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Wedding Ring Lost In The Leaves, Found With A Metal Detector, In Standish, Maine

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Saturday evening, November 11, I received a Facebook PM, from Steve. The message said

“I am David * ******** **** brother and I live in Standish. I lost my wedding ring in my driveway and unable to find it. can you help and how much would you charge”?

I immediately message Steve back and told him I had worked with his brother and would be willing to to help him but that I was unable to search, because of my knee replacement surgery, just 5 days earlier. I asked Steve if he or someone else could search, using my detector. I told him that I would get the Minelab CTX-3030 all charged up, programmed for what we were searching for and all someone would need to do is slowly swing the coil over the ground. I also asked Steve, where the ring was lost, and how?Steve messaged me right back and said he could do the actual search. He also said that he was moving some wood, from the side of his home, to just outback of his house and when he finished, he noticed his ring was missing. He said it would be along the driveway, to the pile of wood outback. Not very much of an area and the ring would definitely be in amongst all the fallen leaves, in or along the driveway.
We then made plans to meet at his home, in the morning, around 8:00am. My wife would drive me and I would just make sure Steve has a properly working metal detector and my guidance. My wife and I arrived at approximately 8:20am as the 40 minute drive was longer than I expected. Steve was there to greet us and the three of us exchange pleasantries and small talk for a few minutes. I then asked Steve to show me where the ring was lost and the route he was using between the wood piles. When Steve showed me the area, I knew it should be a fairly quick search, as the area was not very large. I then turned my detector on, got it ground balanced and gave Steve a quick tutorial. I also put my wedding ring amongst the leaves and Steve was able to hear the tone and see the screen.
As Steve stated the search, he almost immediately received a signal, which sounded good but the VDI screen was saying it was 5 inches deep. We did ou due diligence and checked the leaves and the top of the soil, with my pinpointer. It was not the ring and we did not dig the target to find out what it was. Steve stated swinging again and within 2 minutes had a very good target. My wife put the pinpointer into the leaves, found the target and pulled out Steve’s Gold Wedding Ring. The entire search lasted just 3-5 minutes. Steve was extremely happy and grateful to have his ring back. I just love finding people’s lost items and seeing the looks of happiness across their faces.

Gifted Necklace From Grandfather Lost On A Beach In Saco, Maine. Found with a Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

I received a message from Gary, a friend and fellow detectorist. Gary told me about a lost necklace and it was just 3 1/2 miles from my home, that he had seen on a Facebook post. Would I be willing to look for it? Of course, a lost necklace in my hometown is a given. I took the information and contacted Ashley, the originator of the Facebook post. Ashley told me the necklace belonged to her daughter, Kalleigh and Kalleigh was upset she lost it because the necklace was a gift from her Grandfather. Ashley described the events leading up to the necklace being lost on Bay View Beach, in Saco, Maine. I sent a photo of an aerial view of the beach and asked Ashley, if the areas I had marked, on the photo, were where she thinks the necklace was lost. Ashley replied yes but they had also been about another 100 feet, further south and she sent me a photo with an area marked off. In total, I was looking at an area of approximately 250-300 feet long, running parallel to the shore and about 30 feet deep, from the high tide mark to the dune grass. I then Told Ashley that I would go down to Bay View, 1st thing in the morning, when the sun came up.
I arrived at the Beach at 6:30am and admired the sun, which was just starting to rise. A beautiful scene, as always. I decided to start my search where they had been on the beach and work my way towards the lifeguard station, where Kalleigh realized the necklace was missing. I performed a grid search, starting parallel with the water. I broke up the approximately 250-300 feet by breaking the area down to 4 quadrants and slowly gridded each area. Not many targets either. Other than a quarter, there was nothing else, other than an occasional pull tab and the metal handle of a few sparklers. As I was about to finish up my 3rd quadrant, I received a signal that kept bouncing between 12-45 and 37-47. The first set of numbers indicated a non-ferrous item, most likely a dime or quarter. The second set of numbers were definitely a ferrous target. Depth on my CTX-3030 was indicating 4-5 inches deep. I then took my scoop and pulled out the sand. The target wasn’t in the 1st scoop of sand. I took out my pinpointer searched the hole with it. Once I found the target, I scooped a handful of sand and there it was, the gold necklace. I had found Kaleigh’s lost necklace. I immediately took a picture of the necklace and sent it to Ashley. Her reply was, “OMG, Thank you so much. She is going to be so happy “. Ashley and I then made plans to meet up a little later and return the necklace.
When Ashley and Kalleigh arrived at my home, I could see Kalleigh’s very large smile just beaming, as the walked across the street, towards me. Those smiles are the reason I absolutely love doing this. There is no better reward that to see pure joy and happiness on someone’s face. I then learned that Kalleigh’s grandfather had personally made the necklace and gifted the necklace to Kalleigh for Christmas, 2 years prior. This is the absolute best job in the world and on top of all the smiles, I got to see a beautiful sunrise.

Lost Ring Jersey City NJ…. Found

  • from Millburn (New Jersey, United States)

I received a text from Stuart saying he had lost his wedding ring while gardening on Saturday.  He said he knew it was in the bags of leaves and grass that had been cleaned up.  We set up a time for early the next day for me to come out and search the bags for the ring.  I arrived the next day and met Stuart.  He was awesome, out of the probably 15 bags of leaves he was able to tell me the three most likely candidates for the missing ring.  And, the ring was in the second bag.  He made my job easy, and I was very happy to be able to help Stuart find his ring! 🙂