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Two Diamond Engagement Rings found with metal detector at Pemaquid Beach in Bristol, Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I received a call from Don who explained that his wife Emma had lost two diamond engagement rings in the sand at Pemaquid beach in Bristol, Maine the day before. One of the rings he gave her and the other was one that had  belonged to her Great Grandmother. I met Emma at the beach and she took me to the general area where they had been sitting, after a few minutes of searching I was able to locate both rings and reunite them with her.

Lost Gold Signet Ring found in Long Lake in Mount Desert, Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

I went to Long Pond in Mount Desert after receiving a call from Luke, who had been referred by fellow Ring Finder Bill McDougall who assessed this recovery would require diver search capabilities. Luke had lost this heirloom signet ring that had originally belonged to his dad and had been passed down to him. The ring was lost last summer in 4 feet of water while kayaking in front of the family camp, his Great Grandmother had purchased about 90 years ago. The bottom was particularly soft with 8 to 12 inches of mud and quite a collection of branches, leaves and lily pads. After a substantial search that yielded a slew of pull tabs, nails, and bottle caps, I was able to locate the ring which had settled down into about 6” of mud. The signet inscription “en tout fidele” means “in all faithfulness” and just as he and his family have been faithful in their stewardship and preservation of their camp for several generations, this ring has been saved and can someday pass to another generation as well. As always a portion of the generous rewards I receive will be directed toward a worthy cause, so I feel it is fitting to contribute to the badly needed roof restoration of the Conway Homestead & Cramer Museum in Rockport, ME so that this local treasure too may be saved and passed on to the future generations of our community and its visitors to enjoy.

Water Shutoff Valve Found Outside The House In Old Orchard Beach, Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Tuesday August 1st, 2023, I received a text message from Tish. She and her husband needed to find the outside water shutoff valve, at their home in Old Orchard Beach, Maine. She told me they were available until 11:00 am and it was 9:00am now. I immediately texted her back and told her that I would be there in 15-20 minutes. This call out would be a first for me. I had never tried to find a water shutoff, in the past. How hard could it be?

Once I arrived, Tish and her husband explained that their inside water shutoff was rusted and could not be shut off, in the case of an emergency. They wanted to find the outside valve to shut water off to the house, so that a new inside shutoff valve could then be installed. As I started detecting the area, I started getting lots of hot rocks that had been placed over the lawn, and we removed them as I found them. I also found an old, large rusty railroad spike and lots of old rusty nails, but no shutoff valve. As the trash was being removed, I received a very loud signal on the CTX-3030, showing it to be in the iron range and at a depth of 0-1 inches. We scraped back the rocks, dug a very shallow hole and the spade hit something solid. Scraping back a little more soil brought the water shutoff valve into the daylight. Now Tish and her husband may contact the local Water Company to come shut their water off and have their new inside shutoff installed.

Gold ring lost while cleaning snow from a car recovered in Bethel, Maine

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)

  • I received a call from Joseph on New Year’s Eve after he had lost his diamond encrusted gold ring clearing snow from his fiancées car. The ring had been a Christmas gift and after efforts to search with a security wand type detector were unsuccessful, I was called to conduct a search of driveway. After about 15 minutes I was able to locate and return the ring to Joseph who was elated to get it back. A portion of the reward will be donated to the Gary Owen House for Veterans in Searsmont, ME.

Wedding band lost in Maine lake recovered

  • from Rockport (Maine, United States)










I received a call from Shawn who lost his wedding band during a swim race against his brother last summer at their family camp in Otisfield, Maine. I was unable to locate the ring on my first search and after being haunted by this for some time  I decided to get permission to return to the site for another try which resulted in a successful recovery in about 8 ft of water.  I mailed the ring to Shawn who was back home in Connecticut, happy to have closed this cold case on a brisk fall afternoon.