Online Plea For Ring Lost On Surf City, NC Beach Results In Successful Return

  • from Emerald Isle (North Carolina, United States)

Nevaeh made a post in late January about a very sentimental ring she lost the previous May on the beach.  She informed me that after a swim and as she was on the beach house steps, she felt the ring slip off.

Nevaeh’s fiancé gave her the ring for their first Christmas together and around the time she got her first tattoo of the sun.  Her fiancé had the Tiffany & Co. (her favorite jewelry brand) ring engraved with a picture of the sun.  This added to the sentimental value of the ring for her.

I contacted Nevaeh about the post and she agreed to allow me to search the area.  I parked at her friend’s beach house and was able to locate her ring about 4 inches down in the sand.  She & I was surprised it was still there and not more deeply buried by sand.  Being buried in the sand for 8 months made the silver ring a bit tarnished but Nevaeh informed me she would have it cleaned as soon as possible.

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