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Lost Ring in Snow Simsbury, CT… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Serhii was taking down Christmas lights and moving patio furniture on his second-story balcony. With a strand of lights in one hand and a cold railing in the other, he heard a clink. He thought nothing of the noise until five minutes later when he realized his white gold wedding band was missing from his finger. The clink he heard was the ring falling from the second story down to the ground level and bouncing off of a bank of gas meters. He walked down to check the ground and snow below. Wading in over a foot of snow, he quickly realized the ring was lost. Serhii decided to find help online. He came across my website and submitted a search form. The appointment was booked, and Serhii was hopeful.

I arrived and made an initial pass around the fence, bushes, and gas meters just below Serhii’s balcony. I was worried the snow was too deep for my machine to pick up the thin gold band. I had to keep my metal detector power low because of the metal gas meters, pipes, and building steel. The low power setting allowed me to get close to larger metal objects while searching for the lost ring, but my detection depth into the snow was limited at the same time. Coming up empty-handed on my first pass, I began scooping snow from between the gas meters to find out if the band landed there. I scanned each plastic scoopful of snow with my metal detector to make sure the ring wasn’t accidentally picked up. Next, I shoveled the top layer of snow from the grass line. With most of the snow relocated, I heard my first signal loud and clear. I grabbed a handful of snow and waved it over the top of my coil. The sound was even more audible, so I knew the object was in my hand. Slowly opening my fingers, I saw a shiny circular item covered in snow. Serhii’s ring! After bouncing off the utility pipes, it only landed about two feet away in the middle of the service walkway. I must have missed it the first time I scanned because of the snow depth. It was also possible Serhii or I could have stepped on the ring, pressing it down even further into the snow. I called Serhii down began to explain the work completed so far. In the middle of our discussion, I flashed the ring at him! Surprised, he said, “whoa, that’s mine!” We chatted for a few minutes about how fingers shrink in cold weather. Serhii admitted it was a good idea to resize the band before wearing it outdoors again. He was thankful to have his ring back, and I was happy to help.























How to Find a Lost Ring in Snow

Lost ring in the snow? It happens all the time – brushing and scraping ice, throwing snowballs, sleigh riding, taking off gloves. Suddenly your ring goes flying. Don’t waste your time renting a metal detector. Stop and mark the area where you believe the ring is lost. If plowing or shoveling occurs, block off the site to preserve the ring’s location.  My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states.

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Lost Gold Engagement Ring, Found in Snow in Bluemont, Virginia

  • from Leesburg (Virginia, United States)

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I received a call from Katlyn on Monday evening stating she had lost her engagement ring while out building snowmen and sledding in her back yard. Her husband, Tony, was going to use a borrowed detector and some help from a friend to see if they could recover the ring that night and if  he didn’t have any luck would ask me come out the next day. Unfortunately, they did not have any luck finding Katlyn’s ring so we arranged for me to come out the next day.

Upon arriving at Katlyn and Tony’s home I noticed the large area to the left of the property where I presumed the ring had been lost, it was quite large, but I wasn’t daunted by the challenge for this recovery. Tony gave me a quick rundown of the activities and shortly I went to work. I setup a flag grid pattern across an approximate 50 yard by 50 yard area then started to conduct a slow search within each grind pattern. I extended my searches slightly on each grid section just to get some additional ground covered, but after almost two hours no luck in finding the ring; lots of junk metal and shell casings. So at this point I initiated a search beyond the first major grid section to see if the ring had possibly been thrown in another area. After about another 15 minutes I picked up a strong hit at the top of the grid and after moving a little snow there shining just under the surface in the snow was Katlyn’s beautiful engagement ring.

As I turned towards the house Katlyn was at the back door watching and I held the ring up high as my sign it was found. She immediately opened the door and with excitement in her voice yelled across the field, “You found it!??” Katlyn was just overwhelmed with emotion that she was reunited with her recently received engagement ring (Tony gave it to her in July of this year) and with tears of joy and a beautiful smile she gave me the biggest hug of gratitude.

It’s always these special moments that make our work so worthwhile!  Tony and Katlyn are a wonderful young couple and I’m just honored they called me and I was able to ensure their Holiday season was one to remember.



Lost Diamond Engagement Ring @ Hawrelak Park, Edmonton Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)




Received a call from Mike this afternoon requesting my service to locate his Fiancée engagement ring which she just lost while doing a photo shoot of their engagement announcement @ the park. I told Mike that I would be there within the hour as I know the park gets very busy with people later in the afternoon.

Meet up with Mike & Amy they told me what happened to the ring they where throwing snowballs up in the air and her ring flew off her finger somewhere, they had a blanket on the snow-covered ground after the photo shoot was over Mike picked up the blanket and shook the snow off unknowingly to Amy her ring must have fallen on the blanket and ended in the snow. Amy did not realise her ring was gone until they got back into there car.

With in 20 minutes of searching I had the ring back on Amy’s finger, Mike & Amy where very grateful for my prompt service.

Congratulations on your engagement Mike & Amy



Lost 2 Carat Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring In Snow…Found In Centreville, VA

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)
Bridget beaming now that her diamond and setting was recovered from the snow!

Bridget Beyond Excited to Get Her Ring Back!

Bridget’s 2 Carat Diamond Platinum Engagement Ring


On the morning of the 30th of January, I received a phone call from a woman who was extremely stressed out about her beautiful 2 carat diamond platinum engagement ring that went missing the day before somewhere between home and work.

Miracle in Centreville!

Diamond and Setting Separated in Snowstorm but Ring Finder Brian Rudolph Miraculously Found the “Ice” in the “Ice”!

​Bridget and her husband reside in Centreville, Virginia which is located 30 minutes from Washington D.C.. The night before, they frantically searched for the missing ring at their home and when they couldn’t find it anywhere inside and outside of the house, they resolved to go to Bridget’s work to search throughout her office, in the waste paper baskets, in and around the company kitchen area, and outside in the parking lot where her car was parked that afternoon. They tried everything, but they couldn’t find the ring anywhere. That’s when they finally resolved to look online for a professional metal detectorist and they found me in a directory of metal detectorists known as The Ring Finders. We can find what most people just cannot recover.

​I was so happy to talk with Bridget and to try to help her find her abs

Centreville VA ring found below surface in the snow

Ring Finally Brought Above the Snow!

olutely gorgeous diamond ring that meant the world to her. The first thing I did was to spend a whole lot of time on the phone talking with her about all of the different possibilities of where the ring may have ended up.

Centreville, VA ring lost in snow but found by Brian Rudolph!

Brian and Bridget Celebrate the Gorgeous Engagement Ring Found!

​She was extremely detailed about each scenario and it really helped me to paint an accurate picture as to all of the main areas that we needed to search first. The ring could have been lost outside of her home from the car area over to the house or it could have been lost inside of her work or outside in the parking lot. But she really believed that she was wearing it while driving home the day before because she felt that she would have recognized the ring missing on her hand as she was holding on to the steering wheel. A very important clue!

Centreville, VA ring found in snow. 2 carat diamond found without metal detecting!

Bridget’s Lost 2 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring Back In Her Hands!

I arrived in Centreville, Virginia in the early afternoon and met Bridget outside of her home. She was trying to stay positive in the midst of many doubts within her that she might never see her engagement ring ever again. It’s because she and her husband Jim checked everywhere and nothing turned up. I reassured her that there was no compromise here and that it was not a matter of “if” we would find the ring, but “when”we would find it.  She felt reassured about it and I told her that I would try my very best to find the ring and return it to her.

 I got my gear on and started the hunt. I purposely started away from the house where people might get curious as to what I was searching for. Most people were still at work and so searching in the open areas first would allow me to get the exposed areas eliminated before people got back to the neighborhood. I didn’t want to alert any of the neighbors that something important was lost, just in case they might want to search themselves. There was a high probability that the ring was lost near the steps of the house, perhaps buried in the bushes. You see, she remembers reaching for her phone from within her jacket pocket when she was outside shoveling the steps leading to her house door. It was possible that the ring had fallen off at that point and then maybe she shoveled the ring along with the snow, off into the bushes.

I did check the bushes but to no avail. I also checked Bridget’s car with her approval because there are times when the item is lost somewhere in a vehicle even after the owner looks over and over again. It was definitely not in the Audi. I checked the parking lot and the surrounding sidewalk areas and lawn areas near the walkways but nothing turned up. The next order of business was to check the grassy areas on either side of the sidewalk leading up to Bridget’s house. This took a considerable amount of time because there was still a sizable amount of snow on the ground from a previous snow fall.

Amazing Discover! Brian Rudolph finds Centreville's resident's 2 carat engagement ring in snow. The diamond was not in setting but Brian Rudolph of The Ring Returner and The Ring Finders found both the diamond and the setting!

Bridget’s Amazing 2 Carat Engagement Ring Found in Two Parts in Snow!

When I could not find the ring, even though I checked plenty of possible signals, I took a break from detecting and spent a little bit of time researching my database of previous finds and the signal numbers that were seen with similar rings that were lost before.

I was then back at it,  looking intently with my metal detector to locate Bridget’s beloved diamond ring. It wasn’t too long after I returned to detecting the front and side lawn areas of their house that I got the signal I was looking for! The numbers on the machine lined up perfectly with what I was studying earlier on my database. The target was at a shallow depth and I was confident more than ever that I had what I was looking for! I quickly searched the area where I detected and there it was, just below the surface in the snow! I found the ring! I was beyond elated! Because the ring could have been anywhere according to Bridget, we scored a huge home run! I went to the car and got my camera and returned at once to take some pictures before telling Bridget the great news. This is when things got a little dicey. My search was not over!

​I was so excited when I found the ring that I didn’t think to dust it off to review the condition of the jewel. You see, it was just lying under the snow and nobody had walked over it since yesterday afternoon. So I didn’t think that there was any need to do a thorough review of it before returning to the car to retrieve my camera. But when I dusted it off to get some better pictures of the diamond ring, there was one big problem! There was no diamond in the setting! I was blown away by this discovery because there was still plenty of snow and ice on the ground and it would have been nearly impossible to find a 2 carat “piece of precious ice” in the midst of all of that cold, white ice outside! My heart was so discouraged. The ring setting was mangled on one side and it was most likely accidentally damaged when the owner was shoveling the front steps.

Centreville VA lost ring found in snow by Brian Rudolph

Bridget Smiles Again After 2 Carat Engagement Ring is Found

 The only thing I could do at that point was to carefully sift through the snow where the ring was, with the hope that the diamond was resting close by to the setting. This assumption meant that the diamond would have just come out of the setting when it landed in that place. And to my very happy surprise, that is exactly what happened! I found the diamond! I found it just inches away from the setting! I couldn’t believe it! I traced an imaginary circle with a 6 inch diameter around where I found the setting and sure enough this huge, gorgeous, priceless rock appeared in the midst of all of the snow and ice on the ground! It gave off the most amazing display of fireworks and sparkles! I found it! I really found it! The setting and the diamond were now both recovered and were both ready to be returned back to the worried owner who was inside the house doing work, hoping that she would get a knock at the door with a solid report.
I couldn’t wait to share the great news with Bridget! I knocked on the door and as soon as she opened it I told her that I found the ring! She was so beyond happy! I did tell her that there was good news and also some bad news and to grab a sandwich baggie from the kitchen. She met me outside and I showed her where the ring had rested near a tree in the front of the property and I explained what happened to the setting. She couldn’t believe that I found the diamond in the snow! It could have landed anywhere if the diamond came apart from the setting at any other place in time other than when it landed beside the tree where I found it!

 Bridget was so relieved and grateful for what I was able to do to return the ring to her. I went inside and we took some pictures and video conferenced her husband Jim who was very happy at the conclusion of my search! Then, we said our goodbyes and I headed off to my next appointment.

Bridget of Centreville VA reunited with her diamond and setting once again!

Bridget’s Diamond & Setting Reunited on Her Finger Again!

Bridget and Jim’s smile and their feelings of elation, knowing that the ring was back in their hands just made my day! My job is just the most fun one could ever have! Bringing smiles to people’s faces can’t get any better than this!
Bridget had a birthday just a couple of weeks later. While she and her husband were celebrating at a five star resort, they sent me a photo of Bridget’s incredibly huge diamond that was now resting back in its proper ring setting, together once more on Bridget’s finger!

I can’t fully express just how special it felt to be a part of that reunion!


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Lost Engagement Ring in Snow… Found in Langley,BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Dec.23 was our Christmas day with our Grandson and we were having a spectacular day playing with all the toys and watching how excited this little 4 1/2 year old was, it really really melted our hearts! Around 1 PM I received a phone call from a young lady who said that she needed my help finding a lost diamond engagement ring in the snow.

She went on to tell me that they were taking pictures of her engagement ring in the park and it fell into the snow and they couldn’t find it. Her fiancé bought a metal detector and search for approximately 3 hours with no luck. She went online and found and contacted me to see if I was able to help.

I was already booked to go to Pemberton for a search but called and postponed that search till the next day…Good thing I did, because they found their ring in the house and not the yard were they thought they lost the ring.(saved me 6 hours of drive time there and back) I asked my grandson if it was okay that papa could go out and help find a lost ring for a young lady, he said it’s okay Papa you go find the ring.( He wanted to stay home and play with all his toys) I jumped in my car and in 40 minutes I had arrived and met the young lady in the parking lot and we went for 10 minute walk through a beautiful forest to where they had lost the ring.

I got to the location where I met her fiancé and we discuss the search, it took about 20 minutes and I found a beautiful diamond ring!













The young lady went back to her car to get something so we packed up and headed towards the car, we met her halfway in the trail. I had asked her fiancé if we could pretend we didn’t find the ring and that we were going back to my car to get batteries for my metal detector.

Then we surprised her with the ring! She was so relieved! I have the greatest job in the world I get to make people smile.

If you’ve lost something and needed it found please contact a member of


Watch video of the search below…



Tungsten Wedding Band Found! Ramsay Heights Edmonton Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Roger e-mailed me yesterday asking if I could help him find his lost Tungsten wedding ring which he had lost last Friday while working to connect a cable line at a Condominium complex.

We arranged to meet this afternoon and Roger showed me the area that he was working at the time he lost his ring.  He told me that he had spent a couple of hours looking in the snow with no luck, so he googled “Lost Ring” and came across the TheRingFinders website and contacted me.  Within 30 minutes his ring was back on his finger.

Thank you Roger for contacting me to find your lost Ring.

Another happy client!

Lost White Gold Wedding Band CFB Edmonton, Alberta Canada.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

IMG_1083  IMG_0022

Sunday December 20, 2015

Miranda called this morning asking if I was available to find her husband 14ct  white gold wedding band which he lost while shaking snow off his hand his ring flew off. They both spent a couple of hours looking and filling plastic pails with snow and taking them into the house to melt, with no luck finding the ring, they where all ready late in heading out of town for the weekend,

Miranda gave me the location where the ring could possibly be, I headed out to the base it took me about five minute to locate the ring. I meet up with Stipan yesterday and handed him his ring back in which he was very grateful to have his ring back where it belongs.

Thank you Stipan for the generous reward, once again another happy client.

Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family