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Lost Class Ring Found Sea Isle City NJ by Ring Finders South Jersey

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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I received a call from Paula who told me Kelly lost her high school class ring in Sea Isle City, NJ. Kelly was walking towards the water when the ring slipped off. After a quick search, the ring was back on her finger. The family can now enjoy the rest of their vacation!

Cherry Hill couple loses the symbol of their unity. Lost Engagement Ring and Wedding Band Found Margate NJ

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

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Everyone’s jewelry has a story attached to it and that story ends when its lost in the sand or ocean… The Ring Finders service will help bring their story to life again and continue that story by finding what people thought was lost forever. Rings, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, watches, gold pendants… People who have given up the search now have a second chance!

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Cape Cod – Lost Ring 1 of 3 returned in one day! Yale University

  • from Cape Cod (Massachusetts, United States)

It was a breezy, cool, overcast day’s start at a Dennis, MA beach. With no one in the water and only five other people on the beach Meg, the on duty lifeguard had little to watch for. With nothing but time on her hands she started spinning her Yale University 2018 class ring on her finger. Dreaming of the upcoming school year she found herself looking at the ring and OOPS… And as sand through an hour glass her ring fell from the lifeguard’s perch into the sands of the beach. A hurried search and with the help of her sister, the ring did not show itself.

A call to J&E Enterprise for help ended with a call to me. Within 20 minutes I arrived on the beach with metal detector in hand. I listened to the story of the ring’s loss took two swings which covered the small box were the ring was thought to be. Not there, move to the larger box drawn in the sand and another few swings did not produce anything but a bottle cap and pen. I started to enlarge my search area at the leg of the wooden lifeguard’s chair and bingo; there the ring was resting in the shaded section of the sand.

Ring returned, pictures taken and a big hug, AND I thought that was to make my day. That was not to be…read my blog (Cape Cod – Ring 2 of 3 returned in one day!) for my afternoon hunt for a lost wedding band.


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Jhazmine was throwing a ball in the water on Clearwater Beach, when her 2006 gold class ring slipped off her finger!  The ring was very special to Jhazmine as her father had given it to her.  A week later, Howard Metts was on a fun hunt in the water at Clearwater Beach and found a gold 2006 class ring, with no school name on it, only the name “Jhazmine” and three initials on the inside.  Howard showed the ring to his daughter-in-law, Veronica Metts, who searched for “Jhazmine” on Facebook, and using the last initial on the ring, found a possible match!  Veronica sent Jhazmine a Facebook message asking if she had lost anything at Clearwater Beach.  Jhazmine responded the next day!  A few days later, Howard delivered the ring to a very happy Jhazmine at her place of work making for a great reunion! Go Team Metts! That’s how you do it! Great sleuthing and effort to both of you!




Lost Class Ring Recovered – Airdrie, Alberta

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Sometimes I go out with my detector to near by Parks , Ball Diamonds and Tot Lots.  I clean out a lot of junk and sharp objects keeping the community tidy and people safe from getting cut when playing.  Today was just such a day I was out detecting in an old Baseball Diamond that had fallen into disrepair and was rarely used anymore.  Within 30 minutes I got a familiar tone on my Garret AT PRO, thinking it inured like gold but could be junk I cut a plug in the sod about 2 inches deep handout popped this beauty a 10k Gold Class Ring the date on the side said 2007 and the school was just 2 blocks away.  

Chelseas Ring in Hole

I notice their was a name engraved on the inside of the ring and thought it would be great if I could return it to its owner.   On went the detective hat, Since my wife used to work for the school division I had her call in some favours and we located Chelsea no longer a student but now a teacher at a different school.  I contacted her and told her about the ring recovery and had her come over to pick it up.   She was thrilled to see it again and explained that she had lost it in 2008 and had gone back with friends and search for 2 hours with no luck.   The Ring Finders pull through again, returning smiles and emotionally valuable items.

Chelsea with Class Ring

Chelseas Ring

Clemson class ring returned in Denver, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Tim Hadsell was visiting his sister in the Denver area from his home in Virginia when he lost his beloved Clemson class ring. It happen during a bit of a snow ball fight after a 20+ inch snow fall. A search for Tim’s ring followed but partially due to the time of day, 10:30PM, the ring was not found. They then found my information on TheRingFinders and contacted me the next day. Due to commitments that evening I could only search the following morning and maybe a few minutes that evening.

That following morning I arrived at the search site around 7:30 and searched for 2 hours. But with 16-20 inches of snow the search was unproductive. After work I returned for a few minutes of searching that evening. I expanded my search area and still nothing. Upon returning to the main search area with a good reduction of snow during the day I heard a faint signal from my CTX. I pulled away 12+ inches of snow and  rechecked the signal which had moved. I chased the signal around a bit and suddenly Tim’s ring revealed itself.

Tim got to return home with his ring just a couple of days later.


Ring recovered 3-25-2016

IMG_0413Tim Hadsell

Lost ring at Mission Bay found

  • from La Jolla (California, United States)

My wife and I were packing our car for a short trip out of state, when I received a call for help finding a class ring at Mission Bay. Sahba was playing a game with her husband and a group of friends two days previous, when her ring came off and disappeared into the sand at De Anza Cove beach.  They all searched on their hands and knees and even using a sifter, but, without success. We met them on our way out of town and hoped for an easy return. It wasn’t all that easy, even though they knew the exact area and it wasn’t all that big. LOTS of iron and other junk made it a slow process. After gridding and cross-gridding, it finally came to light. A pleasure to meet you two and thank you for the reward.

20160316_101822 20160316_101848

Lost rings found and returned on Del Mar beach

  • from Del Mar (California, United States)

August 7, 2015  Here’s one for the books. I was hunting in the dry sand around 15th street in Del Mar on Sunday the 2nd when Mike approached me and asked if I had found his tungsten wedding band. I was hunting right in the area where he had lost it the previous day during an outing with his family. I told him I had not, but would be happy to look for it. I had been hunting all morning so I could only put in another 30 minutes or so before I had to head home. I got his information and told him I’d look for it the next day. Well the next morning I found it a couple hours after arriving at the beach. Mike was surfing that day and actually met me on the beach before I started my search but I couldn’t find him before I had to leave so I texted him with the good news and we agreed to meet the next day. Now here’s where it gets good. On Tuesday morning I receive a text from Mike. He has a high fever and asks if I can hang on for a couple days until he feels better. Wednesday afternoon I receive a text and he asks if we can meet on Thursday. Unfortunately I can’t meet that day but Friday will work, he agrees. Later that day I get another text and he tells me he was talking to his sister in law Dianna about my finding his ring and she tells him that she had lost hers as well, wading in the water and wanted to know if I had come across it. She sent him a picture and he forwarded it. I HAVE IT!! I found it the day I met Mike. It’s a big beautiful silver and turquoise number. So, cut to the chase, Friday morning I return both rings to Mike. I gotta tell ya, that was a thrill. His 10 year anniversary is coming up and he was really happy to have his ring back. Congratulations Mike. Thanks for the nice reward and I hope to see you on the beach again sometime (Not wearing your ring!!).  He’ll be mailing Dianna’s ring back to her, I’m hoping to get a picture from her.

IMG_0933 IMG_0932t-ring Mike


Diamond Wedding Ring lost and returned on Wind N Sea beach

  • from Del Mar (California, United States)


So we’ve all heard this story before,  The little family outing on the beach, Mom takes off her wedding ring to apply sunscreen on the Kid. She puts the ring on a towel to keep it safe and the rest is history. Well that’s Ryan and Fadras story. The ring was lost at Wind N Sea beach in a little cove in the dry sand. I met Ryan after he got off work on Monday, April 6th right around sunset. He was a little skeptical that we were going to find it and so was I because it was hunted two nights before by a very reputable detectorist. But we did find it. It was about 10 inches down and I needed to use my pin pointer because it gave a very weak signal. When I pulled it out of the hole and put it in Ryans hand he was totally amazed. He really enjoyed seeing the search process in action and was very grateful. After reuniting Fadra with her ring, he snapped these pics and sent them to me. Thanks guys for the nice reward. I hope your future visits to the beach result in much more fun and a lot less stress:)

002 0010


Gold Class Ring Found and Returned

  • from Del Mar (California, United States)

So, around the middle of March last year (2014) I was hunting for coins in a ball field at a local middle school and found this beautiful high school gold class ring.  It had initials on the inside and was dated 1988.  I left a message with the school’s alumni lost ring site with the description and my contact information.  I never heard anything back but I hung onto the ring.  A couple weeks ago my son, who graduated in 1987 from the same high school, was visiting from Idaho.  He spotted the ring in my collection and got interested.  He’s involved somehow with the alumni association and said he might be able to track the owner so I gave him the ring and told him to give it a shot.  Well, a couple days later he called and said he found the owner, Kelley, and has since returned it to her through her husband.  It turns out back in 87 she had just gotten the ring and was playing in a powder-puff ball game on that field and had given the ring to her boyfriend for safe keeping…..   Her family actually tried to find it with a metal detector but to no avail.  It was lost forever:)

As you can see from the pic, Kelley’s pretty happy to get it back

.ring photo kelley and son