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Ring found under the snow in the Kansas City Metro Area

  • from Saint Joseph (Missouri, United States)

I got a text from David and Kaylee about his wedding ring that was lost in the snow. Their mailbox is down at the bottom of a snow covered 45 deg. incline that’s about 20 long. He slipped coming up the snow covered hill after getting the mail and  put his hand in the snow to catch himself, the ring vanished.

After a few minutes of finding metallic trash (nails, pull tabs, etc.), I scanned a snow covered area with my Minelab 900 and a 75 popped up on the display. After moving some snow out of the way, I spotted the tantalum wedding band.

Wedding Ring Lost In The Leaves, Found With A Metal Detector, In Standish, Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Saturday evening, November 11, I received a Facebook PM, from Steve. The message said

“I am David * ******** **** brother and I live in Standish. I lost my wedding ring in my driveway and unable to find it. can you help and how much would you charge”?

I immediately message Steve back and told him I had worked with his brother and would be willing to to help him but that I was unable to search, because of my knee replacement surgery, just 5 days earlier. I asked Steve if he or someone else could search, using my detector. I told him that I would get the Minelab CTX-3030 all charged up, programmed for what we were searching for and all someone would need to do is slowly swing the coil over the ground. I also asked Steve, where the ring was lost, and how?Steve messaged me right back and said he could do the actual search. He also said that he was moving some wood, from the side of his home, to just outback of his house and when he finished, he noticed his ring was missing. He said it would be along the driveway, to the pile of wood outback. Not very much of an area and the ring would definitely be in amongst all the fallen leaves, in or along the driveway.
We then made plans to meet at his home, in the morning, around 8:00am. My wife would drive me and I would just make sure Steve has a properly working metal detector and my guidance. My wife and I arrived at approximately 8:20am as the 40 minute drive was longer than I expected. Steve was there to greet us and the three of us exchange pleasantries and small talk for a few minutes. I then asked Steve to show me where the ring was lost and the route he was using between the wood piles. When Steve showed me the area, I knew it should be a fairly quick search, as the area was not very large. I then turned my detector on, got it ground balanced and gave Steve a quick tutorial. I also put my wedding ring amongst the leaves and Steve was able to hear the tone and see the screen.
As Steve stated the search, he almost immediately received a signal, which sounded good but the VDI screen was saying it was 5 inches deep. We did ou due diligence and checked the leaves and the top of the soil, with my pinpointer. It was not the ring and we did not dig the target to find out what it was. Steve stated swinging again and within 2 minutes had a very good target. My wife put the pinpointer into the leaves, found the target and pulled out Steve’s Gold Wedding Ring. The entire search lasted just 3-5 minutes. Steve was extremely happy and grateful to have his ring back. I just love finding people’s lost items and seeing the looks of happiness across their faces.

Gold Ring With 3 Diamonds Found On A Maine Beach, Returned To Owner In California

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On October 9th, 2023, I received the following PM, from Wendy,

“I lost a gold ring about two-three weeks ago somewhere between the tennis courts (GRB Assoc) and the entrance of the beach in front of the Tides – at GRB. Had I known of your service I would have contacted you immediately.

I live in CA – if you think you could help – I would greatly appreciate it. If you think it is a lost cause – I totally understand”.

I immediately replied and told Wendy I would be happy to help. Wendy replied with the details of what transpired, leading up to the ring being lost.

Wendy had been playing tennis at the Goose Rocks Beach Association tennis courts and had taken her ring off and put it in her pocket. After chasing a few errant tennis balls and walking over to a utility shed, Wendy then walked a 1/2 mile to the beach and once there, climbed over the boulders at the entrance to the beach , that the town of Kennebunkport had placed there, in preparation for Hurricane/Tropical Storm Lee, which was scheduled to arrive the next day. Once Wendy climbed over the boulder and got to the beach, she realized her ring was missing. That’s right, the ring could be on Goose Rocks Beach Association property, anywhere along the 1/2 mile walk to the beach and the beach itself. On top of all that, the ring had been lost 3 weeks previously. Wendy had retraced her steps all the way back to the GRBA Property, without any luck. Well, I do love a challenge and this was certainly a challenge.

Two days later, I went to GRB, in Kennebunkport and thought to myself, “How am I going to find her ring that was lost on September 14th, almost 4 weeks ago. Well, start where she found the ring to be missing and work your way up to GRBA property, a 1/2 mile away.”

I decided too start at the Edgewood Avenue beach entrance , which is where Wendy said she climbed over the boulders, then go up to Wildwood Avenue, Community House Road and then to the Association tennis courts. This is the route Wendy said she took. I finished up at the beach entrance 1st and no luck. As I went up Edgewood Avenue, I detected the lawns, as I stood on the side of the roads, reaching onto the lawns between 3 and 5 feet. After approximately 3 hours, I had completed all of Edgewood and Wildwood, up to Community House Road. As I walked back to my car, I also checked some lawns on the opposite side of the street, in the off chance the ring had rolled/bounced across the road, or even thrown by a lawnmower, sometime in the last 3+ weeks. Nothing even close to being gold was detected, but there was still a lot of detecting to do and ground to cover.

The next day, October 12th, I went back and detected the GRBA property. All the walkways, around the tennis courts , out near the shed and the lawns. Again, 3 hours and nothing. All I had left was Community House Road. I wasn’t able to get back there until October 20th. When I did, I decided to try detecting around the entrance, across from The Tides Club. Wendy had originally mentioned she entered the beach there and it was 1 block south of Edgewood Avenue entrance. Well, no luck there either, so I drove back up to the GRBA property, parked and worked my way down Community House Road to Wildwood Avenue. Still no luck. I the crossed the street and searched that side of Community House Road, back up to GRBA property. Absolutely nothing.

On October 26th, after watching the news all day, about the Mass Shooting, in Lewiston, Maine, just 45-50 miles away from my home, I just had to get out of the house. I decided I would go detecting at GRB and a negative low tide was enticing. I would also check a few spots on Edgewood and Wildwood, that were on the opposite side of the road Wendy had been walking. I detected the low tide 1st with only a few coins found. As I was searching the beach , I found myself about to exit the beach at Proctor Avenue, when, BANG. A very solid low tone and a 12-20 repeating on my Minelab CTX-3030’s VDI Screen. Definitely got excited on this target, as it was definitely in the gold range. I removed my pinpointer and stuck it into the sand. I found the target and hand dug out the item that was 4-5 inches deep. The last hand of scooped sand revealed a gold ring with 3 diamonds. YES, I had found Wendy’s ring, by accident, or had I?  Wendy never mentioned she entered the beach across from Proctor Avenue. She had only mentioned Tides Club entrance, which was 2 blocks north and Edgewood, one block north. Could Wendy have gotten her street names mixed up. She was after all back home in California.

I texted Wendy and had her accurately describe the ring and telling her I had found a ring but not in the area she described. Wendy immediately texted back gold ring, 3 diamonds and a spring clasp on the inside of the ring to fit her finger better. I had never seen a ring with a spring clasp and the ring I found, had one Wendy described the ring perfectly. When I told her I had definitely found her ring after being lost for 6 weeks, to the day, her response was “OMG!!!! Where and how did you find it”? After going over the details, Wendy agreed she most likely had gotten her streets mixed up. She then told me

“Bless your heart. I am so happy! I never, ever thought I’d see that ring again”.

Now the only thing left to do is to mail Wendy her ring, in California, which I did, asap.

Wendy received her ring, in California on 10/30/23 and texted me the following, “Thank you so much Dennis! So thrilled to get my ring back”! Wendy also sent me a photo of her holding her ring for the 1st time in almost 7 weeks.

I just absolutely love helping people like Wendy. There is no better feeling than to help people in need.

Gifted Necklace From Grandfather Lost On A Beach In Saco, Maine. Found with a Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

I received a message from Gary, a friend and fellow detectorist. Gary told me about a lost necklace and it was just 3 1/2 miles from my home, that he had seen on a Facebook post. Would I be willing to look for it? Of course, a lost necklace in my hometown is a given. I took the information and contacted Ashley, the originator of the Facebook post. Ashley told me the necklace belonged to her daughter, Kalleigh and Kalleigh was upset she lost it because the necklace was a gift from her Grandfather. Ashley described the events leading up to the necklace being lost on Bay View Beach, in Saco, Maine. I sent a photo of an aerial view of the beach and asked Ashley, if the areas I had marked, on the photo, were where she thinks the necklace was lost. Ashley replied yes but they had also been about another 100 feet, further south and she sent me a photo with an area marked off. In total, I was looking at an area of approximately 250-300 feet long, running parallel to the shore and about 30 feet deep, from the high tide mark to the dune grass. I then Told Ashley that I would go down to Bay View, 1st thing in the morning, when the sun came up.
I arrived at the Beach at 6:30am and admired the sun, which was just starting to rise. A beautiful scene, as always. I decided to start my search where they had been on the beach and work my way towards the lifeguard station, where Kalleigh realized the necklace was missing. I performed a grid search, starting parallel with the water. I broke up the approximately 250-300 feet by breaking the area down to 4 quadrants and slowly gridded each area. Not many targets either. Other than a quarter, there was nothing else, other than an occasional pull tab and the metal handle of a few sparklers. As I was about to finish up my 3rd quadrant, I received a signal that kept bouncing between 12-45 and 37-47. The first set of numbers indicated a non-ferrous item, most likely a dime or quarter. The second set of numbers were definitely a ferrous target. Depth on my CTX-3030 was indicating 4-5 inches deep. I then took my scoop and pulled out the sand. The target wasn’t in the 1st scoop of sand. I took out my pinpointer searched the hole with it. Once I found the target, I scooped a handful of sand and there it was, the gold necklace. I had found Kaleigh’s lost necklace. I immediately took a picture of the necklace and sent it to Ashley. Her reply was, “OMG, Thank you so much. She is going to be so happy “. Ashley and I then made plans to meet up a little later and return the necklace.
When Ashley and Kalleigh arrived at my home, I could see Kalleigh’s very large smile just beaming, as the walked across the street, towards me. Those smiles are the reason I absolutely love doing this. There is no better reward that to see pure joy and happiness on someone’s face. I then learned that Kalleigh’s grandfather had personally made the necklace and gifted the necklace to Kalleigh for Christmas, 2 years prior. This is the absolute best job in the world and on top of all the smiles, I got to see a beautiful sunrise.

Apple AirPod Found With A Metal Detector on A Beach In Southern Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023, I found an Apple AirPod, as I was Metal Detecting a local beach. I didn’t see it at first because it was among the White Sea shells and blended right in with the shells, but the detector kept going off. Once I saw it, amongst the shells, I scooped it up and looked around, hoping to see someone who may have just dropped it. Absolutely no one in the area. The Apple AirPod was not wet at all and must have been lost earlier in the morning.

I then started a grid to see if I could find the other AirPod. I was unable to find the matching AirPod and thought that the owner, may have only lost the one. Now I needed to find the owner.
Once I got home, I placed several posts on Facebook asking if anyone had lost an Apple AirPod. I placed the post on Lost and Found – Maine, and a couple of the local community sites. I had asked if anyone had lost their AirPod and if they had, where did they lose it. I had a few people contact me but the AirPod was no where near the areas that they had lost theirs. Then, on Sunday October 8th, I saw a message from Rita. Rita had lost her AirPod’s and it was exactly where I had found it. Now I had found the rightful owner. Unfortunately Rita had lost both of her AirPod’s but was happy to be getting one of them back, as she could still use the one I found. Rita thinks she lost them while walking her dog on the beach. The dog had broken away from her and she put the AirPod’s were placed in one of her shallow pockets, to chase after the dog. They must have fallen out of her shallow pocket as she chased the dog.
We made plans to meet up a few days later, so that I could return the AirPod. Today, October 12th, we met and I was able to return her AirPod. Now, I will be on the lookout whenever I go to the beach.

Lost Gold Wedding ring found in Interlochen, Mi with a metal detector.

I received a call from Vivian today while I was at work. Vivian needed some help because her husband had lost his Gold Wedding ring for the second time.

It was lost in the water at a private house in 2 feet of water.

I met them after work the same night. I started with a grid search, then after being in the water for 20 minutes, I found the ring.

This was a nice little short search after work.


Lost my Ring in Maple Ridge…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 

While I was on a search in Maple Ridge, looking for a young man’s wedding band a lady and her kids were walking by and asked me if that was a metal detector, I said yes and that I was here helping a young man who lost his ring in the snow. She asked if I do house calls, I said absolutely, she told me her husband lost his gold wedding band the other day in the backyard making a snowman for the kids. We exchange numbers and I told her I would call her as soon as I was done finding the ring I was looking for. The ring was found and I made contact and was off to meet her husband Matt and search for his ring.

When I got there, Matt was waiting outside to show me where he was making the snowman and where he believed his ring would be, it didn’t take very long and I found his beautiful gold ring while he was on the phone with his mechanic. This was my opportunity to fake him out and surprise him with his gold wedding band. I absolutely have so much fun and love my job more than anything I’ve ever done, just to see his smile and how much it meant to him to get it back. I wish I could’ve been doing this for 50 years.





Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.

Lost ring recovered, Lincoln, Ne

  • from Lincoln (Nebraska, United States)

If you lost it let us find it. Rob Lyman 402-580-6933. We were contacted about a ring that was lost during a walk. The ring had priceless sentimental value because it was her late mothers. Her husband had spent 2 evenings looking for it. Nelson my 12yrld son who is also my partner took on the challenge.  He got the information needed to start the search. Within 1 minute he had the signal he was looking for. Tears of joy then joy to a smile thanked us.




Lost ring in Surrey, found in snow.

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 

It’s been a cold couple of weeks with with a lot of snow and more to come with a warm front and lots of rain on the way… I got a call from a young man who asked if I could help him find his white gold ring that his father gave him. I asked him where he believed he lost the ring, he told me he was blowing snow to clear walkways at his workplace, he believed the ring came off when he took off his gloves. After asking a few more questions, he said there could be a couple of areas that I’d have to check but he was confident it was in the area he showed me first.

I started my search and after 30 minutes I could not find the ring. I started expanding my search area and found it 15 yards away from where he thought it would’ve been and where he had searched for it.  It’s amazing how far these rings can fly…For me it’s all about asking the questions and the detective work that follows. Yes some searches are easier than others for me but there has been a lot of my customers that have rented or bought detectors that couldn’t find it themselves then I come in and find it in minutes…That being said I have over 50 years of experience and I look forward to helping anyone who needs something found.





Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.

How do you find a lost ring in the snow? Vancouver

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 

I received a text message from a young lady who was asking for help to find her lost diamond engagement ring in the snow. I called her right away and got the details, set up a time, and went out immediately to help her find her engagement ring. When I met Via show me the approximate area that she remembered shaking her hands because they were cold and wet. Snow searches, if people know where they’ve lost their ring it don’t usually take too much time to find.

It’s just getting into the area where they believe it came off. This search took all of five minutes, Via put me in a great area and I was able to find her smile pretty quickly. I heard later that she got married in September and her husband was out of town and he was the one in India who found TheRingFinders website and sent the link to his wife. The rest is history.






Vancouver Ring Finder Chris Turner- Ring Recovery Specialist…Lost your ring?… Metal Detecting Service/Call ASAP  Anytime   778-838-3463 I have the best job in the world, I love helping people more than anything I’ve ever done in my lifetime. I get to make people smile, I get to hear their stories of what their ring/lost items mean to them and how happy it makes them feel when I find it.