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Wedding set recovered from yard in Cherry Creek, Colorado

  • from Denver (Colorado, United States)

Erin and Dan moved to Denver from the Miami area soon after getting married. They moved into a VRBO to get by for a few weeks. We received a nice spring snow storm and Erin headed out to back door of their place to let the dog out and do something she couldn’t do in Miami, through a snowball. After tossing the snowball she shook her hands off and that is when both her wedding band and engagement ring slipped off her finger. Erin and Dan spent the next hour of so heating water and trying to melt the snow off the back porch since Erin was beside the porch when her rings slipped off. After several pots of water they gave up and decided to try to find another route to recover her rings. With that being said Erin searched the web and my name came up in the Ring Finders.

Erin called me just as I was getting dinner ready to put into the oven. During that phone conversation she explained her situation and I told he that I would be able to perform the search after I had dinner going. Soon after the phone call ended I had the food in the oven and I loaded up the car with a few detectors and headed out for the search. Upon arrival Erin lead me to the back yard and explained what she did and where she was standing. I put together my XP Deus and made a couple of swings over the yard when heard a promising signal. I kicked back 3-4 inches of snow and there was a gold band laying there. I signaled to Erin to come over, she looked at the exposed area and pulled the wedding band from the ground. She moved a bit more snow and her engagement ring appeared. She couldn’t believe that I had found her ring so fast.

Rings recovered April 16th, 2020


  • from Seal Beach (California, United States)


I got a call on Thursday evening from Rob , he told me how he had  just lost his wedding ring while he was making snow angels with his daughter up on mt.Baldy . We made arrangements to meet at 8:30 the next morning . When I got there it was a bone chilling 30 degrees . A little cold for sunny southern California . Rob met me there and we retraced his steps and did a little detective work so we looked at photos from the day before, we narrowed it down to seeing the ring on his finger before the snow angels to it being missing after he shook off his hands and he stood back up, we walked about 100 yards crossed a running creek until we came across the remnants of the snow angels . Rob was pleasant to talk to and was very helpful in getting us back to the right spot. I took a few swings with the detector, heard  a loud solid signal, scooped down and there was Rob’s heavy platinum wedding band. When I showed Rob, he was overtaken with emotion to see the ring that he was certain was lost forever. Rob unfortunately lost his wife a little over a year ago ,his reunion with the ring was heartfelt joy and sadness. He was grateful , before we went down the mountain we had a very nice conversation about all of the quality traits that his wife passed down to his daughter . I am grateful to the ring finders for the opportunity to help others like Rob. That’s the real treasure for me.

Lost Engagement and Wedding Ring playing Volleyball in the waters of Wasaga Beach 3, ON

  • from Brampton (Ontario, Canada)

Well, talk about pulling at my heart strings!!!

I was contacted via email by a frantic Trish P of Toronto.  Trish was totally overwhelmed and heartbroken because her boyfriend of 16 years finally proposed to her and where married last October!! This definitely pulled at my heart strings and I knew in my heart I could help her and those rings were just waiting for me to find them.

Trish was with her Family and Friends at Wasaga Beach #3. They were playing volleyball in 4 1/2′ to 5′ depth water 175′ from the shoreline when both her wedding ring and engagement ring flew off her finger. They spent the rest of the day searching for hours but could not find them. The next day a friend of her’s guided her to my ‘Metal Detecting for Charity” Facebook page for finding lost rings. I was actually detecting at Wasaga Beach #1 and asked her to head up form Toronto as the sooner I start detecting the area they were lost the better chances I had in finding them. Trish had said she said “I felt it was a needle in a haystack and she didn’t know metal detectors could go in water”. I told her to BREATHE and head on up when she could.

3 hours later I met up will her and her husband Gary (alias Spongebob…little inside joke as I couldn’t remember his name). We walked all the way down to Beach #3 not realize how long it would take. I spent approximately 1 1/2 hours in the water with Trish with no luck. Walking back to shore I got a hit. Unfortunately, it was a men’s wedding ring. My heart sank but I was happy that I had recovered another ring. I told her I was coming back up all weekend dog/house sitting and would not stop searching for it till I found it. Well attempt #2 was in 5′ to 6’ foot waves….CRAZY. I was tossed around and learn just how stubborn I was. Onto the 3rd attempt the following day and again NO LUCK!

The end of July and I headed back up to Wasaga for my 4th attempt. Trish and Gary where also coming up to Beach #1 with Friends. I started that morning with a Prayer to the water Gods, Detecting Gods, Guardian Angels for some Faith, Hope and Luck finding Trish’s stunning rings….I had been in the water at 9:30am and around 2:00pm and thought a couple more grid passes and I’m heading back to get some food and water. An incredible low strong tone…I haven’t heard before had my heart pumping. First scoop out…there was Trish’s WEDDING BAND full of beautiful little diamonds!! I freaked…and then decided a circular grid around this location. 3 minutes later BAM!! The same low strong tone. My heart was racing. First scoop….nothing. 2nd scoop …YIPPPEEEE….there was her ENGAGEMENT RING!! I started to cry and gave thanks to the Gods. I was shaking like a leaf.

I raced backed to shore line beaming from ear to ear and the ladies beside me asked “Did you find anything”…I was overjoyed to show them that I found Trish’s ring set. They were amazed. I quickly called…and texted Trish..leaving messages to see where she was at. I had just been notified on the Friday by Chris Turner the I was Officially accepted to “The Ring Finders” and was super stoked. Chris had suggested when recovering a ring…try to surprise the client.

Sure enough I caught up to Trish and 2 girlfriends as I made up that I was taking a break, stretching my legs and getting food and a hot Tim Horton’s coffee. I had already eaten my TimBits and decided to put the rings in the little bag…..my plotting was starting. I asked to walk over to say hi to Gary to stretch my legs….and then proceeded to ask to do a short little live interview. THEY HAD NO IDEA I FOUND BOTH RINGS!! So slowly getting into the interview and then I couldn’t wait any longer to say…”Oh by the way, I have something for you”…Trish’s JAW DROP with the words “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD…ARE YOU KIDDING ME” there in the TimBit bag were both her incredible 1.7 carat matching wedding/engagement ring set. P-R-I-C-E-L-E-S-S!!! I will never ever forget that moment!! EVER!! not to mention her girlfriends were crying in happiness.

Video of live FB beach interview and the EXCELLENT surprise: https://youtu.be/VT9r-Hkomrk

I still watch the video as it has become my most favourite ring recovery & return!! Trish and Gary made an extremely generous donation to the Charity I snowmobile for… “The Kelly Shires Breast Cancer Foundation” helping men & woman with the financial burden fighting breast cancer!! I am very grateful and proud for this opportunity and also meeting such nice people!! ZOOWEEMAMA~~~



Lost Wedding Set Cardiff

  • from Carlsbad (California, United States)

imageSittin at home when I get a call, Are you the RingFinder ?
Yes I am, what did you lose and where. White Gold wedding set in dry sand. Had a 15 min drive and meet up with him. We got down to the area and 5-10 min have the Little one, now for the band.
I was just about to go trade the XP Sport for my trusty Dualfield PI when I got a faint sound, scoop and nothing but it got louder, scoop again and there she is. Stoked to be able to help and this group was fun to hunt for.
Thanks for the call;

Lost Wedding Rings Found in Spokane Valley

  • from Spokane (Washington, United States)

The call: Sherrel had lost her two wedding rings while pulling weeds in her garden. It was 8:30 pm when she called me so I begged my Sweet wife to let me go to Sherrel’s house that night. I gave Sherrel a call back and told her my family and I were all coming over so I can find her rings as fast as she had lost them.


The Search: Arriving at the house at O’ dark thirty, I quickly geared up and put on my head lamp. I knocked on the door we said our hello’s then I was shown the garden where the loss took place. The garden was a ten by ten area including the grass which was  3/4 of the ten by ten area. So to eliminate the easiest space I gridded the grass. I got one signal at 4 inches and knew that her rings were not going to be that deep. The little garden was next on the list but it had a few unwanted metal guests. I and Sherrel’s husband removed the solar lights and the lawn ornaments. As I weaved through the foliage I heard a strong tone with a vdi of 23. Out came the Whites trx to help me search. I followed the beeps up into the middle of the bush. As I looked through the plant I saw not one but two golden rings nestled in the lilacs.


The Reaction: I am still a little new at finding people’s rings so I flipped out. I tried to snatch the rings from the bush so fast that I missed one of them. So I ran back to the bush and then back to Sherrel with the rings in hand screaming “guess what?” and “thank you Lord”. Of course all of this excitement from my end confused Sherrel and her husband so when I  said I had found the rings they didn’t believe me right way until they were safely back on Sherrels hand.


The Rings Story: These Rings needed to be back on Sherrels hand more than most I feel. See the rings had been on her hand for 40 years. Along with that provenance, they were made in Egypt. Sherrel’s husband was from Egypt and while she was working there they met. Sherrels husband had the finest Arminian jeweler in the land, hand make the plain band, and then had another stone placed in the solitaire ring that Sherrel had received from her work.


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The Pre ring finders Search crew

The Pre ring finders Search crew