Michael Van Tassell

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on reward basis so whatever you feel it's worth to you and I'm willing to negotiate any expenses around travel if item is found.

Search Types

Land, shallow water, grass, sand, and snow. Have several different types of metal detectors for any terrain and for all use cases from lost jewelry to caches of precious items.

Search Locations

Salt Lake County, Summit County, Utah County, Davis County, and surrounding areas.

Michael Van Tassell's Bio

I have 12+ years of experience behind a metal detector searching for lost items. I have metal detected in 4 different countries and have accumulated a nice collection of coins, rings, and other items. I have found items dating back to the 1700's to the present. In those 12 years I have found and returned more than $50,000 worth of jewelry. I once found and returned a lost ring that had been lost for 31 years after researching and finding the owner which landed me on the front page of the Daily Herald- https://www.heraldextra.com/news/local/metal-detector-has-made-modern-day-treasure-hunting-his-hobby/article_13b52d28-e87b-534c-a69e-65676eb2fa1f.html

I love reuniting lost items to their owners. In addition to lost/recovery services, I love understanding the history of a location through metal detecting so if you own an old home, homestead, or piece of land you were curious about what's in the ground, I am happy to work with you in finding some of that history so you can display it.

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    Monday I got a call from Taija who had just lost her wedding ring over the weekend at Utah lake. The weather was very nice over the weekend but we had a big storm roll through and it had dropped the temperature into the 40’s on Monday. I headed down to meet Taija at the […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring in Salt Lake City- Found (2022)

    This recovery was  tough one! I received two text messages from Todd at 2am and at 4am one morning as he was desperate to find his fiancĂ©’s engagement ring. He had searched pretty much all night when he finally reached out to me. Todd had taken the ring to get it cleaned and upon returning […]

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  • Lost Engagement Ring in Cedar Hills- Found (2022)

    Received a call from Janae after a couple days of searching for her engagement ring. She was working in the yard and took her ring off and when she went to put it back on, she realized it was missing from her pocket. She searched all over the yard, pulled all the soil and trash […]

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  • Lost Wedding Ring in Cedar City: Found (2022)

    Had another thrilling ring recovery this week! Most of the calls I get from theringfinders.com directory are up and down the Wasatch front here in Utah but this week’s call came in from Cedar City which is about 3 hours south. Hayden reached out to me after a couple days of searching for this wife’s […]

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  • Lost Diamond Engagement Ring in Midway: Found (2022)

    What an adventure! As I was crawling into bed last night, I received a text regarding a lost engagement ring in Midway, Utah at the very popular Ice Castle. Jason found my page while searching for a metal detector to rent and quickly reached out. His good friends (Rachel and Lance) had just got engaged […]

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