Eileen Sutton

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

My team hunts on a "reward basis", meaning - if we find it, you pay what it's worth to you! We do have a flat call out fee of $25 for Wayne, Ashland and Holmes counties and $35 for Medina, Summit, Tuscarawas, Coshocton, Knox and Richland counties. This fee covers travel and expenses. We are more than happy to travel outside of these areas, fee to be based on distance and agreed upon prior to the search. Also, we would rather be detecting than doing pretty much anything else! So, if money is an issue, it's possible we could waive fees in exchange for permission to detect your property.

Search Types

Land/Shallow Water (no diving)

Search Locations

North Central Ohio, including Wooster, Millersburg, Ashland, Mt. Vernon and surrounding communities.

Eileen Sutton's Bio

I've been fascinated with history and detecting since 1981 when my grandfather first showed me his "treasure chest" of his lifetime of finds. He would take me out with his old White's detector and we'd find coins and jewelry. It wasn't until decades later that I broke down and purchased my first detector. Since then, I have been completely hooked.

Last year my sister told me about a promise ring she had lost 20 years ago. I asked her where she lost it and within a half hour, I was handing her ring back to her! What a feeling! Then a few months ago a detecting buddy called me and asked if we could come out and help find 2 valuable rings that had recently been lost in a yard. A whole gaggle of us showed up on this lady's yard and within 5 minutes I had located the first ring and another hunter found the second ring minutes later! We decided we wanted to bring that joy to as many people as possible - and so, here we are!

If it is metal (jewelry, keys) or has metal in it (phones, gadgets) there is a good chance we can find it! We will, at the very least, give it our best effort! If you lost it - shoot us a text or give us a call - we'd love to find it for you!