Engagement *AND* Wedding rings recovered!

  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)

I got a call from a woman in Chapel Hill about a lost ring. Nothing surprising there — that’s why we’re here! It took three days of trading texts and leaving voicemails before we were actually able to speak person-to-person. Turns out the wife was gardening and lost both her engagement and wedding rings at some point during her work out in the yard. I drove to the house and the husband explained the situation. After they realized the rings were gone, they rented a metal detector and had a run at trying to locate the rings…without success. He then showed me where she’d been working that day — multiple areas in the front yard, side yard, and back yard, plus some piles of weeds and other plant debris — a sizable amount of ground to cover. I decided to start in the backyard first and scanned the “gardened” areas first, then added in some of the surrounding area to be sure I didn’t miss it. At this point the husband mentioned that she had also thrown some of the pulled weeds over the fence (not into the neighbor’s yard, but onto a little additional strip of their property…), so I decided to check that debris as well. The rings were both in the debris and about 3 feet apart. Apparently when she threw the handfuls of weeds over the fence, her rings had come off and followed the weeds. The wife wasn’t at the house when I found the rings so I couldn’t get a picture of them back on her fingers, but the husband was VERY happy that she was going to get her rings back where they belonged.

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