Henry Lucero

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a traditional reward basis. That means you pay me what you believe it's worth to have your sentimental lost valuable found and returned to you.

All travel and incidental fees will be agreed upon a search contract prior to rendering any services.

Search Types

I can search virtually any location on land, including water up to five feet.

If you lost your valuable item I will do my best to help you locate it.

If you have reason to believe there is hidden treasure, gold, silver, jewelry, coins, or any buried or hidden valuables on your property, please give me a call. We can discuss our fees regarding a thorough search of your home or property.

We will upon request assist any Law Enforcement Agency in the search and recovery of potential evidence or lost items.

Search Locations

I cover all of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Additional Travel is negotiable. All travel and incidental fees will be agreed upon prior to rendering any services.

Henry Lucero's Bio

I am a lifelong native Texan and run a small electric service company. I have enjoyed metal detecting since 1990 and own several metal detectors. I love the hobby of metal detecting and look forward in helping you locate your lost valuables.

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    Fort Worth and surrounding areas. If you’ve lost jewelry or any valuable give us a call, We can help locate it. Look us up on Ringfinders.com

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    Liam call me hoping I could help him locate his lost wedding band he lost inside his mother’s home. I explained that that was not our typical search but we agreed to help. We came out on November 18, 2019 and started the search in the front garden then moved to the living room and […]

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  • Lost Cartier earring found (2019)

    Scott called me to help him find a lost earring in his bedroom shag carpet. It was a challenge because of the rebar in the concrete but after about 20 minutes I found that little earring . Tesoro likes that small gold where others won’t even pick it up! Glad I could help and I’m […]

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    Received this email from Brandon on June 12, 2019, he lost his wedding band on June 8, 2019. I was wondering if I could solicit your help finding my wedding ring.  Problem is I do not know exactly where I lost it but I noticed it gone when playing frisbee with a dog in my […]

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  • Lost gold wedding band found Fort Worth, TX (2019)

    Received a call from Jon Sunday 1/29/2019 stating he lost his wedding band in the straw at his outdoor display at the Fort Worth stock show. I came out within an hour and was able to locate his ring in about 15 minutes. Glad I could help you and your wife in locating your ring! […]

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Henry Lucero - Testimonials

  • Forever grateful for your (2019)


    Thanks Henry!! You were a true professional and very prompt. I have shared your story and service to many I know. Forever grateful for your help and thanks again!