Lost Ring found in Key West Florida

  • from Vancouver (British Columbia, Canada)

I’ve been in Florida for the last little while enjoying the nice winter weather and doing some detecting. I met with my Key West member Alex who helps a lot of people out here, I met his friends Dorothy and Mary Lou, who were detecting the beach.at night after the crowds went home.

It was relatively a slow night loaded with the typical garbage, bottle caps, pull tabs & some coins. That night I did manage to find one ring. I believe it was a prayer ring with the lords prayer on it and some crosses. I showed Dorothy and Mary Lou and Mary Lu really liked it, I said you can have it because the chances of finding the owner were very slim as this is a tourist destination, and people come and go.

The other thing was someone should’ve found Alex right away because he has such a strong presence here and people know him and let others know to call him If anybody loses anything on these beaches… he’s the man.

Would you believe the next day I was doing a little night hunting at the same beach, a young man came up and asked for help looking for his Lost Ring exactly where I found it the day before. I knew this was the owner and I also knew I gave the ring away… Boy was I embarrassed! I called Alex and asked if he could call Dorothy and explain the situation and Dorothy’s friend Mary Lou had no problem giving back the ring for me to give to this young man.


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