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  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

On Sunday July 7th, I was in Dover, New Hampshire, searching for a lost Engagement Ring. I checked my phone and saw, I had a text message, from 3:09pm. It was now 4:01pm. The message read as follows,

“Hello ring finders,

Hello, my husband just lost his wedding band at Scarborough, Maine beach this afternoon. I know what area of the beach we were swimming in, it was high tide and I’m thinking at low tide there will be a chance of finding it. Is this something you can help with?”

I replied

“So sorry to hear this. I am actually searching for a ring in Dover l, NH, at the moment. May I call you when I finish here and on my way home?”

The message came back as yes and I continued searching, in Dover, NH for another 1+ hours. During that time we messaged each other back and forth, as I had a few questions. I found out that the ring belonged to Riley and his wife Marybeth, had found out about my Emergency Metal Detecting Service and contacted me.

Marybeth and Riley had gone to Scarborough Beach State Park, for the day, to enjoy the beautiful weather and were surfing from approximately 11:30am to 1:15pm, when Riley noticed he was no longer wearing his wedding ring. They then got out of the water and searched the area, as best the could, but the tide was now, at high tide.
Once I got home from Dover, we started communicating again. Marybeth told me that she and Riley, were returning back to Scarborough Beach State Park and were performing a visual search, in the hopes they would find the ring. They were not able to find the ring and it was now, that Marybeth took a video of the area, they were surfing in and sent it to me. It was an extremely large area, perhaps 500-600 feet long and the width was approximately 150 feet. I sent her some aerial shots of the area asking her which area were they in, so I could better understand where they were. Marybeth also told me the following

“We were Past section 4 on your map, the surf section .
It’s a gold men’s wedding band that has a unique ridge/twist on it
We just got married a few weeks ago. We did a private ceremony and our reception party is coming up in August so we are really hoping we’ll have the ring back for that 🤞🏼
Thank you so much for your help!
1) the deepest we went out was 6 feet deep. I know that for sure because that’s how tall my husband is and the deepest we went was him just barely being able to touch the bottom

2) we know for sure it came off in the water. We went out surfing at 11:30 am and he was wearing it. We noticed at 1:15 it was missing and so we stopped surfing then

3) yes section 5

WHAT? NEWLYWEDS!!! Only married a few weeks and they have their upcoming reception party. I really need to find this ring, for them.

With the video to watch and the map now confirmed as Section 5, The surfing section, I told Marybeth I would arrive at SBSP, around 5:45am, to take advantage of the low tide.
I did arrive at the location, parked my car and walked down to the surfing section, a walk of almost 1/2 mile. Once I arrived at the Surfing section, I saw just how large of an area it was and came to the realization, I was going to be here, for a while. I decided the area was too big, to do all at once. I would cut the area, in 1/2 and start searching, mid beach, where the tide was now lapping over. I would perform a horizontal grid search, to the shore and search as much area as possible, just knowing, I could come back the next day and finish, if necessary.

Once I started my search, I dug a small hole and threw the sand up, into a pile. This would be my starting point and a marker for me. I always dig a small hole and make a small pile of sand, at the end of each grid line, turn around there, take a 1/2 over and go back towards the previous pile of dug sand, dig hole, turn around again and continue repeating this method, so as not to miss any area. It has worked well for me, in the past.

I had now searched approximately 50-75 feet, of my 1st grid line, when I received my 1st signal. It was a little scratchy , in sound, but the VDI was a decent 12-24, on the VDI Screen. Definitely in the gold range. I dug into the sand, with my scoop and threw it up, into a pile of sand. I couldn’t see any target, so I pushed some of the sand, out of the way, with my foot. I then saw a very small piece of something gold, in color. I reached down and it was a 14k Gold Ring and it looked just like the one, in the photos, that Marybeth had sent me. I absolutely couldn’t believe it. Not even two minutes and I had found the wedding ring. I just need to have Marybeth, to verify this was Riley’s Ring. So I made a video and even though it only 5:56am, I didn’t think anyone would mind, if I sent them a text, of the video. I then sent the video and 5 minutes later received a reply, from Marybeth

“No way! That is amazing!!! 😭♥️
Can you send another picture to confirm that’s it? It appears to be!”

After sending 4 photos and asking her if there was an inscription (There Wasn’t), I received another reply

“Yes that’s it! The only engraving would just be the 14k stamp. I am so grateful! ♥️ I will coordinate with my husband on when works best for him to pick it up from you in Saco.”

Thank God! Riley would be getting his wedding ring back, in time for his August reception. I can’t tell you how good this makes me feel, to be able to help people out, in their time of need.

Plans were made to return the ring to Riley, on Tuesday, July 9th, once he got out of work. When Riley arrived, he was just so happy, that he was getting his ring back. A ring, he put on his finger, for the first time, on May 8th, his wedding day. He told me that he thought he would never see that ring again.

Marybeth, texted me and told me

“Again, we are so grateful for you and all of your help! When we give a speech at our reception party in August, I am going to share this story and how grateful we are for you 🥰”

Prayers answered!

  • from Fernandina Beach (Florida, United States)


Got a call and off I went!   Lost the ring on the beach and was so upset!   She said a prayer and after a 3 hour search, I was able to dig up her ring!    So glad I could help!    God Bless!!

Gold and Diamond Ring Lost in Bridgton, Maine Lake, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and Return #46

As I raced, from the kitchen, to my living room, to answer my phone, it stopped ringing. I then saw a voicemail had just been left. The transcription read, as follows

“Yes, hi Dennis, my name is Judith H***. I live on Highland Lake in Bridgton, Maine and a friend of mine was visiting and she lost her ring. She was in the water at my property and its waist deep. It’s about a 12 x 12 area and we are calling you to see if you might be able to come and rescue her wedding ring. It’s a very sentimental ring. It was her mothers. My number is 9 0 4- ***-****, again Dennis this is Judith H*** and I’m hoping to hear back from you with a return call thank you bye…”

I immediately called back and Judith answered. She explained that her lifelong friends Anna and Maureen, have been visiting her, at her lakeside home. Anna had lost her very sentimental ring, when she jumped, into the lake, from the wharf. Anna could see the ring, in the very clear water and reached down to grab it, but it disappeared, into the sand and rocks. Judith and Maureen then joined Anna, searching for the ring, that was no longer visible. Then neighbors from surrounding homes, joined in. Still no one could find the ring. It is my experience that once many people start searching for a ring, in the water or sand, there is a good chance of moving, said ring, outside the search area or deeper into the sandy bottom. When I mentioned this, to Judith, she told the searchers, to stop searching, so they wouldn’t move the ring any further. Even though Anna had gone into panic mode, over her mother’s wedding ring, it was the right thing to do. No need to possibly make the ring, much more difficult to find, by moving it around or sending it deeper, into the sand.

Since it was now going on 8:00pm, I told Judith, I would leave my home, in Saco, around 7:00am and make the nearly 1 1/2 hour drive, to her home on Highland Lake, hoping to arrive at approximately 8:30am. This would allow me to get my Minelab Excalibur ll onto the charger and get a full charge, for this water search. I also would get the rest of my equipment, towel,change of clothing, etc., and load the vehicle up tonight and leave, 1st thing, in the morning, right after loading the Excalibur ll, into the vehicle.

Cheryl and I left the house as planned and arrived right at 8:30am. It was explained to us, by the three friends, that yesterday they were very hot and decided to jump into the lake. They had put lotion on and jumped. When in the water, Anna actually saw her ring, come off and down, down, down to the bottom it went. Once it landed, on the bottom, of the lake, she could still see it. When attempting to retrieve the ring, it moved deeper into the sand and rocks, out of sight. The resulting search was fruitless. They were certain, the ring was in a 12’ X 12’ foot area.

I entered the water, approximately where they thought the outside limit would be of about 12’. I decided to start there and grid my way, towards the wharf. After about 7-8 minutes, still no ring. I had found and scooped up a brass shell casing, a small lead fishing sinker and a penny.
As I got closer to the wharf, while facing the shore, I got the unmistakable low tone, that I thought could be gold and the ring. My waterproof Excalibur ll does not have a VDI screen, to give me any type of a reading. It is all by tone and sound. This tone got me excited and I told the three friends that if this is the ring, it is not silver, but gold. Silver is a much, much higher sounding tone.
I pressed the scoop, into the sand and rocks, checked the scoop and saw nothing. I checked the target again, lined up my foot with the target, scooped more sand and rocks and started shaking the sand out of the scoop. It was then I saw Anna’s ring, in the scoop. Once Anna realized I had found her ring, she became extremely emotional, to the point, she was visibly shaking. She was so emotional because her ring, is actually 3 rings, put together, to make one ring. The rings consisted of her own engagement and wedding ring, along with her mother’s wedding ring, which was passed down to Anna, after her mother’s death. Anna was just so distraught, that she no longer had possession of her mother’s wedding ring that she was visibly shaking, during and after the search. WOW, I am just so fortunate to be able to help people, like Anna, not only get their rings back, but the memories that come with those rings. Every ring has a story and Anna now has her story back. ❤️🙏

Gold Wedding Ring, With Diamonds, Lost In The Sand, At Goose Rocks Beach, Kennebunkport, Maine, Found With A Metal Detector

  • from Old Orchard Beach (Maine, United States)

Recovery and Return #43

I saw a missed call and voicemail, on my phone, from 11:42am. It was now 12:11pm and 29 minutes had passed, since the missed call. I immediately checked the voicemail and this was the message,

“Hi good morning my name is Chris M***** and I was on Goose Rocks Beach yesterday. I took my wedding ring off and put sunscreen on and I never put the ring back on . I realized, when we got back to the hotel, that it was gone. We went back to look for it , but I’m sure it kind of fell off my lap and chair and went down into the sand . I kinda know exactly where I was when I was sitting. The trouble is where we have to be on the road at 2: 30 PM today to head towards the Portland airport to go home , we live in Ontario, California . A couple of people suggested I give you guys a call and see if maybe we could find my wedding band. My number is 9 0 9- ***-**** and my name is Chris Thank you…”

WOW! Chris had to be on the road, in just over two hours, to catch his flight, to California. This was going to be a challenging search. I need to drive, from my house, to Goose Rocks Beach, in Kennebunkport, meet up with Chris, to find out where he was on the beach and I still needed to contact Chris. I immediately called Chris back, but the call went straight to voicemail. The pressure was on to get this ring, in 2 hours and I don’t know where it was lost.

I decided to just start driving to Goose Rocks Beach and I would continue attempting , to contact Chris. As my wife and I pulled out of the driveway, I called again, straight to voicemail. It was now, 12:23pm. Another call, about 5 minutes later, straight to voicemail. I was now approximately 10 minutes from GRB , when my phone rang. It was Chris. Chris asked me how this works and I told him that I was already on my way to GRB and would be arriving in 10 minutes. Chris was ecstatic knowing, I was already on my way. Chris told me he and his wife would leave their Hotel, immediately and be there in 20 minutes. He and his wife would meet us, in front of The Tides Club, a Restaurant and Beachfront Hotel.

My wife and I arrived and parking, as usual, was a nightmare. I decided to ask Goose Rocks Beach General store, if it would be alright to park, in their lot. I told them the circumstances and they were totally on board, for me to find the ring, and fast. THANK YOU! The store was a 1/3 of a mile from The Tides Club and I had to move fast to get there. Chris called me and told me they were there. I told Chris, I was walking there at the moment and would see him shortly. I saw Chris standing at the beach access entrance and we started towards the area he had lost the ring in. It was now 1:05pm and less than 1 1/2 hours before he had to leave and catch his plane. I started my Minelab CTX-3030 metal detector up, as Chris showed me the general area. I started performing a grid of the area and then a heard a nice low tone signal. I tried checking my VDI Screen but couldn’t see it in the extremely bright sun. I ran my coil over the area, once again and a nice signal was still there. At that point, my coil had moved the sand, just enough, for me to see a small piece of a silver colored ring. I turned around, and asked Chris to come over. When he arrived, I pointed the the shiny object and Chris reached down and pulled out his stunning White Gold Wedding Ring with Diamonds. I had found Chris’s ring. Chris clenched the ring in his had and threw his fist, into the air. YES, YES, he said out loudly. He couldn’t believe it. It was now 1:08pm. It took just 3 minutes, to find his ring, with 1 hour and 22 minutes to spare. PHEW! Chris felt so out of place, without his wedding ring, he actually had purchased a ring, the night before, just so he would not feel naked, without his wedding ring. Chris was extremely happy and was in disbelief that the ring was found and found that fast. He continued to express his gratitude to my wife and I, as we walked off the beach. I felt so relieved to have found it, before his flight. The stars were aligned!
A lot of things came together, to make this happen. Being retired, gives me the ability to just up and leave, whenever I get a callout. GRB General Store allowing me to park there, to help Chris. Chris telling me that multiple people told him about me and to call me. Chris had no idea that such a service existed. So, a big shoutout to Retirement, GRB General Store and to all the people, who referred me and encouraged Chris to call me.
At 2:18pm, I received a text from Chris. It said

“Thank you again Dennis for today. I went back into town and told several shopkeepers about the good news. I’m still stunned we found it.
Chris and Julie M*****”

I just absolutely love being able to help people, like Chris. Have a safe flight home.

This was my 2nd recovery today. I will have the details of the 1st recovery, this morning, at 6:00am, as soon as I return the ring to the owner. We are in the process of setting up the time.