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Lost cross Atlantic City NJ. September 2021

  • from Barnegat Light (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from Tomas about a cross he lost. He explained it was a huge sentimental item, and it was irreplaceable. We agreed I would head there early the next morning. He gave me all the information, including the marked location on the phone GPS. With  that I figured it would be a simple recovery. Upon arrival i marked the location, and got to work. After no luck, I examined pics he sent with fixed objects on shore. I remarked the spot 35′ away, and within 10 min the cross was in my scoop. 

Lost Ring in Destin Found!!

  • from Miramar Beach (Florida, United States)

Sydney was visiting Destin from Kentucky with friends when her ring, handed down by her Mother, fell of her finger. Sydney recently lost her mom and I was heartbroken to here she lost it, but eager to get out there. Sydney gave me some great info as to where she lost the ring and I was able to locate it in the water within 20 minutes. Happy to help and very glad to reconnect her with her Mom’s ring. Another happy customer.



Lost Wedding Ring on Beach Beach Haven (LBI),NJ Recovered!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call from guy who had lost his wedding ring on the beach after he had put the ring in his hat for safe keeping while swimming but forgot about it as he went to put the hat back on. Although he realized his mistake immediately the ring disappeared into the sand. Doing a quick search on the internet got him my information and I arrived at the beach about an hour later. Still having his beach chair in the same location he move it and I began my search. After a quick minute my detector rang out and the ring was in my scoop! A very relieved couple were able to go back enjoying their vacation with the family!



White Gold Ring Found Amisk Lake, County Of Athabasca, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

Brian lost his custom made wedding band over a year ago while doing road maintenance on his lake lot he told me he took off his ring and placed the ring on the back bumper of his truck while he was spreading gravel, and of course he forgot about the ring and drove away he then realized his ring was missing and asked if I could find the ring.
I had two little helpers to help me locate the ring and within ten minute we found the ring buried under two inches of gravel great recovery Saydee and Reese.



Future Detectorist

Mens White Gold Wedding Band Lost & Found On Studland Beach

  • from Bournemouth (England, United Kingdom)

Studland Beach in Dorset is a popular destination for holiday makers and day visitors just like Richard Meredith from Hampton Court, London.

As with many people visiting beaches, the combination of Sand Castle making, throwing Frisbees and sun tan oiled fingers- the risk of losing a ring is rife. We all know how hard it is to find anything dropped in the sand and the more you search the deeper it falls.

This is just what happened to Richard when he felt his ring slip off. The more he dug, the deeper it sank. He waited patiently for me to arrive but was reunited with his ring in a matter of seconds.

Richard kindly made a donation to the Margret Green Animal Charity.

Bride’s Sentimental Locket Lost on Beach at Wedding in Avalon,Nj Recovered!

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

The bride is very happy! I did an awesome recovery last night on the beach in Avalon,NJ. During a photo shoot the bride had lost a very sentimental locket with a photo of her as a little girl with her godfather who has passed away. Married just hours before and celebrating, her wedding party and family knew how upset she was about its loss and contacted me and fellow ring finder John Favno. We arrived on the beach at dusk and scoured the area for 2 hours and just as I was ready to quit I noticed an area of beach down by the water with dress shoe foot prints lol! After a few minutes I got the signal I was looking for and recovered the locket from the waters edge in the sand. I couldn’t wait to go up to the reception at the Icona restaurant/hotel on the beach and tell her I found it! The wedding party greeted us followed by a very happy,crying bride and her family. What an awesome feeling to see the happiness on her face as I put the locket in her hand,Priceless! This is why I/we do this service. Thank you John for your assistance to this great recovery,team work gets it done! Congratulations to the newlyweds! The wedding cake was delicious lol!14441063_10207476799988746_3450882357579453873_n14450008_10207476799548735_476323084300508171_n14445972_10207476798868718_2611020479870566068_n14433080_10207476799108724_3544986095723356352_n14457248_10207476801148775_2926343085728231718_n

14K White Gold Engagement Ring Lost in the Surf – Found and Returned Myrtle Beach S

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

I received an e-mail from Mandy F. asking if I might be able to help her find her engagement ring that she lost in the surf on Saturday during her Bachelorette party. In her e-mail she stated they stayed in North Myrtle Beach but the resort she mentioned was located in Myrtle Beach. I e-mailed her back asking her to call me so I could get additional details and confirm whether the resort she had been staying at was in Myrtle Beach or North Myrtle Beach.  While I was waiting for her call, Matt Fry TRF Myrtle Beach called and asked if I had seen the listing on Craigslist about a lost engagement ring in North Myrtle Beach. After some discussion we concluded that my e-mail and the Craigslist ad was one in the same lost ring. Shortly after we hung up, Mandy called and gave me all the details which included the address for the resort which ended up being in Myrtle Beach (Matt’s area).

I called Matt back and we arranged to meet and do a combined search. We worked about 2 hours doing both north/south and east/west grids and leap frogging each other working our way north along the beach. In Mandy’s description of her location she said she was staying in one of the resorts but when her mother, friends and her went out to the beach they moved farther south because of the large crowds behind her resort. Unfortunately there were 3 or 4 resorts in a row that were associated with each other and had the same name in some variation. As a process of elimination we wanted to make sure we covered as much as we could before the tide came in and hampered our search areas plus it started pouring down rain. As Matt was moving ahead of me he was working the surf line with the incoming tide and I saw him walking up the beach with a scoop of sand, look at me and nod his head, I knew instantly that he had the ring. He had the ring cleaned off by the time I got to him. Matt and I stopped for a late lunch and called Mandy. She was ecstatic and couldn’t believe we had found it. She said she thought it was lost forever. I took a picture of her ring and sent it to her and got the following text back “Omg!!!! That’s my baby, God bless you so much!!!! You guys are truly Angels”. How can it possibly get any better than that, getting someone’s treasure back to them. Wow!!!

I’m putting the ring in the mail tomorrow so she can get it in time for her wedding in less than 2 weeks.

Mandy and James, Matt and I wish you the very best on your future and pray all your dreams come true.

Matt, as always you came through again. Many thanks for your help on this one and getting the job done!!!!


Mandy F. Mandy F.'s Ring

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Sentimental Crucifix LOST, FOUND and RETURNED – North Myrtle Beach, SC

  • from North Myrtle Beach (South Carolina, United States)

On Thursday, April 14th, I made contact with Joseph D. after receiving a referral that he had lost a very sentimental Crucifix and gold chain the previous weekend. I found out Joseph was down on a mini-vacation with other students from Wake Forrest and lost his item in about a 50 ft radius from the beach access ramp.

I arrived about 6pm and did a grid search for 3.5 hours with no luck finding the crucifix, although I found a ton of “items” that the college students had left behind. I showed up again on Friday about noon to see at least 300 plus students from Virginia Tech having their little vacation in exactly the same spot, so I went back home. By 5pm I figured most of the students were probably off the beach so I headed back to another ton of “items” on the beach. Luckily I ran into a couple who asked me the typical questions about metal detecting and I told them what I was there for. The female spoke up and said that someone from their group had found a crucifix Thursday afternoon, what’s the chances, uh?? I found out a student by the name of Chris had possession of the crucifix and the male of the couple text him to come to the beach. Chris showed up in about 5 minutes and I matched it against a picture that Joseph had sent me. Perfect match!! Chris agreed to turn it over to me after he made sure no one in his group had lost it and that we’d talk the next day.  About 12:30 on Saturday I get a text from Chris that no one in his group had lost the crucifix and he’d turn it over. I had taken a picture of the crucifix the day before and sent it to Joseph letting him know about the situation which he didn’t have a big problem with. So after Chris gave me the crucifix I called Joseph and told him I’ve got it and it’ll be in the mail on Monday to his house. He was ecstatic!!!

Fast forward to this weekend when Joseph finally made it back home from college and had the crucifix back in his hands. Unfortunately his gold chain wasn’t found but he had the thing he wanted the most.

Joseph, best of luck to you and thanks for trusting in me to find your crucifix.


Joseph D. Joseph's Crucifix

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Lost Engagement Ring on Beach in Barnegat Light,NJ Recovered by Ed Cropski

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)

I received a call on my way home from work inquiring about my lost ring recovery service. He explained that his fianc’e had lost her diamond engagement ring on the beach a few hours ago and although they knew it was right around where they were sitting on the beach the sand had made it impossible to find. I told them I would be at their location in about 2 hours and do my best to get it back for her. Upon arriving onsite I was greeted by their very nice and appreciative family who was just so interested and amazed at my service.

Arriving at the spot on the beach where she had lost the ring when she took it off to apply sunscreen and forgot to put it back on when she got up and it disappeared into the sand I turned on my White’s Beach Hunter id metal detector and immediately got the signal i was looking for when I took the first swing on the sand! Again they were completely amazed at my gear and service and willingness to help people. I explained to them that it really is an amazing feeling to seeing the smiles on the faces of the people who feared their cherished items were lost forever. Another great day! Another great recovery!1526603_10204735186970134_7542151650216304412_n