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How to Find a Ring in The Snow…Vancouver, BC

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

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Yesterday December 26, I got a message from a young man who asked me for help to find his lost white gold wedding band  in the snow. He lost his ring while tobogganing with his daughter, he took off his glove and his ring must have fallen off his finger into the snow somewhere. I was at my grandson’s that day giving him his Christmas presents and spend some time with him, we love and miss him so much, he lives on the island. After our visit we took a ferry back home to the mainland, I met up with Sean and he showed me the approximate area where he believed he lost his ring.

Sean spent hours in the snow looking for his ring that day but did not find it. I started grid searching the area and did not find it where he thought it could’ve been, this is no big deal as most time people put me in the wrong area. The most important thing is to expand the grid until you find it, the search took me a total of 20 minutes before I found this beautiful white gold ring.
















Oh yeah by the way it was 16° very cold my moustache was freezing lol thankfully the search only took 20 minutes and we both were on our way back to our homes, mind you I was on my way back to a cell phone search in a big park.

I truly love my job, I have the best job in the world, I get to find peoples lost smiles and see how it affects their lives!

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Platinum wedding band found in Kingsley, Michigan with a metal detector.

I received a text from Ed asking my availability due to the holiday weekend. He was cutting some wood with a saws-all and noticed his Platinum wedding ring missing after he finished. I told him, I need 10 minutes to load up and can be to his house in 20 minutes.

Once at Ed’s house he took me to the fire pit area to start the search. I did a grid search and found the rind after 10 minutes searching. Because the soil in our area is sand based the ring was already an inch under the surface. Ed was happy to have his ring back.

Heirloom Woodgrain Gold Wedding Band Lost in Seattle Snow 2021

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Brandon’s lost gold wedding band in the snow.

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Brandon contacted me during our Seattle 2021 snow event about his 14k gold wedding band that got lost in his neighborhood. When I arrived he showed me a residential street that had a really good angle to it where they have been snow sledding two days prior. By this time most of the snow had melted away and the road was down to bare asphalt. I knew I had to act quickly if the ring was to be found before all the snow milted away. In high traffic areas there is always a high potential for some one to eyeball the item making the recovery process that more uncertain and added steps to take. 

After he described what took place and pointing out the key areas he went back to his home to tend to his work. I quickly got my gear and got to the mission at hand. As I have done so many times in the past I quickly divided the area up in to priorities and the roadway was my prime focus. Active traffic, and only a few small bits of snow quickly milting away I knew I had to clear this section without delay.

As I got just past half way down the hill in the middle of the street I made a statement of how amazing it would be to find his ring in one of the snow drifts. As I was detecting a very thin patch of snow in the middle of the road I let out a prayer that God’s hand of protection would be upon his ring and that it would be recovered and before I could get the words out of my mouth completely God answered my prayer! My detector rang out a strong solid signal, a quick swipe of my pin pointer and I had his ring in my hand! Thank you Jesus his ring was recovered less than an inch away from a tire tread that went straight through this very patch of snow of where the ring was recovered. God certainly did protect his ring as there was not even a scratch on it. Beautiful, clean and pristine 14k yellow gold with a wood grain pattern carved into this piece constructed of heirloom gold from his father’s wedding ring made this a very special recovery.

We are so happy for Brandon’s wedding ring recovery.  We trust in God that my prayer will continue on for the protection of this ring as its story continues on with Brandon’s life long adventures.

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SeattleRingHunter Reunites Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt with her Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap

  • from Mercer Island (Washington, United States)


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Watch this recovery video of Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt’s Texas A&M Aggie Diamond Ring Wrap!

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Professional Soccer Player Ally Watt connected during our 2021 snow event asking for some help. Sadly she told me she had just lost a gold diamond ring throwing a snow ball for a photo. I asked her if this was a wedding ring and she no and did not offer any further details of the ring. She had learned of my services from my local metal detection shop when calling to rent a machine. The weather was quite crazy as we don’t typically get that much snow so it generally catches us off guard in the Seattle area. Ally had been out near Point Defiance when she lost her ring. Due to the snow and all the was taking place I was not able to meet her that same day. However she lives very close to the area she lost her ring so I did all I could to help her over the phone until I could make the trip. She came out the next days and searched for her ring. At first she didn’t realize she had been over a parking lot of snow. A few days past her loss she had received a cheap metal detector purchased on line and it basically did not perform all that well for her only turning up a simple coin. She tried to detect her friends ring in the snow and said the machine didn’t even respond. Admittedly having no experience with the cheap metal detector it was no surprise she did not locate her ring with the detector. By the time I was able to meet her in the parking lot a few days after the loss I learned more of the story. This is when I learned it was a Texas A&M class ring and that she had just found the ring the day prior visually searching the slushy snow! She also informed me that there was still a missing God Diamond Ring Wrap that she could not find! By they time I arrived the parking lot pavement had been plowed clear of all snow. Having been in the snow the past few days recovering other rings I knew this snow to be soft and light when it first fell. With what she told me I suspected when the ring flew off her finger the ring and diamond wrap separated. The chunky gold Aggie ring sank in the snow as where the Diamond Ring Wrap quite a bit lighter in mass stayed up a little hither in the layers of snow. When the snow plow came thought the parking lot I was hoping the Diamond Ring Wrap got pushed to the edge of the parking lot in the piles of snow. She was very fortunate to have eyeballed her Aggie class ring and to have found it undamaged.

I had a decision to make as we often do, either go right or left. I chose the right side of the parking lot first as the snow bank was not a hight as the other side. Always do the easy low hanging fruit first! No ring wrap, so off to the left side and still no ring wrap. Determined I continued to work up the parking lot when I finally got my first real solid target. I was not sure but had a pretty good anticipation this was it. After a few quick swipes of my detector and pin pointer I had a snow ball in my hand and pulled her Gold Diamond Ring Wrap completely undamaged from its snow packed hiding place! Thank you Lord for protecting this precious diamond ring wrap. She was quite concerned that it could have gotten run over by a car but fortunately we are thankful to report it was recovered undamaged. She was extremely pleased with the results of our efforts. With big proud smiles she put her ring back on her finger ready to live through the next adventure life brings her way.

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Lost Engagement ring found in Roscommon, Michigan

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

This adventure started with a text from fellow ring finder Chuck Raison. He asked if I could go to Roscommon to look for a ring. He had commitments the next two days and Karyn would like some sooner. That turned out to be a good idea on Karyn’s part.

I met Karyn at 6:00 pm at a cross country ski shop and got the details. She had lunch outside on Friday with a friend then they went skiing. She did not realize the ring was missing till after she woke up Saturday morning. She had searched her house and car and could not locate the ring. That’s when her thoughts took her back to Friday and spending time outside in the cold. Her Fiancee did an internet search and came up with The Ring Finders and here we are on Monday night.

I started the search in the parking lot in the area her car was parked. I search the intimidate area where the car was and the area where they plow the snow. I searched the snow piles and had no luck. Then the search moved to the front of the building and the sides of the road. The trails are across the road from the business. No luck in those areas also. Then we moved the the deck where she had lunch outside. I searched the outside areas where they shovel the snow off the deck and had no luck. Then, I moved up on the deck and the area was shoveled clean and I thought there is no chance the ring is up here somebody would have picked it up. I walked around the deck area and once I rounded a black plastic spool they were using as a table, I spotted a round shining ring on the ground. I called Karyn over and said is that your ring? She picked up the ring and we were both in disbelief on how the ring sat in plain view since Friday and nobody picked it up.

Lost Grandmothers ring found in East Providence RI.

  • from Woonsocket (Rhode Island, United States)

It was late afternoon when I received a message from a very upset Allison.  She had lost her grandmother’s ring while playing with her dog in the snow at a local tennis park. At some point, she removed her gloves, and the ring fell off into the snow.  She didn’t know where the ring fell off.  Allison and her wife tried to find the ring but didn’t have any luck.  They even bought a metal detector and couldn’t find it.  Allison then turned to the internet to see if someone could help her find her grandmother’s ring.  That’s when she found TheRingFinders website and contacted me.  I responded that I would help and was on my way.  When I arrived at the park, it was dark.  I started my search with Allison holding a flashlight.  I walked about 20 feet, and the first target I hit was the ring.  She was very happy to have this family heirloom back.

Engagement ring found in the snow Petoskey, Michigan with a metal detector

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

This adventure started with a Facebook message from Jasmine asking if I was available the next day. We exchanged messages for about a 1/2 hour. I got an address and details on the lost ring. I agreed to meet her the next day after work.

I got to her house and got the details and the search area. She was outside the back of the house playing with her dog in the snow. She was in an area about 25 feet by 40 feet. After going back into the house she immediately noticed the ring missing. Jasmine and her fiancee went and bought a metal detector from a local big box store and had no luck. They also used a blow torch to melt the snow without any luck. Then she searched “metal detector specialist” and my Facebook page came up.

I got the area down and started the search. Within the first 2 minutes into the search, I knew this was going to be a hard search. I was hitting 5 signals per swing of the detector. I ended up telling her this was going to be a hard find because all the signals. I asked whats with all the pocket change in the grass. She said her fiancee likes to throw his pocket change out the truck window into the grass. I ended up telling her not to wait outside with me this is going to take awhile. The temperature was below zero with a light wind. I initially tried to clear every signal and finally realized it would take a month to do that. I ended up putting on the 6″coil and just look for a gold signal. I knew by the size of the ring it should ring up between an 12:02 and 12:10 on the ctx. So after 2 hours and 10 minutes, I finally get a nice sounding 12:05 on the ctx. Slightly moved the snow with my foot and saw the ring sit up straight. I left the ring as it was and went to get Jasmine from the house. I almost had to drag her out of the house she was moving very slowly. She later explained to me, that just before I went to get her, she came to terms with herself that the ring was gone. We got out to the ring and I shined the flashlight on the ring and said I think your going to be very happy. She looked down at the ground and once she realized it was her ring she started screaming and jumped straight up into the air. She thanked me about 10 times and I just kept playing it down like normal. Then she said “No! you don’t realize what this means to me, You’re my hero you saved my wedding! I’m going to name a child after you!”. I was left speechless and didn’t know what to say after that. It turns out the ring was made from both grandmothers wedding rings being melted down to make this ring. They put the wedding on hold till this ring could be found. I’m not going to hold her to naming a child after me. If it happens, I would be happy to bring my family up to Petoskey to meet the child.

Jasmine, I was glad to help you and save the wedding.

Custom designed Platinum wedding ring found at a Traverse City beach.

  • from Traverse City (Michigan, United States)

My wife showed me a Facebook post from Keri. She had lost her Platinum wedding ring while at a local campground beach when throwing a football. Her post told the location of the lost ring. I told her I could help, but she needed to take the post down asap. I informed her someone would go in and get the ring and keep it. She took the post down and I went to work.

This call should have taken me 20 minutes to complete but ended up taking 2 1/2 weeks. The beach she was at metal detectors are not allowed. I’m not going to go into all the details here. I’ll just say due to a miscommunication between the park staff and Keri the permit took 2 1/2 weeks to get. Once I got the permit, I read the whole thing to make sure I followed all the rules on the permit.  One of the rules was, I could not be in the swim area when the the area is open for the day. So, I waited till 10:00 pm and went to hopefully get the ring. 2 1/2 weeks is a long time for a ring to sit at a public beach. I know people have snuck into this area at night to detect it, also people camping metal detect the area not knowing they are not allowed to detect the area. One of the other rules is, I could not take any compensation for helping Keri. I left work early twice costing me 4 hours of pay and 5 trips driving to the park trying to get the permit. One other rule was anything I found that was not Keri’s ring had to be turned over to the Ranger station.

In talking to Keri after she lost the ring her daughter paced off steps from a buoy in the swimming area. 34 paces deeper into the lake and 21 paces toward the middle of the swimming area. When backup Dave and I got into the swimming area I paced off to the location and set up marker. We were in the water less than 20 minutes and had the ring. I checked out with the Rangers, turned in the pendant we found and emailed Keri I got the ring. We met up at 11:00 pm and I gave her the ring back. I accepted no compensation for this 2 1/2 week ordeal. I did not ask for a picture of Keri because all issues completing this call.


Wedding ring found in Lake Leelanau with a metal detector

Received an email from Peter that he lost his Wedding ring earlier in the day. He was washing his dog out on the dock. His hands were lathered up with soap and the ring slipped off hit the dock then fell into the water. He looked with goggles and could not find the ring. The search area was pretty small but I was hampered with a lot of other signals in the water. I made a decision to just dig it all and clear the area. One of the trashiest signals brought the ring up. In the scoop with the ring was corroded change a stainless bolt and washer. Total search time was about 30 Minutes. 

Lost wedding ring found with a metal detector at Stearns Park beach in Ludington, Michigan

I received a call from a fellow Ringfinder Greg Larabel about a lost ring in Ludington, Mi. The closest Ringfinder Chuck Raison and himself had other commitments could I take this call. He gave me the phone number for Scott. I called Scott and got the story and set to meet Scott at the location today at 3:00 pm. Scott said he was throwing a football with his son in water about 5 feet deep with his son and saw his 14 k White gold ring go flying off. They searched the area with goggles and had no luck.  I met up with Scott at 3:00 pm got the story again and started the search. Scott walked me out to the area he was in. I had him place two of my snow plow markers as reference points. He mentioned that the wavers were larger yesterday than they were today. I explained to him that will raise the water in the spot he was in, so I might need to search closer to shore. The waves were big today also, I was on my tippy toes and jumping up so the waves did not go over my head. I started at the markers Scott set and worked close to shore. After about 40 minutes I got the only signal of the day and had Scott’s ring. I called Scott and his son over that I had a ring. Showed it to Scott and he verified it was his ring. He said he has no idea how I could find the ring in such a large area. The ring was about 15 feet closer to shore right in line with the marker Scott set.  He said to his wife last night the ring is gone forever and will never be found.  She said let me google it and found The Ring Finders. Scott has a very nice family, I enjoyed talking to him and his wife after finding the ring. Now they can get back to enjoying whats left of the family vacation.