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Lost Gold Chain, Corona, California…..FOUND!

  • from Corona (California, United States)

There was sadness and a hint of despair in the phone call I received from a mother of a young football player.
She explained that last night her son, Luka, had football practice at a local park and was wearing his 18k gold braided chain they got him from Italy, with a gold cross. Somehow it got snagged and broke somewhere on the field. After searching, Luka found the cross but was unable to locate the chain. Then, in another stroke of bad luck, he dropped the cross and couldn’t find it.
So the sadness and despair was warranted.

I told his mom, Maddy, that I was immediately available and we met at the park.
After she and Luka showed me the area he thought he lost it, I began doing a grid search, but without luck. I expanded the search area and in less than a half hour found the chain just a bit further out.
Mom was ecstatic and gave me a big hug. Maddy and Luka went home and I continued to search for the next two hours for the cross but was unable to locate it before having to leave. I hope to go back and continue the hunt.

With mom’s permission I’m posting Luka and the Found Chain!

UPDATE: I went back to the park the next day with my other metal detector. A slow and concentrated search in the muddy area of the practice field, which was pointed out by Luka’s coach and another young football player the day before, brought success! The gold cross was also found!

STOLEN – Gold Chain And Sentimental Diamond Ring Recovered, Ellenbrook, Perth, Western Australia.

  • from Perth (Australia)

Bella’s Precious Has Returned

Hi all. I was recently called out at night to do a search of bushes at a park in Ellenbrook for stolen property. The gold chain and ring had been thrown into bushes by the thief.

When I arrived a distraught Bella informed me that the gold and diamond ring had been passed down to her and that it virtually never left her house. She had been searching on hands and knees for three hours and looked somewhat relieved to see me and my metal detector. After an investigation of the facts I formed a search plan and then began a methodical search including each bush one at a time..
I had thought OMG this could be a long and frustrating search..
Luckily only the path margins were loaded with metal rubbish, so I had estimated how far a chain and ring might be thrown and started to work parallel to and about 30m out from the path, back and forth towards the path.

Good plan that as about 20 mins later.. a soft scratchy signal together with a solid tone sent me straight to my knees without even looking at the I.D Experience told me this would very likely be what I was looking for. A bit of a poke around in the leaf litter at the base of a bush with my pinpointer and BINGO! Bella’s precious chain and ring appeared in the beam of my headlamp.

I Think Bella’s Beanie Say’s It All!

I poked my head up and looked straight at Bella who was waiting anxiously on the footpath for news.. I smiled from ear to ear as we made eye contact and I slowly raised her chain and ring into view..
I stood up and bounded out of the bushes to Bella who’s tears of joy had already started to flow..
So rewarding.. And that feeling never gets old, in fact its downright addictive!