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Lost Wedding Ring in Lake Geneva, WI… Found!

  • from Lake Geneva (Wisconsin, United States)

The smiles show the ring is returned!

I received a call from fellow Ring Finder, Paul Humphrey, around 8:00 pm, just days after signing up to be a Ring Finder member.  Paul was gracious enough to hand tonight’s recovery off to me, as I live only five minutes from the site.  As sundown was drawing near, I gathered up my gear and headed off to Lake Geneva’s Riveria Beach for my first recovery.

I knew this beach well as I detect on it almost daily in the summer.  It’s a hot spot for Chicagoans to escape to, and it gets lots of foot traffic.  Nimer, his wife Elise, and two children were enjoying a beautiful day at the beach when Nimer waved to Elise from the lake.  The day soured as Nimer felt his gold wedding band of 16 years leave his finger and plunk into the water.  Although only waist deep when lost, hours of searching brought no success.  The family returned to Chicago.

Speaking to Nimer on the phone, I asked a series of questions to roughly pinpoint his location, which hand he wore the ring on, how he waved to Elise, the time, and description of the ring.  I knew I needed to visualize the scene that occurred nine hours earlier.

Found in Lake Geneva, WI USA

I stepped into the water around 8:30 pm.  Dusk was on time and I knew my work would be cut out for me in 30 minutes or less.  There were still many people on the beach, but the area I needed to work in was thankfully vacant.  I said a prayer and began the search.  After finding a nail and pull tab, I was elated to see a large gold wedding band staring up at me through the shimmering water.  I stared at it a moment wondering if my mind was simply creating the image of what I wanted to see.  No, I had found Nimer’s ring.. on my third target and after only 30 minutes of searching.  It was a large, beautiful ring and felt loose even when on my thumb.  I checked the inscription and it matched Nimer’s description.  Success!