Lost Wedding Ring Found in West Salem, Ohio!

  • from Wooster (Ohio, United States)

Yesterday evening just before 5pm, I received a text from Karissa who had lost her custom-made wedding ring in her front yard two weeks earlier. She found me on The Ringfinders and was hoping I could help locate her ring. After confirming some details, we headed out and arrived at her place around 6:15pm. After brief introductions, Karissa lead us to the general area she believed the ring should be. While discussing the events that had lead to the loss of the ring, we discovered she’d also lost her Apple watch! So, we got to work! After thoroughly searching the target area, we decided to expand our search radius. Around 7:30pm, Karissa and her husband had to leave to take their little one for ice cream and she told us we didn’t have to keep looking, but we could if we wanted. I told her as long as there’s light we’d love to keep at it! She defined the property lines and thanked us. I told her we’d text if we found it, or when we were leaving, whichever came first and off they went! We continued to gradually and methodically expand our search area and at 7:55pm we had a solid tone in the leaves between some trees. We had found the Apple watch! We text her a picture and she confirmed! By this time the sun had set but, luckily for us, the moon was pretty bright so we decided to focus on the area where we found the watch! It wasn’t too long before I heard that beautiful, unmistakable tone! I called my partner over to shine some light on the spot as I gently ran my pinpointer over the leaves. I turned over a handful of leaves and there it was! Woohoo! We texted Karissa with a picture and the excitement that came back in the next few texts was awesome! It’s why we do this! She said they’d be home soon. We packed up and waited in the car until they got back. When they did get back, she jumped out of the SUV and rushed to us beaming from ear to ear! We handed her the ring and the watch and she still couldn’t believe it! How exciting! After a brief chat, lots of thank yous, a few pics and tons of smiles, we headed out! What a great way to wrap up a weekend!

Karissa with her ring and watch!

The Ring and Watch

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