Al Campbell

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

Reward basis + Fuel Cost

This means whatever you think it is worth for me to help you find the article you have lost.

If I don't find it then there is no reward to pay.

If I have to travel a long distance I may ask you to cover my fuel costs.

If I am using my SCUBA equipment there will be a charge.

We will discuss this before I start searching.

10% of all money received is donated to ''The Life Flight Trust''

Search Types

Beaches, Parks, Private properties, Lakes and Rivers. I am also a PADI qualified SCUBA diver.

Search Locations

search ... the whole Wellington Region, Kapiti Coast, and Wairarapa. Prepared to travel further.

Al Campbell's Bio

Metal Detecting is a very rewarding pastime, but nothing matches the thrill of finding someone's precious or sentimental jewellery and being able to return it when they thought it may have been lost forever.

I have joined the RingFinders network in the hope that I can have the opportunity to do just that.

The successes already, from contacts through the RingFinders website, have been a thrill and a pleasure.

Please check out my blogs.

Al Campbell - Recent Blog Post

  • Smart watch lost in Tawa, Wellington, New Zealand (2020)

    Branden had been cutting down trees and doing a bit of landscaping when he noticed his smart watch was missing. When I arrived he showed me a large hole he had filled with compostable material and dirt and rocks.  Unfortunately it was up against a concrete wall that had metal reinforcing and so we had […]

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  • Wedding Ring Located in Bush at Wilton, Wellington, New Zealand (2017)

    Amy contacted me and told me that her wedding ring had gone out the window and fallen 3 levels into a steep bush clad bank.  She, and her husband Antonio, spent several hours searching for it without successs. When I arrived the job looked daunting so I got Amy to drop a test ring (with […]

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  • Wedding Ring located in garden in Ngaio, New Zealand (2016)

    Pavla was gardening at a client’s property when she noticed her wedding ring was missing. She spent some time searching for the ring, without success, before contacting me. It was only a small garden area to search but it was made difficult with small shrubs that held the coil 4 or 5 inches off the […]

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  • Wedding Ring lost for 6 months (2014)

    About six months ago Kimberly and her husband had a bit of an argument and he threw his wedding ring across the street and into a thick hedge of trees on the front boundary.  They made up the next day and searched for the ring but were unable to find it.  It was soon forgotten […]

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  • Lost Earring Found in Upper Hutt (2014)

    Alex contacted me to see if I could find an earring that his wife, Judy, had lost in a paddock while working with a ewe that was lambing.  Unfortunately I was out of the country for the week but asked them to wait for my return and I would do my best to help them. […]

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