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Remote And Truck Keys Lost In N/E Edmonton, Alberta

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)


Danny called me this morning requesting my service to locate his keys and remote that he just lost while shoveling gravel in the basement of a new home and it was imperative that they where found before the cement truck came to pour the basement floor. I told Danny I would be there with in a half hour.

I met up with Danny at the house and he showed me the area that he was working in and that the keys could be six to eight inches down in the gravel. I told him no problem, I will find them after a few passes over the gravel.  I found his keys about four inches down. Danny was very happy that the keys where found as replacing them would have been very expensive,  along with a costly tow truck ride to the dealership.

Thank you Danny,  Another happy Client

Lost Car Keys and Fob in the Snow Edmonton, Alberta.

  • from Edmonton (Alberta, Canada)

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Received this e-mail  from Barbara this morning!

Hi Norm,

 I recall hearing about you a while back. I am wondering if you search for keys,  I think I lost my spare set of vehicle keys in the yard yesterday as I have searched every inch of the house that I can possibly think of.

I know I came home with them, so am thinking they fell out of my pocket and then of course it snowed  I want to find them because of course I need them but also before it snows any more I am thinking that they would be near the sidewalk paths or maybe on or near the front and back landings, but it’s not a big search area.  Thank you, Barb

I called Barbara to set appointment with her for 1:00pm to locate her keys, and of course today had to be one of the coldest days -20 Celsius and a wind-chill factor -30 It was Brrrrrrr cold!  lucky for me it only took me 15 minutes to locate her keys in the back yard.

Another happy Client!  Thank you Barbara for entrusting me to locate your Keys.