Henry Lucero

  • Land/Shallow Water Search

Cost For My Service

I work on a traditional reward basis. That means you pay me what you believe it's worth to have your sentimental lost valuable found and returned to you.

All travel and incidental fees will be agreed upon a search contract prior to rendering any services.

Search Types

I can search virtually any location on land, including water up to five feet.

If you lost your valuable item I will do my best to help you locate it.

If you have reason to believe there is hidden treasure, gold, silver, jewelry, coins, or any buried or hidden valuables on your property, please give me a call. We can discuss our fees regarding a thorough search of your home or property.

We will upon request assist any Law Enforcement Agency in the search and recovery of potential evidence or lost items.

Search Locations

I cover all of the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. Additional Travel is negotiable. All travel and incidental fees will be agreed upon prior to rendering any services.

Henry Lucero's Bio

I am a lifelong native Texan and run a small electric service company. I have enjoyed metal detecting since 1990 and own several metal detectors. I love the hobby of metal detecting and look forward in helping you locate your lost valuables.

Henry Lucero - Recent Blog Post

  • Lost Women’s Engagement Ring Found!! NRH, Texas (2024)

    I received a call Tuesday morning from Ladonna February 20, 2024 She was working in her front yard cleaning out the garden and raking up leaves when she lost her gold engagement ring with a solitary diamond. I told her I would come out this afternoon and locate it for her. I arrived around 3:00 […]

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  • Lost Mens Wedding Band Found Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth, TX (2024)

    I received a call from Dennis on Thursday February 1, 2024. He was working in his garden and lost his wedding band. I scheduled with him to come out on Monday to do a search of his two garden areas where he was working. I came out on Monday and started my search of the […]

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  • Lost Heirloom Ring FOUND Fort Worth, Texas (2022)

    I received a text from Rayann Saturday October 8, 2022 stating she had lost her ring at the Kimball Art Museum in the grassy area. We arranged to meet Sunday afternoon. I arrived and searched the area she showed me and found her ring within 5 minutes. So glad I was able to reunite you […]

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  • Lost Ring Found Eagle Mountain Lake Fort Worth, TX (2022)

    Received a call from Anthony on Fathers Day Sunday, he had lost his gold wedding band with heirloom diamonds while throwing football in about 41/2 feet of water. We went out Monday and searched for 5 hours with no luck. Temperatures were 103. We were using a Garrett detector and a Garrett pin pointer. At […]

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  • Lost Ring Found Fort Worth, Texas (2021)

    Dallas contacted me Friday 2/19/2021 and said he had lost his gold wedding band while throwing snowballs in his front yard. We made arrangements and I went out on Sunday 2/21/2021. After about 20 minutes I found his ring in the front yard grass. Glad I was able to brighten up your day. Thank you […]

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Henry Lucero - Testimonials

  • I can not tell you how happy I am, Ring Finder found my ring... (2024)


    I can not tell you how happy I am . Ring Finder found my ring within 15 minutes . I had looked and looked with no success. Even had a neighbor come with a metal detector and couldn’t detect anything . I highly recommend them. Lesson learned . Don’t wear jewelry when doing yardwork . I know my husband is smiling from heaven. Again thank you

  • Henry Lucero is one of the angels that God puts on earth to help us all get through those moments which we can’t understand but that happened. (2024)


    Ring Finder Glory

    Henry Lucero is one of the angels that God puts on earth to help us all get through those moments which we can’t understand but that happened. After 40 years I lost my ring. I cannot tell you how important that Ring was because that would take days if not, if not years. it was my wedding ring and it meant a great deal to me from a sentimental standpoint. I called Henry and I let him know what happened. He took the time to listen and question me so that the moment that he got here he could go to work and find my ring. it was lost in the backyard, but large backyard with grass and flowerbeds and a very large garden. I watched him take out the technology that he had but I also watched him with his eyes and his mind working the land. One minute turn to 10 and 10 to 20 I began to think that it would not be found . I saw a smile come across his face I saw his hand open. I saw shiny golden ring that he had found my emotions took the best of me as I grabbed Henry and hugged him, and the tears began to come down my face. He is so good. He is so talented. he is so respectful of understanding how important a lost item like a ring could be. I recommend him to anyone who has lost something important in their lives as he will find it. I’m headed this morning to get the ring resized so we don’t go through this again , but before I do, I wanted to share this moment with all of you about Henry Lucero. Lucero rhymes with hero and that’s what he is to us.

  • This was the most amazing service! Henry was extremely professional... (2020)


    This was the most amazing service! Henry was extremely professional and made me a hero to my mother and my daughter who was so distraught to have lost it!! Thanks so much!!

  • Forever grateful for your (2019)


    Thanks Henry!! You were a true professional and very prompt. I have shared your story and service to many I know. Forever grateful for your help and thanks again!