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Family Crest Ring Lost on Beach in Avalon,NJ Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call from a couple asking for my help to find a family crest ring that was lost on the beach earlier that day. The guy had taken it off to go swimming and put it in a handbag but somehow it had fallen out when they left. He explained that everyone in his family has the same ring bearing their family crest so it really meant a lot to him.

We arrived at the spot where they had been sitting on the beach and I marked off a 20 x 20 area and began to search the area with my White’s Beach Hunter ID metal detector. After a few coins and trash items I received a good solid gold signal and scooped up the sand and spotted his ring in my scoop! The couple was sitting nearby hoping the ring to be found and as I held it in the air I could see the relief on their faces. Another great day! Recovery #104

Lost Wedding Ring in Sea Isle City,NJ Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call from Mark who explained that he had lost his platinum wedding band on the beach a few days before his wedding anniversary which was inscribed in the ring. He stated that he had taken the ring off and put it in the cup holder of his chair so he could go swimming and not lose it,well that didn’t workout to well as he noticed it was gone when he relocated his chair as the tide was coming in. After getting the beach location and time of day of the lose I was able to get the location the following morning. After a couple hours of searching with nothing but coins and trash in my pouch I decided to move closer to the water even though he stated he was not too far down and within a few minutes I received a good solid signal from my metal detector. Scooping up some sand and washing it out I could see the ring in my scoop! looking closer I could see the inscribed wedding date 7-25-08 which was also the date at which I found it 7-25-17! moments later I called Mark who was celebrating his anniversary nearby in Atlantic city with his wife. He was so happy to hear the great news but his wife was even happier and crying and so thankful for my help. We met the following week and Mark was very happy to have his wedding ring back on his finger! Another Great Recovery #99!

Lost Wedding Ring Was Found In Ocean City NJ

from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-215-850-0188

          Dave posted this on his facebook page!

I lost my wedding ring in the Atlantic Ocean this afternoon at 1:45pm.

Unfortunately, Donna asked if I wanted her to hold it for me on the walk down and I said something to the effect of, “Nah. It’s not going to fall off.”

So about 2 minutes in the water and it falls off. I never felt that attached to it other than it being my wedding ring. Until I lost it and I felt terrible. Maybe some of that was the feeling that Donna somehow knew that it was going to happen. We looked for awhile but there was no way we were finding it. Every bump on the floor turned out to be a rock or shell. I paced around for a little bit and then decided just to go home. Then I wondered if there was a site I could post a photo of my ring just in case someone ever found it.

That’s when I stumbled on theringfinders.com. I sent a message on Facebook (2:45pm) and about 5 minutes later, John Favano sent me his phone number to give him a call. At 3:07pm (just checked my phone log) we briefly talked. So now, I was waiting on a guy that may or may not show up and may or may not find a wedding ring in THE Atlantic Ocean if and when he got here. Then, my phone rings, John says that he is at the beach and to come meet him. We are off to a good start all things considered.

All week, we were talking about how small the beach has become over the years but walking over the dune I never remember it seeming so big. There was no chance we were finding it. At least when it is lost for good, I will have the satisfaction that I at least I tried everything I could think of. Donna and I are at the beach with John pointing out where I am pretty sure I lost it. Thanks to the dude that made sand dolphins btw.

John is walking a grid from the beach all the way into the water about chest deep. From the beach into the water…back to the beach and then back into the water. He stopped to dig a few times but nothing. Then he looks up and asks me what my ring looks like. This dude found my ring less than 4 hours after it fell off.

That is unbelievable.

                                                                                                               Call John Favano!


Lost Wedding Ring Found Ocean City, NJ

from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-215-850-0188

I received a message from Dave on my Ring Finders South Jersey page stating that he lost his wedding band.  I contacted him immediately and arrived at the beach shortly after.  After speaking with Dave about where the lost ring might be, the search was on!  The ring was found and returned after a quick grid search near the water’s edge!!!  The couple is now able to enjoy the rest of their vacation in Ocean City, New Jersey!


Lost Ring Del Mar Calif.

from Carlsbad (California, United States)
Contact: 1-760-212-6588

Just after my late shower I see a voice mail,  a young lady asking if I could help them find a ring in the sand. 6 or more people on hand and knee’s for hours could not find it.  Took a bit for us to talk and I was on my way.

As I get my gear out and head to 18 th st I see three ladies waiting. Few min talk and we are walking down to area of loss.  Ok its somewhere in this 20 x20 with one lady to my right sayin Like right here.   I turn on the detector and say ok 5 min.  I started at the far side of where she said and 30 sec, bam.

They all just look as I scoop, miss and scoop again and shake.  Yep there is the ring.  Not always this fast but sure made TheRingFinders.com  look good.

Another happy family and the Word spreads, TheRingFinders.com is WORLD WIDE.  Read the rest of this entry »

Lost Wedding Ring at Ocean View Resorts Campground Lake Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

I received a call from a woman asking for my help finding her son-in-laws wedding ring he had lost in a swimming lake while playing with his kids. she explained that he was really upset about losing it and that it meant the world to him. Hoping I would be able help perform what many consider to be a miracle she asked if I would be willing to come out to the campground where they were staying for the season and give it a try? Securing permission and entry to the lake area upon my arrival we arrived at the beach and Tina & Tim showed me the area where their son-in-law had lost it the previous week. Starting my search moving from shallow to deep water I began a grid pattern waiting for the right signal from my metal detector. After 45 minutes and numerous other coin,junk jewelry and trash items I was happy to see his white gold wedding band show up in my scoop! Waiting and watching from the pavilion on the beach they were amazed when I walked out of the water holding the ring up. We couldn’t wait to send a picture to the couple with the great news that the ring had been found. They couldn’t have been more happy and thankful for my services! Recovery #93 is in the scoop!

Lost Diamond and Platinum Ring in Zuma Beach Found in Rocks and Returned

from Seal Beach (California, United States)
Contact: 1-951-217-5101

I was metal detecting on Sunday morning with a friend at Huntington Beach at about 5:00 in the morning and took a break at 11:00 to get a snack. I saw that I had a few missed calls, so I checked my voice mails and called back. Veronica answered the phone, and told me that her mom Anna, had lost her diamond ring the day before at Nicholas Beach, about 80 miles away just north of Zuma Beach. Five minutes later, I was on my way. Once I got off the 10 freeway in Santa Monica over an hour later, I hit Pacific Coast Highway. Sunday beach traffic was quite challenging. An hour later I met up with Veronica. I followed her down to the beach and met Anna and her husband. What a nice couple! They showed me where they put the ring into a chair pocket the day before, and thought it was lost in that area in the sand. I worked the grid pattern and worked with the detector down to the water’s edge, but no signals. I hoped that the previous night’s high tide hadn’t bur  ied the ring or swept it out to sea. I asked Anna to retrace her steps when she left in a hurry because the high tide was coming in and covered most of the beach with waves. I worked the detector in between the rocks and got some large iron signals. Then I went over her husband’s matching ring to see the sound it was creating. I detected a few more minutes between the beach and the stairs and I got a crisp, loud signal. I said, “this sounds promising!” The next thing I knew, the ring was in my scoop. I handed it to her husband and he handed it to Anna, who was overwhelmed with joy. They had been happily married over 20 years and her ring was custom made, so it was extremely sentimental. It was a 3 hour drive home in Sunday beach traffic, but the looks of happiness and gratitude on their faces made it all worthwhile. It was a pleasure to help such a great family.

Lost a ring on the beach?

from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-215-850-0188

Everyone’s jewelry has a story attached to it and that story ends when its lost in the sand or ocean… The Ring Finders service will help bring their story to life again and continue that story by finding what people thought was lost forever. Rings, wedding bands, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, diamond tennis bracelets, watches, gold pendants… People who have given up the search now have a second chance!

Lost Engagement Ring on Beach in Atlantic City,NJ Recovered by NJ Lost Ring Finder!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

Found it! Received a call from Dan (NYCPD) officer that while on the beach with his family today in Atlantic City his wife had lost her engagement ring. He marked out the area where they felt it was lost and within minutes of searching my White’s Beach Hunter ID got the hit and the beautiful diamond ring was in my scoop! They were extremely happy! Another great recovery! #88 for me!

Lost Jewelry? I Can Find It!

from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)
Contact: 1-856-296-9258

As the 2017 summer season approaches here at the New Jersey shore the crowds will be headed to the beaches to soak up the sun and swim in the ocean. With this activity there will also be the unfortunate events of people losing their precious,sentimental jewelry and ruining their fun memories of vacations and events. This is where I come into help! With my top of the line metal detectors and over 30 years experience I can find what you feared lost forever and bring those memories back! Whether it’s on the beach or in the water I would be very happy to provide this very productive to you as I have done for others in this unfortunate situation.   My 89 successful recoveries to date! So Don’t Give Up! Give me a Call ASAP!