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Lost Ring Doing Yard Work In Haddon Hts, Found By Dave Milsted

  • from South Jersey (New Jersey, United States)





Bob contacted me through my website, asking if I could search for his lost ring. He had been doing yard work, and when he went to Loews for more supplies, he noticed that his titanium wedding ring was missing. We were both available this Saturday, weather permitting. We are expecting 4 days of heavy rain.<p>
Saturday morning was gloomy, but the rain paused; we now have a fine mist. I met Bob at his house. He showed me his work area in the front of the house. He had planted some flowers and placed about 2 inches of mulch. If it is not here, it could be in his backyard, as he made several trips to his shed. I asked if he had searched his car, and he said yes. He also searched the parking lot at Loews.<p>
I got started, and he returned to the house to tend to his 6-month-old & 2 large dogs. I did a quick check of both flower beds and noticed there were a lot of iron targets. This took all of 5 minutes. I dug a few, and they were old nails. So I need to slow down and make a much more thorough check.
About 10 minutes later, I got a signal under one of the bushes. I dug down about 3 inches, and there was his silver titanium ring. I took a few pictures and knocked on his door. Bob came out, and I asked him if I could search the backyard toward his shed. As he was answering and trying to figure out why it wasn’t here, because he was sure this was where it would be, I held up his ring, and when he finally noticed, the look on his face was priceless. I had asked him if he was in the dog house because he had lost his ring, he said no, but his wife was disappointed. She will be happy again.
I love my hobby!!

Making Snow Angels = Lost Ring in Collingswood NJ Found by Dave Milsted

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I received a call from Katelyn. She told me that her husband lost his rose gold wedding ring in their yard yesterday after we received 8 inches of new snow. They have been trying to melt some of the snow after having someone with a metal detector out yesterday with no luck. 

I was at their house about 20 minutes later. Mike & Katelyn came out and showed me what happened. He had just got done making a snow angel and was flicking his hands trying to get the snow off, and away went his ring. 

I turned on my machine and there was a ton of interference. A neighbor must be sending out radio waves to aliens. I tried everything to make the interference stop, no luck. I had MIke place a coin on the ground to make sure I would be able to hear the signal through the noise, and it works. 

I started searching the area. I found the gas line and the waterline. I had a few other signals that were under the frozen ground. Then I got a signal that moved when I tried to clear away the snow. SUCCESS! What a beautiful rose-colored gold ring it was! It took about 15 minutes to find. Both Mike & Katelyn were so happy. They thought that they might have to wait until spring to find it. 

Thank you to Karen & Lynda for recommending me on Facebook!

I Love My Hobby!


  • from Raleigh (North Carolina, United States)
Shawn SGT Whitey Sherrill – Ring Recovery Specialist – Lost your ring?…. Call ASAP – 918-313-2202. Received a text at 3 am from a young lady today who lost her rings in the snow. Late last night, she and her husband spent 4 hours in the middle of the night trying everything they could to find them. I woke up at 5 am, saw a text message from her around 3 am asking for help. I responded and said when I get up, I’ll message her and be up there as soon as I can.
Poor thing didn’t get a wink of sleep last night as she was so worried about her rings being out there!!
It took me about 5 mins to locate both of them. They were about 4 inches apart, in ice, in the road!!!
She was sooooo happy to get them back! I told her to go get some sleep!!!
Love helping people out!
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Early Christmas Gift, Lost Wedding Ring in Barrington NJ Found by Dave Milsted

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My wife got a request for my services from a friend of hers from the gym. It seems that George takes care of several feral cat colonies. On Tuesday when he got home he noticed his wedding ring of 49 years was missing. He checked his gloves, car & trunk. No luck.

We made arrangements to meet Thursday, in the afternoon to start the search, We met and he showed me his routine. We emptied food bowls to make sure it was not mixed in with the chow. We checked the water bowls and supply box. Next, I used one of my detectors, a Minelab Equinox with a very small coil. There are a lot of metal items in the area. The ring was not found, off to stop 2. 

At the 2nd stop, George again showed me his routine. We checked the bowls and the supply box, nothing. He said he did throw some trash in the nearby dumpster. My heart sank. We opened the dumpster lid and it had been emptied. As I was searching the area with my detector, I questioned George about the check of his car and the gloves he wore that day. He said I could check his car if I wanted to. He is currently wearing the gloves he used on Tuesday, and there is no ring in them. 

I finished searching the area with the metal detector with no luck. I moved to George’s car. I looked in the back seat, nothing. I then went to look under the driver’s seat, and there was his white gold wedding ring. He couldn’t believe it was there after he had looked. 

The smile on his face was awesome. He said that his wife told him that the ring wouldn’t be found. This upcoming year will be their 50th Anniversary. Christmas came a few days early for George!

I love my hobby!!

How to find a lost diamond engagement ring in the snow

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

Visiting from Arizona to see her family for Christmas, the recently engaged Fiona, lost her diamond ring while sledding with her younger siblings at their home in Readfield, Maine. After renting a metal detector and spending several hours searching without luck, she found me through the Ring Finders website and reached out for my assistance. Due to a busy schedule as Christmas approaches the search had to take place after sunset, so with a Winter Solstice full moon and trusty L.L. Bean headlamp illuminating the area the ring was located buried in a couple inches of snow after about an hour of searching.

Metal Detecting Service – Lost Ring in Snow Bethel Connecticut… Found!

  • from Stonington (Connecticut, United States)

Metal Detecting Service – For most, snow in the forecast means shoveling and scraping ice off your car. For those with kids, snow also means sleigh riding, building snowmen, and snowball fights. Steve was out in his front yard, sledding down the hill with his daughter, when he heard the horrifying sound of his ring clinking off the side of the sleigh. This was no standard ring found in any jewelry store. This was a custom ring representing much more than the tie between two people.

The two hands clasping the crowned heart represents love and loyalty amongst spouses and friends. The Claddagh ring has been around for centuries, originating in Ireland and becoming a distinctive part of Celtic heritage and tradition. Steve designed his ring around the Claddagh symbol to represent their Irish heritage. There are different ways a person can wear this type of ring. Steve wears his ring with the heart facing inward to express love and the bond with his wife.

For any hope of finding his custom ring, Steve knew that the sledding fun had to end for his search to begin. It was getting dark, so he grabbed a flashlight, shovel, and a bit of hope to begin his search. He spent a couple of hours digging through the snow on his hands and knees, but the ring was nowhere to be found.

The area was marked with a shovel and bare grass. I knew this was the most likely place to search. Within minutes of turning on my metal detector, I found the ring on the outer edge where Steve was digging. Steve was so close to discovering this ring himself! He must have bumped the ring with a shovel while he was searching because I found it only a couple of inches under the snow on the edge of the cleared area.

How to Find a Lost Ring in the Snow

Lost ring in the snow? It happens all the time – brushing snow, scraping ice, throwing snowballs, sleigh riding. Suddenly your ring goes flying. Don’t waste your time renting a metal detector. Stop and mark the area where you believe the ring is lost. If plowing occurs in your parking lot, block off the site to preserve the ring’s location. My jewelry finding service covers Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and other surrounding states. If you have a lost ring or something of value, contact me now at 860-917-8947 or


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Lost white Gold Diamond Wedding ring in the Snow, Regina, Saskatchewan

  • from Moose Jaw (Saskatchewan, Canada)

Lost white Gold Diamond Wedding ring in the Snow, Regina, Saskatchewan

Judy sent me a text yesterday at supper, she had lost here white gold diamond wedding ring in her back while untangling the dogs chain it was dark out side. She was distraught over loose. They purchased a cheap metal detector from Canadian
Tire but had no luck finding the lost 1 carat ring. She googled and found my info on The Ring Finders Website.

I called Judy immediately and arranged to meet her the next day at her home in Regina. When I arrived Judy showed the approximate area in the snow that it was fell of her finger. the out side Temperature was -14 and the was about 2 inches on the ground. The ring was found 10 feet from the original location and rang up a solid 44 on the AT Gold.

Judy was very happy and could not believe I had found it.

Lost Engagement Ring in Arlington, VA…Found in Snow After 6 Days Makes Engaged Couple Happy Again!

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Meg’s 1 Carat Diamond 14 Karat White Gold Engagement Ring


Just a few days before I met Meg and Kenny, our Maryland, Washington D.C., and Virginia area had a significant snow storm. As in the case with this engaged couple, another ring goes missing as a result of newly fallen snow.


I received a call on the 17th of January from Meg, a resident of Arlington, Virginia who shared that she and her fiancé were out on their deck, as the snow began to fall so beautifully the night of the huge snow storm. It was very cold outside and when Meg pulled off her glove, her engagement ring went flying over the deck railing and into the snow. She and her fiancé searched for hours upon hours but they could not find the ring anywhere. It was as if it completely disappeared into thin air. When they could not find it that night and into the next day, they rented a metal detector and searched for Meg’s gorgeous 1 carat diamond engagement ring for the next couple of days (the two are getting married this October 11th!). Even though they gave it all of their efforts, their plan led them no closer to where the ring had gone missing.

Brian Rudolph, The Ring Finders, finds Engagement Ring in the Snow, Arlington VA

Fiance’ Meg’s Beautiful Engagement Ring Found in the Snow

They finally gave up on the third day and by the fourth day they looked online to see if they could find a professional metal detectorist who could help them find the bride-to-be’s beloved engagement ring. The one they contacted happened to be in a state far away from them. However, since the gentleman and I are both members of the same national directory of metal detectorists called The Ring Finders, he referred the couple to me as I do searches for people in the Arlington, Virginia area, so it worked out well for me to come out that evening to recover their ring.


Meg’s Beautiful Engagement Ring Back on Display

I will not forget that night because it was freezing cold out. It was somewhere in the low twenties fahrenheit. After finishing up with a client in Washington DC, I traveled in the snow, across the Potomac River and met the couple at their Arlington, Virginia home. All three of us reviewed all possibilities of what may have happened to the ring. The very fact that they could not find it for so many days started to make them wonder what could have possibly become of their ring. I started to question if somebody picked it up along the narrow path behind their deck. They didn’t believe that scenario was possible.

I spent a good amount of time asking the couple many questions as to what they believed may have happened to the ring. They recounted where they stood and how the ring flew forward, most likely over the side of the deck railing.

As I have learned over time, there can be so many different theories that play in the minds of those who lost their possession, and sometimes none of those scenarios line up with what really happened to the lost item. We would surely discover at some point what held true in this case.

Fiance' Meg of Arlington, VA So Happy to Have Her Engagement Ring Back!

Fiance’ Meg So Happy to Have Her Engagement Ring Back!

After getting all of the information I could possibly gain, I headed out into the night, first searching on their deck with my headlamp, my harsh weather attire and metal detecting equipment, in search of the lost engagement ring. Kenny and I moved the furniture from one side to the other and I detected over the ice and snow that had built up on the deck; at least what actual snow was left on the deck. You see, earlier that week, Kenny and Meg took a huge flower planter of hot water and poured the water all over the deck to melt the snow and ice in order to hopefully expose the ring. But it didn’t work. They also collected snow and poured it out into the bathtub and melted it and covered the drain hole so that if the ring was in the snow, it would not go down the drain. I was so hoping that when they melted it in the bathtub that the ring didn’t accidentally go down the pipes but they assured me that they were extremely careful.

Arlington VA, Celebrating the Return of Meg's Ring

Brian and Kenny Celebrating the Return of Meg’s Ring

I must have been outside in the frigid cold for nearly two and a half hours searching from the deck area to down on the ground below and on the path behind the deck area, but there was no ring to be found. There were also a lot of underground cables and wires that the detector was picking up every which place. This was probably very frustrating for Kenny and Meg when they tried to use the rented detector, because there were too many distracting signals. Also, there were so many pull tabs and pieces of aluminum foil scattered about that it had to make their lives miserable trying to discriminate between treasure and trash. This is why most metal detectorists do not recommend people renting a metal detector or buying a metal detector for the purpose of searching out an area, because more times than not, their searches end up empty-handed, as well as their pockets!

After a few hours, I called it a night and promised them that I would work out my schedule to return the next day to attempt a second search. I’m a stubborn man and I will not be beat by any important piece of metal gone missing! Especially precious pieces of gold, silver and platinum!

Kenny and Meg So Happy to Reunite With Meg's Engagement Ring! Arlington, VA

Fiance’ Kenny and Meg So Excited to Have Back Meg’s Engagement Ring!

So the next day I returned and searched for hours. I must have gone over the same areas a dozen times but nothing turned up. I searched the deck again, I searched the path, under the deck on my hands and knees, searching along the fence line and over on the adjacent neighbor’s property just on the other side of the fence in case the ring flew over the fence and down the hill. I was getting a few good signals but no ring surfaced. I dug in the snow all over the area and nothing was turning up. Kenny would come out to check on me from time to time and I told him that the ring had to be here if he is was confident that it did not fall into the hands of someone walking on the path. He was pretty certain nobody had walked back there since the time of the ring’s disappearance. Therefore, my last idea was to return to the deck for another search, but this time I would try something new. I knew that it was unlikely that the ring ended up in the location that I would check, but it was my last idea for the time being.

I decided to move all of the furniture to one side again and then begin to gather up all of the snow and ice that I had already checked along with snow and ice that had accumulated under the aluminum siding of the house that came down to where the deck joined the back of the house. I used my knife to sweep the “runaway” ice and snow out from those crevices and shoveled it all into the master pile in the center of the deck. It would mean that only a little bit of snow and ice that was not accounted for originally would be detected, so I wasn’t very confident that it would make a difference, but I would try nonetheless.


Fiance' Kenny Calls Meg to Share the Great News! Arlington VA lost ring found in the snow by Brian Rudolph

Fiance’ Kenny Calls Meg to Share the Great News!

Meg was at work and Kenny was inside when I took my detector and did a few swings over the master pile of newly gathered snow and ice and to my surprise a new signal and number that correlates with a white gold type of metal illuminated on the screen of my machine! My heart raced and I hoped so much that these numbers and tones were telling me that I had gathered up into the pile the gorgeous 1 carat diamond engagement ring that I had been looking for for so many hours! I got down on my knees and began to search the place that the detector was leading me to, and yes, there it was! The missing engagement ring was finally found! Apparently, it had ricocheted off of the decks railing and bounced onto the deck floor and landed under the aluminum siding of the house where the deck meets the siding. No metal detector would have been able to differentiate between the siding and the ring because the ring was stuffed underneath the siding on the deck, and the detector would have just picked up the siding before it could reach the signal pertaining to the ring! My knife apparently pushed the lovely piece of jewelry out from underneath its hiding place and into the main pile to be checked and that’s when I found it!

I was so relieved to have found the ring because I really only had one last option before having to start all over again and hope to somehow stumble over the spot that I must have constantly missed, even though I didn’t think I missed anything at any place during all of the hours the night before and that day.

Brian Rudolph of The Ring Retturner and The Ring Finders Celebrates Ring Return With Meg and Kenny

Brian Rudolph Celebrates Ring Return With Meg and Kenny

The best part of the recovery was doing a fake-out with Kenny when I asked him to come to the back door to ask him more questions about the disappearance of the ring. His face was just indescribable when he saw the amazing ring that he once had in his hand on the day that he proposed to Meg in Seattle, Washington. He gave me the best hug and we rejoiced together that I finally discovered the hiding place of that stubborn, but most fantastic looking gem!

Kenny then contacted his wife and you could hear how emotional Meg had gotten on the other end of the phone when she heard the wonderful news!

I love what I do for people because it’s so rewarding to see the smiles and hear the sounds of relief when something so precious and so reflective of certain moments in time is recovered and returned to the finger, wrist, neck or ear of the owner who lost it!

I was just so happy and relieved for this lovely couple. I did not want to get stumped over this missing ring. It just was not going to happen. I packed my things up and agreed to stop by later so I could take a photo with the two of them and we could all watch the video of the moment that I found the ring and see Kenny’s memorable reaction when the ring was revealed in my hand and he went bananas! That was a blast!

I left their property feeling so good about the end result! I pictured their upcoming October 11th, 2019 wedding to be a day when Meg’s beloved engagement ring would be joined up with a lovely wedding band that Kenny will be placing on his bride’s finger during that unforgettable autumn day to come! Congrats to Kenny and Meg for the ring returned to them and their wedding that will soon arrive!

Fiance' Meg and Kenny Proudly Display Engagement Ring Once Gone Missing!

Fiance’ Meg and Kenny Proudly Display Engagement Ring Once Gone Missing!


Thank you for reading my beloved story of this happy engaged couple who were so relieved that their ring was returned to Meg for the BIG DAY!


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Lost Gold Texas A&M Aggie Class Ring in Laurel, Maryland…Found in Snow by Ring Finder!

  • from Washington (District of Columbia, United States)

Rohit’s A & M 14 Karat Gold University Ring

The Eastern coast had an entertaining snowstorm the week of Sunday January 13th. Our area got around 11 to 13 inches of snowfall. For our area of Maryland, D.C. and Virginia that’s pretty significant! I got a call the day after the storm from a nice young man named Rohit, living in the Laurel, Maryland area. He sent me a text and left a voicemail message around 11am sounding quite distressed about what had happened to his ring. He said in the text, “Hi Brian, my name is Rohit and I lost my univelost ring in snow, Laurel MD gold university ring, Brian - The Ring Returner finds ring in snowUniversity Ring Found by Brian Rudolph, lost ring in snow, lost and foundrsity ring in the snow, yesterday night in Laurel. I found you through The Ring Finders service on Google. Do you think you can help me find it today?”

I immediately called Rohit and scheduled to meet him near the location of where he lost the ring. It turned out that he was taking a walk in the snow with a friend around a community lake late at night during the snowstorm. Rohit recalled to me that he remembered making his way up a snowy hill when he slipped and he believed his Texas A&M University ring slipped off his finger at that point. He searched for a good long while with his friend in desperation of recovering his very special gold ring that he obtained upon graduating with a doctorate degree at Texas A&M University. Unfortunately, to no avail, and Rohit was empty handed that night. He said he barely could sleep as he thought about the possibility of not retrieving his priceless reward for all his hard work over the past many years.

As I shared, the snow fell heavily the night before and we had quite a bit on the ground and on the roads. But I managed to get over to his Laurel, Maryland housing development and met him over on the other side of the lake where he lost the ring. Rohit walked me between some houses overlooking the lake and over to the hill where he believed that the ring was lost. After asking him a long list of questions, I agreed

lost A & M ring found in Laurel MD, metal detecting in snow

Rohit so happy to have his ring back! Thumbs up!

Best metal detector, Brian Rudolph, how to find a lost ring in snow, How to metal detect, lost ring in snow, metal detector rental Laurel, metal detecting for gold, theringfinders, Where to buy a metal detector

that it was best to start the search in the vicinity of where he was most certain that he lost the ring. I started at the top of the hill and then worked my way down. I was so hoping that there wasn’t too much traffic of people walking the same path after the snowfall. There were quite a few boot tracks left in the snow from the night before and in the morning.

Within no time, as I neared the bottom of the hill, my detector picked up a signal that matched what a heavy University gold ring would match up to. I didn’t even need to dig in the snow because just as I bent down to have a look at what my detector was picking up, I saw a glimpse of gold coming through the ice! It was Rohit’s beloved ring! I was so happy that I found it for him! It probably took less than 10 minutes of searching! As he was holding some of my photography equipment, I requested that he come down the hill and take a look at what I discovered. I know Rohit was getting excited as he took each step towards where I was standing. And just as he reached the place where I was standing, a huge smile came on his face

how to metal detect in snow, lost ring in snow, university ring found by Brian Rudolphbecause he was looking directly at what I had discovered

lost ring found in Laurel, MD, happy smile returned to ring owner after university ring goes missing

Thumbs up for Rohit as he wears his A & M ring, Laurel, MD

moments earlier! It was just the best scene to see him reunited with his university ring!

I was so happy for him and I was overjoyed at being able to return such a priceless possession back to the hand that had worn it so proudly

The Ring Returners, The Ring Finders, find my ring, how to find a ring in the snow, Laurel, Lost & Found Rings, Lost ring Laurel MD, lost university ring, metal detector rental

before this incident occurred.

Rohit kept thanking me and I told him it was my pleasure to assist him in recovering the ring.

I am confident that if Rohit had waited much longer to call me and if I was not able to get out when I did to try to find the ring, someone else would have discovered his ring because as the photos reveal, it was a large shiny gold ring for any eye to easily behold! Enough boots had walked over it so that some of the gold was already peeking through the snow and ice.

Once we got back to my car I invited him to take a seat on the passenger side so I could drive him back to his place. I had no idea that he was going to walk around the entire lake to meet me earlier! Now, he was returning back home with his ring which was returned to his finger! He gave me a big bear hug

Rohit Stands at the Place Where Ring Finder – Brian Rudolph Recovered His Ring

of thanks as we said our goodbyes and then I was off to Virginia to another appointment.

Another smiley face made for one happy Texas A & M University graduate! Rohit said, “I’m going to sleep a lot better tonight!”



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How to Find a Lost Ring in Snow/ White Rock, BC…

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

Victim #4 (Lost Ring) due to the latest snow storm… Very shortly after my third successful recovery as I walked into my place to sit down and start the video process for my recent recovery, no sooner do I sit down, I get another phone call for a lost ring not far from where I live. I got a tell you, I love each and every call, the excitement of going out to help someone…The young lady who lost the ring her name was Alana, but I was on the phone with her mother who told me her daughter bought a metal detector to search for a diamond ring her grandmother gave her just the day before… I could tell by the tone of her voice that she believed the ring was gone. After talking for about 10 minutes I was confident that the ring would be found.

I asked her where she had lost the ring, she said one of 3 places…House, car, snow. Snow makes the most sense to me, so I arrange to come and meet them and search around the car we’re she was scraping snow off the windshield. When I first got there I met Alana and we discuss the possibilities and where we should start the search. She takes me over to the car we’re she was scraping snow off the windshield. Alana and her mother watch on as I begin to metal detect that area.

The first target signal turned out to be a target in the grass, not her ring. A few steps after that another signal and Bang! found it! This was a very quick search, most of our time spent was discussing where the ring could be, and it was where I thought it would be.

Picking up the ring without them knowing and then surprising them is always fun for me. I feel as good as the person I found it for!!!










I love my job! If you lost your ring call me ASAP 778-838-3463

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