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Lost and Found Tungsten Ring, Stafford, Virginia

  • from Fairfax (Virginia, United States)

June 8th: Found and returned a Tungsten-Carbide ring lost in the snow five months ago.

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On January 3rd, Stafford, Virginia experienced a big snowstorm. Jeremy’s backyard had so much snow, it broke a large cherry tree. Despite the obstructions from the tree, Jeremy and his three sons broke out the sleds and put the snow to good use! While sledding down the hill, Jeremy raised his arms to shield his face from tree branches. That’s when his wedding ring came off. He searched for several hours, to no avail. Months later, Jeremy heard about “The Ring Finders” and contacted me.

Anyone living in this area can describe how going south on I95 on an afternoon is a sure bet for slow traffic. I correctly gambled that the express lanes toll fee of $15 would save me time. That and the $15 for my gas is why many Ring Finders have a call out fee.

Arrow Pointing to the Ring

A couple of years ago, my friend Brian Rudolph shared the Equinox Visual Display Indicator (VDI) range for Tungsten-Carbide rings.  Using his numbers and my own experience, I set a reasonable range for targets with the accept/reject option before beginning my search.

Jeremy showed me the area where he felt the ring fall off. With Jeremy, his wife, and three sons watching, I assembled my equipment and began a methodical sweep of the area. I picked up a couple of trash targets (common in all lawns), making sure they would not interfere with the ring’s signal. About thirty minutes later, I received a strong steady signal. I looked down and saw Jeremy’s ring partially covered by debris. Despite being a heavy ring, it was not more deeply buried after four months! It was such a pleasure to find and return Jeremy’s ring.


Jeremy’s Ring


For my detecting friends, the Tungsten-Carbide ring had a 20-21 VDI on my Equinox with a stock coil.

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Don’t give up. Many of my clients have bought, borrowed, or rented a metal detector before calling me. Just because someone has a tool, it doesn’t mean they know how to use it. I use state of the art equipment, and I have thousands of hours of experience searching on land and underwater. If you have tried using a detector without success, please call to see if I can help.

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Lost Wedding Band Found Wilmington DE By John Favano

  • from North Wildwood (New Jersey, United States)

James and Meagan were walking on the bridge at the Riverwalk in Wilmington, DE when his ring slipped off his hand and landed in the marsh. The couple, who was just married three weeks ago, searched for the ring for a few hours with no luck. They found fellow Ring Finder Dave Milstead online who was not available for the day, so Dave contacted me. I met the couple at the Riverwalk and found the band four inches deep in the mud after a quick search.

Lost Tungsten Wedding Band Recovered in Calgary

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

I received a call last evening from Orla, she explained that her husband had been cross-country skiing in a park area in Calgary, Alberta and had fallen and lost his Tungsten Wedding Ring.  We agreed to meet the next day since it was already dark.  We got together at 3:30 pm the next day and made our way over to the park area.  The climb down to the track was a bit slippery considering it was a steep hill and I’m not as limber as I once was, but we made it without mishap.  Once at the track through the trees, Orla pointed out the 2-meter x 3-meter area where her husband had fallen and I started to work.  While there was quite a bit of snow the long grass had been bent over by the weight of the snow making a loose but thick base for a ring to fall into and through.  However, after just a few passes over the area my Metal Detector came through with the bright tone I was hoping for and after scratching through the snow and grass out came a bright silver colored Tungsten Wedding Band.  Orla was thrilled to get it back as they had already looked to no avail.   Another super happy customer of the Ring Finders.

Happy Lady with Husbands Ring

Lost Wedding Ring – Recovered in Okotoks

  • from Calgary (Alberta, Canada)

Married Two Weeks and Already in the Dog House
Over the weekend I heard from a distressed young man who had lost his Tungsten Wedding Band, in a wooded area in Okotoks, Alberta.  Chris went on to explain that he had only been married two weeks and needed to find it and it was only a short 10 minute walk into the woods.  I agreed and headed out to Okotoks a 74 km drive from Airdrie.

When I met Chris at our agreed location, he went on to explain that he had been in the wooded area with some friends they had a camp fire and a few libations and he had fallen while walking through the bush.  They had been out hunting for it a couple of times and his friend even bought a toy metal detector but it wouldn’t even find coins on top of the ground.  However, they did mark the area were Chris had fallen.

Once we got to ground zero, Chris asked if he could do anything to help.  I reflected back to when my kids were little and I would detect a resort beach and put straws in the sand, at each signal the kids would take turns digging up coins at the end of the beach they would have enough for ice cream, there I go rambling.  Anyway,  I told Chris he could use my Garrett Retriever and rake away the over burden when I got a signal.  I got a pretty good signal and Chris went to work and I carried on when about 6 ft further on I got another signal and changed direction of my sweep to center it when I saw it was the ring.

I looked over at Chris and he was still feverishly scraping the same spot it was getting a bit deep, I thought I could here Chinese voices coming from the hole he was creating LOL.  I called out to him, Chris,  check this signal out it sounds pretty good, he came over bent down and immediately saw it.  This was a fun outing and Chris was a very happy man and gets to get off the couch.  Thanks for the generous reward Chris.

Chris had already read my Ring Finder Blog and Posed for this just like he'd seen on my Blog.

Chris had already read my Ring Finder Blog and Posed for this just like he’d seen on my Blog.

A nice Tungsten Ring Chris was thrilled to get it back

A nice Tungsten Ring Chris was thrilled to get it back

Lost Tungsten Ring Redington Beach

Doug Brosack, Stan Flack, Mike Miller, Unknown Couple and Tom Jones

The day before their 3rd anniversary, this man lost his wedding band in the Gulf of Mexico. The detecting group were on the beach to meet another couple that had lost  a platinum wedding band  the previous day. Tom Jones saw this couple thinking that they were the people he was meeting and approach them. He found out that they were not the couple he was meeting. In turn the gentleman said that he too had lost his wedding band yesterday.  The four detectorist hunted for about 45 minutes then the Tungsten ring was found.

To everyone’s surprise the couple had disappeared. 30 minutes later the lady shows up and was in tears when she learned that the ring had been found. She phoned her husband who had resolved that no one would be able to find his ring and told him to “get down to the beach now.” The couple was so happy that their anniversary weekend getaway had been saved.

After everyone parted ways Tom realized that in all of the excitement no one remembered to exchange names or contact information.

They will be remembered as the “once again happy, 3rd anniversary couple from Queens NY.”