her, and in just a few days they were back for safe keeping. Thank you again, so glad I was able to help.

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Wedding ring lost in the sand, Ortley Beach NJ, recovered by Edward Trapper, NJ Ring Finder

  • from Seaside Park (New Jersey, United States)

    CALL ASAP 609-713-3926  Nam called wondering if I would be able to help find a wedding ring that slipped off her finger. They were enjoying a fantastic day at the beach when one of the guys in their group went into the water. He took off his wedding ring and handed it to Nam, so he didn’t loose it in the ocean. She place it on her thumb as it was quite large, and headed back to the area all friends were sitting. After a short while Nam realized the ring was missing, and it must have slipped off her thumb, due to it being quite large. This happens often, as its not something your used to wearing.  Anyhow, we decided it would be best if I came out right away, even though the beach was packed, because she was certain of the few spots it could be. I parked my truck at their house, and we walked down to the beach, and holly cow was it ever packed. I told her to walk the exact same path and I would follow right behind. I was getting signals from every chair, umbrella, etc, all the way along the path, but nothing that sounded like the ring we were searching for.  When we got to the spot where she was sitting, I searched that entire area and still came up empty handed. A few people graciously moved back a bit and bingo, there it was, very close to a chair that had overpowered the signal of the ring. The entire area gave an applause of success, like being on the edge of your seat in a movie. It was lunch time, so everyone walked back to the house, where I gladly accepted their offer for some lunch and a cold drink.

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